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The Temptation


Jesus was around 30 years old

when he was Baptised by

John the Baptist. Before he

was baptised He was known

to others only as a carpenter.

In the Bible nothing tells

us what happened to Jesus

from the time He was 12

years old and spoke to the wise

men in the temple to the

time he came to John to

be baptised. We all know

He was preparing to do God's

work. He was making preparations

to reveal the love of God

to the people.

Before Jesus began teaching,

He had to go through a

period of preparation. The Spirit

of God told Jesus to go

into the desert and live there

alone. He was to pray and

to think about how He

would reveal His message

to all the people.

Jesus concentrated so hard

on how He was to accomplish

this that He didn't think about

about eating or drinking.

So, for 40 days, He had nothing

to eat or drink. When Jesus

finished preparations and was

ready to return and adfminister

to the people, He realized that

He was weak and hungry.

After 40 days in the desert

with no food or drink

the Spirit of Evil, Satan,

came to test Jesus's strength of

His Spirit. First Satan said:

If you are the Son of God,

why don't you turn these stones

into bread so that you can eat?

Jesus knew that with

God all things are possible. He also

knew that any power God

gave Him was to help others.

Not to help Himself. He said

to this Evil Spirit:

"It is written, man shall

not live by bread alone,

but by every Word of God."

Then the evil spirit led

Jesus to Jerusalem, which is

called the Holy City, and

placed Him on a high tower.

He wanted Jesus to throw

Himself off the tower to

prove that He was the

Son of God. Satan pointed

out the following to Jesus:

"For it is written in

the bible that God shall give

His angels charge of you

and in their hands they will

bear you up, lest you strike

your foot against a stone."

Jesus knew this was wrong.

God did not tell Him to

do this and it would not please

God. Jesus said to Satan:

"It is written...You shall

not tempt the Lord your God."

In other words, a person

must not do anything to

test the power of God.

God is the Almighty One.

Then Satan tried again to

tempt Jesus. He told Jesus he

would make Him the King of

all the kingdoms in the world

if He would fall down

and worship him.

Jesus had heard enough.

His spirit had not been

weakened as Satan thought.

"Begone Satan," Jesus said,

"For it is written,

You shall worship the Lord

Your God and Him only shall

you serve."

When Satan realized that

Jesus was not going to

listen to him he left.

Then God sent his angels with

food and drink for Jesus.

But, the Bible doesn't tell

us that Satan left for good.

He left to wait for another

time to tempt Jesus.

So, when you feel like you

are doing something that you

shouldn't, that is Satan trying to tempt you.

Keep in mind and say these words:

"Begone Satan, for

I belong to the Lord."

Praise the Lord. God is so good.

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