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A Way

A fathers love I missed out on for my real dad I never knew, No one knows at the hand of a step dad what I had to go through.

While other children were hard at play, All I could think of was a way out day after day.

A way to escape the hurt I felt inside, Knowing my feelings I had to hide.

I couldn't let anyone know the way I felt, It was so hard living the hand I had been dealt.

Somehow I got through the younger years, I made it through all the hurt and tears.

I moved away from home at 15 years old, Trying to break away from my step dads hold.

But the abuse didn't stop there, I remember telling my mom this just isn't fair.

I told her, why can't he just leave me alone, I moved out I don't even live at home.

He'd show up at my door yelling I was a no good rip, Then before I knew it he'd backhand my lip.

I'd wipe away the blood and use ice to take the swelling down, It seemed my peace of mind would never be found.

I'd cry myself to sleep night after night, Watching the darkness turn into early morning light.

Sometimes I felt so unloved and all alone, But I knew I had to make it out on my own.

Inside I hid all the pain and sorrow, Forgetting yesterday, living for today, and longing for a way for a better tomorrow.

Written By

~ SouthernHeart ~

Copyright 2000