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John the Baptist continued

to preach and to baptise

followers after Jesus

had become widely known

throughout the country.

The more followers Jesus had

the less John had, but

he continued to preach

that Jesus was Christ.

John was a fearless preacher.

He condemned sins where

ever he found them.

He didn't care how

powerful the sinners were.

A sin was a sin to

John. He even preached

against King Herod. He

attacked the sins of King

Herod's wife Herodias

and she demanded that John

be killed. He feared

the truths that John

spoke and refused to kill

him. Herodias became more

and more demanding and

fearing her hatred,

Herod had John imprisoned.

Jesus had been teaching in

and around Jerusalem

when he heard that John

had been imprisoned in

Galilee. He set out

for that country.

The people of Galilee,

Judea and other places

where Christ preached were Jews.

There was other people

living in the area between

Judea and Galilee,

called Samaria, who were

known as Samaritans.

They were related to

the Jews, and they

worshipped the same God.

They had different forms

of worship and their Bible

had only the first five

books of the Old Testament.

They did not regard

the prophets as speaking

for God.

Because of these ways,

there was much differences

and bad feelings between

the Samaritans and the Jews.

Most of the Jews avoided

going anywhere near the

Samaritans. But, Jesus went

straight across the

mountains of Samaria.

One morning, during His trip,

Jesus stopped beside a

famous old well. The well

had been dug by Jacob,

the ancestor of all the

Israelites centuries before,

and it was called

Jacob's Well.

Jesus was thirsty, hungry,

and tired. He couldn't

get water from the well

without a jar and a rope to

pull it up. His disciples

had gone to the nearby

city of Sychar to buy food.

As Jesus waited, a Samaritan

woman came to the well

with her jar to draw water.

Jesus asked her for a drink.

She knew from the way

Jesus was dressed

that he was a Jew.

"How is it that you

a Jew ask a drink of

me, a woman of Samaria?

Jews have no dealings

with Samaritans." she said.

Jesus answered her and said,

"If you know the gift

of God and who it is

saying to you, 'Give me

a drink', you would have

asked Him and He would

have given you living water."

The woman said, "Sir, you

have nothing to draw with

and the well is deep.

Where do you get that

living water? Are you

greater than our father

Jacob, who gave us this

well, and who drank from

it himself, and his sons

and his cattle?"

Jesus said, "Everyone who

drinks of this water

will thirst again, but

whoever drinks of the water

that I shall give him,

will never thirst; the

water that I shall give

him will become in him a

well of water springing up

into everlasting life."

The woman said to Him,

"Sir, give me this water,

that I may not thirst,

nor come here to draw."

Then Jesus told her of

things that she had done

in her life that no one

would have known. She was

deeply impressed by the things

that Jesus told her.

Surely this man must

have powers known only

to God. She asked Jesus

if it was right for them

to go to the mountains

to worship God, as their

fathers had done, or whether

the Jews were right and that

Jerusalem was where

they were to go to worship.

Jesus replied, "Woman,

believe me, the hour is

coming when ye

shall neither on this

mountain, nor in Jerusalem

to worship the Father.

The hour is coming,

and is now here, when

true worshippers will worship

the Father in spirit

and truth. God is spirit

and those who worship

Him must worship Him

in spirit and truth."

The woman understood that

Jesus was saying that a

temple was not necessary

to worship God, and that

He could be worshipped

anywhere by those who love

His spirit and understand

His truth.

The woman then said,

"I know that a Messiah

is coming. He who

is called Christ, and

when He comes He will

show us all things."

Jesus said, "I that speak

to you am he."

The Disciples returned with

food and the woman left

her jar at the well and went

into the town. She told

the people to, "Come

see a man who told me

all that I ever did. Can

this be the Christ?"

The people left to go

see Jesus at the well.

In the meantime, the

Disciples had offered Jesus

food. Jesus said, "My food is

to do the will of Him

who sent me, and to finish

His work."

at the well. They asked

Him to stay and teach

them about God. Jesus stayed

for two days, and many

more believed in Him when

they heard His words.

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