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Before Moses died, he chose a man

by the name of Joshua, to become the

next leader of the Israelites.

God told Joshua to tell his people

to be prepared to cross the

Jordan River in three days time.

This was where the Promised

Land was.

Joshua secretly sent two men to

look at the land. This land

contained the city of Jericho.

The two men went to the house of

a woman by the name of Rahab.

The King of Jericho heard

that two men were searching his city.

He didn't like that. He went

to Rahab's home and demanded

that she let him see the men.

Rahab had hidden the men under

stalks of flax on her roof. She told

the King that the men had left

and gone toward the Jordan River.

When the King left, Rahab went to

her roof and talked to the men.

She told them that the people of

Jericho were afraid. They knew

that God had given this land to

the Israelites. The men told Rahab

that they would repay her kindness.

When they came to attack, she was

to place a scarlet rope in her

window. That way she and her

family would not be harmed.

Then the woman took a rope and

helped the men to climb down the

wall of Jericho.

The two men went back and told

Joshua what they had found out

in on their trip. They also told

Joshua about the woman who had

helped them. Joshua knew it was time

for him to move his people

into the Promised Land.

At the end of three days, Joshua told

his priests to take the Ark of

the Covenant, which contained

the Laws of God, and to carry

it to the Jordan River. As soon as

the priests feet touched the waters,

God caused the river to stop flowing.

All the Israelites crossed the

dry river bed. When the last of the

Israelites had crossed the river,

the priests came across. As soon

as they lifted there feet from the

dry river bed the water began

to flow again.

Joshua had his people make

camp outside the city of Jericho.

This city was protected on all

sides by great wall. God commanded

Joshua to have his people march

around the city. They marched for

6 days. The priests carried the Ark

of the Covenant and blew trumpets

made of rams horns. The only

sound that was heard was the

sound of the trumpets. Joshua

had commanded his people to

be absolutely silent.

On the seventh day, Joshua had his

people march around the city

7 times. On the 7th time, when the

priests had blown their trumpets,

Joshua said to his people, "Shout:

for the Lord has given you the city."

The people all shouted together

and the walls of Jericho came

tumbling down.

The people of Israel went in and took

their city. They didn't harm the house

with the red cord in the window. The

home of Rahab, who had helped

Joshua's two men.

Joshua told his men to collect all the

gold and silver treasures in

the city. These would be put in the

temple as a dedication to God.

One man, by the name of Achan,

stole a bar of gold, some

silver, and a beautiful mantle and

hid them in his tent. This was a

direct violation of God's law. Because

of this deed, he caused many people

to suffer. When he was caught, he confessed,

and because of all the suffering and

pain he had caused his people, he

and his family were killed. And

a great pile of stones were put on

top of them.

The people of the neighboring city of Ai

were threatening to destroy the people

of Israel. Joshua once again led his

people in battle. He put half of his army

below the city of Ai and half of his

army above the city. When the King

saw the army below he led all

his people down in the valley below

to fight. In the meantime, the other

half of Joshua's army came out of

hiding and entered the empty city of Ai.

They set the city on fire. The people

of Ai had no place to go, and they were

all caught by the Israelites.

Joshua spent the rest of his life

dividing the Promised Land among the

people of Israel and helping them

overcome their enemies. All

the land which God had promised them

finally belonged to the Israelites. Joshua

reminded the people that if they did not obey

God's commandments they would lose

the Promised Land. This proved to be

true in the coming years.

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