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The Story of Easter

Years and years ago, God sent his son,

Jesus, to live on earth. He did this

so we could learn of all the love

God has for us. Jesus was born

to Joseph and Mary in a stable in

Bethlehem. He was born there because there

was no room in any of the inns.

His birth is celebrated on Christmas Day.

Jesus grew up in a place called Nazareth.

His father, Joseph, was a carpenter.

Jesus learned to be a carpenter also.

Jesus spent a lot of time talking to

teachers in the church. He learned

about his Heavenly Father's plans

for his life here on earth. Even

at a young age he was able to tell

so many great stories about God.

When Jesus became a man he knew it

was time for him to travel and

tell the people all about God. He

told all people, from small

children to grown-ups. He always

told them how much love God had for

them. He healed the sick and shared

God's word with all who would listen.

But, there was some people who did not

like for Jesus to spread God's word.

They wanted to make the people do only

what they wanted. They didn't want Jesus

to be called "King", or "the Messiah"

as he was being referred to.

Jesus knew there were some people that

did not like him and wanted to hurt him.

Jesus was in Jerusalem celebrating the

Feast of Passover with his closest followers,

his disciples. He served them bread and wine,

and said to them, "this do in remembrance of me".

Jesus knew he would soon die. Jesus knew

this because God had told him that

he would be betrayed. This meal, with his

disciples, is known as The Last Supper.

Christians remember Jesus by sharing bread

and wine together.

After the Last Supper, Jesus went to

a place to pray. This place is called

Gethsemane. While there, Judas, one of his

disciples betrayed him. He brought soldiers

to arrest Jesus. Judas did this in exchange

for a bag of coins.

Jesus was taken to a Governor who

declared that Jesus was to be killed.

Along with some thieves. Jesus

was beaten by the soldiers. They put a

crown of thorns on his head, called him names

and made him carry a very heavy cross,

the one he was to be hung on, up a big hill.

This hill is called Calvary.

When they got to the top of the

hill, they nailed Jesus's hands and

feet to the cross. Then they

stood the cross up. Jesus was forced to

hang there. Jesus was in great pain,

but he prayed and forgave his enemies. Saying.

"Forgive them father, for they do not know

what they do". Then he died.

There was some people that loved Jesus

very much. They could not bear to

see him hanging on the cross. They took

his body down and wrapped it gently in cloth.

They placed him in a cave like tomb

and rolled a huge stone in place to cover

the opening. Three days later

they returned to the tomb and were very

surprised. The stone had been rolled away.

A messenger from God appeared and told

them that Jesus was with God

in Heaven. He had been resurrected.

We call the day that Jesus died

"Good Friday". We don't call it good because

he died, but because of the sacrifice

that Jesus made for us. So that all

our sins could be forgiven. Jesus gave

up his life for us. Showing

us all the love that God has for

us. Telling us that God will forgive

us no matter what.

We celebrate Jesus's resurrection

on Easter Sunday. When we look at he cross, we

are reminded that Jesus died for

us so that anyone who believes in

him will not die for all eternity.

They will live forever with

God in Heaven.

We know that Jesus will be with

us and love us forever.

That is why we are so happy

and celebrate the Easter Holiday.

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