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After the Pharoah of Egypt died,

a cruel king took his place.

The new Pharoah did not like

to see the Hebrews, or

Israelites as they were called,

happy. He made them work

really hard and assigned people

over them to make sure they did.

If they slowed down at all they

were punished. But, no matter how much

punishment the Pharoah tried

to do to them, their families

continued to grow and prosper.

This made the Pharoah very mad.

He issued a command saying

that all male children born to a

Hebrew woman was to be killed.

There was one woman who ignored

this command. For three months

after her child was born, she hid

him. Then came the time when

she could hide him no longer.

She decided to make a basket

to hide her baby in. She made

it out of bullrushes and covered it

with pitch so it would float.

Then she put her baby in it and

put it in the reeds, (shallow water)

along the river's bank. She had her daughter hide

and see what happened.

After a short time, the Pharoah's

daughter came down to the river

to bathe. She saw the baskets

and told her servants to bring

it to her. When she saw the

baby crying she took pity

on him. She decided she was

going to raise this child.

The baby's sister heard the Pharoah's

daughter say this. She came out of

the bushes and told her that

she knew of a Hebrew woman that

had recently lost a child who

could breast feed the child.

The Pharoah's daughter told her to

go get her. Not knowing that this

was really the babies mother.

She named the baby Moses, which

means drawn out of the water.

Moses grew to be a fine young man.

One day he saw an Egyptian

officer beating a Hebrew slave.

He became so angry that he killed

the officer. Fearing that he would be killed,

Moses fled to the land of Midian.

There he remained for many years.

One day, while leading his sheep

into the wilderness to graze,

Moses came upon the mountain of God

called Herob. God appeared to Moses

in a flame of fire from a bush.

When Moses looked carefully at

the bush, he saw that even though

there was fire, the bush was

not burning. This was God's way of

calling Moses. He had something

very important for Moses to do.

God told Moses that he had saw

all the pain and suffering that

the Israelites had been through.

He wanted Moses to lead them to

freedom. He promised Moses He would

help him find a land that was

rich with milk and honey.

Moses didn't understand how he

could lead people to freedom,

but God assured him that together

they could perform miracles.

The He would be with him.

Moses and his brother Aaron,

went to Egypt to see the Pharoah.

They said to him," The Lord the

God of Israel says, Let my

people go." The Pharoah replied,

"Who is the Lord that I should

heed His voice and Let Israel

go?" Moses performed a miracle to

show the power of God.

At God's command, Aaron cast

down his rod and it turned into

a snake. The Pharoah was still

not convinced. He refused to

let the people go.

Moses and Aaron went to the

Pharoah again the next day

and again asked him to let the

people go. The Pharoah again refused.

Then Aaron struck the water with

his rod and turned the river Nile

into blood, and no living thing

could drink from it. He would

still not free the Israelites.

Instead he gave them harder

work to do and treated them

even worse.

To punish the Egyptians, God sent

in horrible plagues. He overran

the land with frogs and locusts,

caused darkness over the land,

and made each plague worse than the

last. The Pharoah became frightened

and told Moses he would let the people

go as soon as God lifted the plagues.

As soon as God did, the

Pharoah took back his word and

put the Israelites in bondage.

God sent one more affliction. This

was the Angel of Death. God

told Moses for all the Hebrew

families to mark their doors with

a sign. The Angel of Death came to every

Egyptian house and took the first

born child of each family. The angel

passed over the houses of the Hebrews.

This was the beginning of the Passover.

This is celebrated all over the

world by generations of Hebrews.

The Angel of Death had also taken

the Pharoah's child. He finally

told Moses to take the people.

The people gathered their belongings

in a hurry, afraid that the Pharoah

would change his mind. God told

Moses to lead the people to the

Red Sea. The Pharoah got to

thinking about what he had done. He

changed his mind and sent his

Soldiers to overtake the Israelites

and bring them back to slavery.

When the Israelites saw the

Army they panicked and turned

against Moses. Moses told the

people to not be afraid, that

God would watch out for their safety.

God created a great cloud that

He placed between the Israelites

and the Egyptians. The Pharoah's

army could not see. He then

commanded Moses to stretch out his

hand over the Red Sea. When he did

this the sea divided and left a

dry path in the middle for the

Israelites to pass through. As soon as the last Hebrew person had passed through, Moses

again stretched out his hand and

the sea closed up. All of the

Egyptians following behind were


Moses led his people into the

wilderness. There they had a

hard time finding food for their

families. They became angry

with Moses and told him they

would rather be in bondage where

they would at least have food.

God heard the complaints and in

the morning when the Israelites

awoke there was quail all over

the camp and thin flakes of meal covered

the ground. Moses said to them,

"It is the bread which the Lord

has given you to eat." The

Israelites gathered these fine flakes of

bread and called their new food "manna'.

As the Israelites moved further

into the wilderness, the people of

Amalek attacked them. Moses chose a man by

the name of Joshua to lead them

into battle. Moses went to the

top of a mountain. Each time

he raised his rod into the air

the Israelites began to win the battle.

But, each time he lowered it they

began to lose. Moses's arms grew

so tired of holding them in the

air that he had to have Aaron

and another man by the name of Hur

hold his arms up. Finally the war was over

and the Israelites had won.

Shortly afterwards, Moses and his

people traveled to a place called

Sinai and camped below a mountain.

God told Moses that in 3 days time

He would come down from the mountain

of Sinai for all the people to see.

On the third day there was thunder

and lightening, a great cloud came

over the mountain, and Moses

brought his people out to see God.

When Moses spoke, God answered with fire

and thunder.

Then Moses went up the mountain by

himself. God gave Moses the

10 commandments. These commandments are

rules written by God for all the

people to follow.

Moses spent 40 days up on the

Mountain listening to God.

The people thought he would never

come down. The started to lose

faith in God. They asked Aaron to

build them and idol to worship.

Aaron didn't want to do this,

but the people came to him every

day and he finally agreed. He

asked the people for all their gold

items. These he melted down and

shaped into a golden calf.

When Moses came down from the mountain,

he was very angry. He saw

the people dancing and singing around

the golden calf. He was so angry that

the threw down the tablets

of stone which were written the

10 commandments and broke them.

He then took the golden calf

and set it on fire and ground

it into dust. He scattered this on

the water and made the people

drink of it. Moses called all

those that wanted to worship God to

him and told them to kill all

those that wanted to worship idols.

Then Moses went back to the Mountain

of Sinai to talk to God. He asked God

for forgiveness for his people.

God relented and restored the

10 commandments: (Exodus 20)

1. I am the Lord your God. Thou shalt have no other God before me.

2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

4. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

5. Honour thy father and thy mother.

6. Thou shalt not kill.

7. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

8. Thou shalt not steal.

9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

10. Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbour's.

When Moses was ready to die,

God sent him to the top of a

mountain which overlooked the

valley of the Jordan River at Jericho.

He told him that this rich,

fertile land was the land of milk

and honey and He promised it to

the Israelites. God told Moses that

he himself would never enter this

land, but the children of Israel would.

Soon afterwards, Moses died at

the age of 120. The people of

Israel mourned the great loss of

their leader. The leader who

had brought them out of slavery,

through the wilderness, and made them

a united people. This shows how

God protects and guides His children.

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