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01-5-99: Typical Reject is now in the process of getting on a movie soundtrack. They finalized our contract negotiations with Ziggy Promotions based in Los Angeles, California. If everything goes as planned look for Typical Reject to be on a soundtrack from a major motion picture in just a short while.

11-20-99: It seems that we have wrapped up the shooting part of the video for Preacher's Daughter. Or not. The editing starts very soon. Wish our crew luck.

10-26-99: Typical Reject will be taking orders for their debut album "Uncomfortable Silence" at the show on the 30th. We are requesting the money in advance. None of us have a credit card so we are having to use a debit card. There will be a sign-up sheet if anyone is interested. Most of you are our friends so you can trust us.

10-05-1999: Joined the MartinHouseRecords compilation project. Release date to be announced.

10-03-1999: MartinHouseRecords celebrates their grand re-opening with the introduction of BFE Studios and Shameless Self Promotions.

10-02-1999: Typical Reject comes online with their webpage and internet distribution of their debut album "Uncomfortable Silence" through Trip on over to for a preview of this album.