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Adam and Eve

In the beginning God created

the heaven's and the earth.

This was the first thing

the bible tells us. Out of

the formless darkness God made

this beautiful world we live in.

He made night and day.

He seperated sky and earth,

land and sea, and when the

world was formed God created

the living creatures on it.

Finally God made man and woman.

The first man was called Adam.

A name meaning man or earthman.

For God had created man out

of the earth. The woman was named

Eve. Meaning living.

Adam and Eve lived in a

beautiful garden where they had

everything they needed without

worrying or working. This

garden was called Eden. And they

lived there in perfect happiness.

And God talked directly to them.

Telling them everything they

needed to know. This garden was

also called Paradise.

God gave Adam one firm command:

there was one tree whose fruit

he must NOT taste. This was the

tree of the Knowledge

of good and evil. Now Adam and

Eve had never known anything bad

so they could not understand

the difference between good things

and evil things. God knew that

if Adam and Eve learned that

things would be bad, they and all

men and woman after them would

be subject to fears, anger, hatred

and sadness. Perfect happiness such as

theirs would never again be

known on earth.

One day when Eve was admiring

the beautiful fruit on the

forbidden tree, she met the serpent.

The creature we call a snake.

The serpent urged her to pick the

luscious fruit, but Eve knew that

God had said she and Adam

could have everything but this.

The serpent however persuaded her

that the fruit would make them

as wise as God Himself. That he

explained was the only reason God

did not want them to eat it.

Tempted by the serpents words

and the beauty of the fruit,

she picked it and she and

Adam tasted it. Immediately they knew they

had done wrong. Afraid and ashamed,

they hid among the trees.

God came into the garden that

evening and finding Adam and Eve

hiding, made them tell Him what

they had done. He sternly explained to

them what they now faced.

They must leave the beautiful

garden forever and go out into the

world where they must work long

and hard to make the land produce

enough to keep them alive. They

would have children, but both they

and their children would always

know their hardship and sadness.

And God's words proved

to be only too true.

No sooner than Adam and Eve's

first two son's grew up than

a terrible thing happened. Their

sons were named Cain and Abel.

Cain the elder was a Farmer and

Abel was a Shepherd. Adam and

Eve had not forgotten God, but

since they could no longer talk

to Him, each of the family offered gifts

to God of the things they produced

to show that they knew they

were still His children.

One day Cain and Abel fell into

a bitter and violent quarrel about

which of their offerings were most

pleasing to God. When it ended

Abel lay dead upon the

ground and the first dreadful

crime of man against

man had been committed.

God punished Cain severely, but

He did not kill him. He

protected Cain from death at the hand

of any man and Cain lived to

found a family of his own.

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