Chuck Schuldiner (Rest in Peace)

Chuck Schuldiner

The tattered image above is scanned from a picture of Chuck Schuldiner that has adorned my wall for years. Now we must say goodbye. Chuck Schuldiner passed away Thursday Dec. 13th 2001 of brain stem cancer. His heroic struggle with the disease has come to an end. My grief, and feeling of loss cannot be described to its fullest upon a written webpage. Many of us now mourn, feeling empty, feeling a part of us has gone. Realize, though, Chuck will always live on through his compositions. When we begin to miss Chuck way too much, we can throw in one of his albums, and he'll be there with us, once again. My deepest sympathies go out to the family and close friends of Chuck Schuldiner. The music of Chuck Shuldiner has been present in my life for about a decade now. He founded Death in 1984, releasing their first album 'Scream Bloody Gore' in 1987 and continued with it until 1998's 'Sound of Perservearance'. From his gore laiden beginnings, to the thought provoking, soul seraching intelligence of his later offerings, he has been one of the most inspirational musicians in extreme music. He went on to do the power metal project titled Control Denied. That album was appropriately titled 'The Fragile Art of Existence', a thought that is now driven home after his death. Many of us had hoped that he would do another Death album. Now it is too late. Chuck had said long before his final Death album, that he had outgrown the name, but kept it because people recognized it. It is ironic that he was taken from this world so young in his life. I discovered his music around 1991. Since then he has been a teacher, a hero, and a friend I never met. Master of the guitiar and the written word, Chuck obviously did not waste his life. He did not die of a gun shot wound, like many rap stars have. He did not die of a drug overdose like so many main stream rock musicians. He has touched many along the way. If his music has not touched your life, I suggest you familiarize yourself with his compositions. You will not be disapponted. We must ask ourselves, what would the underground have been like without Chuck Schuldiner? Without his influence, melody, and intelligence, it would be a drastically different musical climate in the metal world. True Metal Forever will remain a memorial to Chuck Schuldiner for quite along time, until i see fit to resume its normal business, which may be never. The link below will take you to a discography page I have created, as well as some other information. My email address is provied below if you're like to have someone to share your feelings with. I may post a message board. I promised myself I wouldn't ramble on too much with this, my goodbye to Chuck. So here I close with a quote from 'Perennial Quest', for this is where he's taken us, "...from rivers of sorrow, to oceans deep with hope". You will be sorely missed, Chuck, but your spirit lives on in me and many others.

Metal Luke

....remembrance and Death