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For many hundreds of years after

Adam and Eve were made to

leave the Garden of Eden, the

people on the earth grew and grew.

They spread out over the earth.

Since Adam and Eve had disobeyed

God, and learned that there was

wicked things in the world, this was

passed on to other people. As people

learned more about the world, they also

learned more ways to be evil.

People forgot that they were children

of God and were supposed to follow

God's commandments. They grew

even more wicked.

God decided that man had grow so

evil and wicked the He was

sorry He had created human beings.

God decided to destroy the earth

and all the evil things in it. But, there

was one man who did not

forget God. He tried to please God.

His name was Noah. God spoke

to Noah and told him that the world

had grown so wicked that He was

going to destroy all of the wickedness

with a great flood. This flood would

cover the earth. But, God promised

Noah that he and his family would be

saved from the flood. And that he

was to save one mother and one father

of each animal on the earth also.,p>

God told Noah to build an ark. Those

to be saved would be protected from

the waters of the flood in this ark.

Noah did as God commanded him.

The other people around made terrible fun

of Noah. They thought he was silly

to be making such a huge ark. As they grew

even more wicked, Noah continued to

work on the ark as God had told him.

The rains began and the

waters began to rise. Noah and his

family and all of the animals in the

ark were kept safe. It continued to rain

for 40 days and 40 nights.

The waters rose until the earth

was completely covered. Every living

thing died in the terrible flood

except for those in the ark.

For 150 days the earth was covered

with water and then the waters

began to recede from the earth. Noah

had been in the ark for 9 months when

the tops of the mountains appeared above days. He wanted to find out if the

water was low enough for them to leave

the ark. He sent out a raven and a dove.

The raven never returned. The dove, finding no

place to set down to rest, returned to

the ark. Seven days later, Noah again sent

out the dove. This time it returned

with an olive branch. Noah knew

then that at least part of the

earth was dry enough for plants to grow.

Noah waited 7 more days and sent

the dove out again. This time it did

not return. Noah then knew it

was time to leave the ark.

As soon as they had left the ark,

Noah built an altar and gave thanks to

God for saving them from the flood.

God was pleased and promised Noah

that He would never again destroy

the living creatures as He had done

with the great flood. The world was

again given to man for his use. The same

way it had been given to Adam and Eve.

God showed Noah a rainbow. The very

rainbow that we see in the sky after

a rain. God told him that this would always

be the sign of His promise.

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