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Typical Reject is a band that was formed in April of 1998. They formed when three friends got together one night and decided to be rock stars. It all began in a living room with an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a drumset, and a huge bottle of the cheapest alcohol money could buy. The more we drank the better we sounded, so the rest of that summer was spent in a drunken haze trying to write songs about their experiences. When the winter of 1998 came the band came across a startling discovery. They had finally realized that the alcohol was only impearing their song writing abilities. When they sobered up they started writing better music. In their minds music that would recreate the definition of rock and roll.

In the spring of 1999 they were asked to play their first big show. The show was held in Murray, Ky. In a small arena know as Racer Arena a crowd of 600 people witnessed the rebirth of rock and roll. Through the fog machines and can lights, Jeremy, Mike, Kyle, and Brad took the stage. Through the sweat and the rage emotion poured forth over the crowd, asstonnishing them all. When the lights dimmed again the crowd roared. They never expected a bunch of young punks to come out on stage and steal the show. When the Pat Travers Band took the stage the crowd cut in half, and by the time Black Oak Arkansas took the stage there were only about 15 people left in the whole arena. The fun was just beginning.....

After a year of sticking together a blow struck Typical Reject. A joint decision was made that Brad Boulton, bass player, had to be let go. They auditioned a few people to find that none were as dedicated as themselves. Then a breaktrough........ Jeremy Bachuss, lead singer/lead guitar, decided to give up guitar and take up bass. Kyle Childers then took up the slack on the guitar, and Mike McElrath kept on kickin out the beats. It was magic!

By the summer of 1999 the Rejects had started to help rebuild an ever diminishing music scene in the the town of Paducah, KY. Along with the help of other bands; Slipshod, Victory Gin, Unenlightened, Apathy, the term Hall Show was reinstated. To this day they continue to rock small venues just waiting for their big break.

J. Artemus
Martin House Records
Assistant Editor