Hate Mail
Sick Sick Shit has offended someone, and they just had to cry their little-wittle eyes out to us about it. So break out the Kleenex and pass a couple to the whiny-asses below.

On Wed, 30 Jan 2002 01:13:37
Josiahnthompson@aol.com wrote:

You guy's are are still waiting for that first taste of pussy are'nt you, it's pretty obvious you've never had your dicks wet. Most of those pathetic ideas have already been done by everybody and those that have'nt are just fucking impossible fantasies by high school geeks home alone fucking thier hand fantasizing about thier mom. Nice try.

Not offendend, just not very fucking impressed. Maybe, if you guys got some real pussy and spent a lot less time imagining this bullshit and a little time with a live body, you'd be happier. Try it, you'll be surprised what a real woman feels like, maybe not as good as your hand, but not bad.

My Response:
You want some cheese to go with that whine, bitch boy? What the hell are you talking about? The whole site is supposed to be completely stupid and funny, not serious, not bizarre sexual fantasies, and definitely not to be taken serious. I even stated that several times throughout the website. It's stupid juvenile grossout humor. Obviously you were looking for some bizarre fetish porn and came across the website and wound up getting all pissed off and red in the face because there was nothing for you to jackoff to.

You are obviously an old, bitter fuck with no sense of humor and no life whatsoever, because you wouldn't have bothered to write otherwise. If you don't like the website, fine. Go surf the internet somemore and find some other weird porn shit to play with yourself to, but don't get all mad and whine about it. You're everybit as pathetic for e-mailing me hatemail about the site as we are for creating it. Jesus, I see stupid ass sites all the time, but not once have I ever written hate mail to the webmaster about it.

And as for my first taste of pussy, you best axe yo momma what time it is boy, because the tests came back positive, and I am your daddy.

And for future reference, learn to use the little X in the top righthand corner of your screen when you see a website you don't like instead of being such a little crybaby bitch.

Yours truly,
Your biological father

And yet another bitch pipes in on the guestbook:

Guest's Name: Lister
Guest's Home Page: Don't Have One
Date Signed: Fri May 24 10:50:56 2002
Where are you from? Nowhere
What does your mom look like naked? Like yours, only better

You are a sad fuck. I'm Lister. Remember that name for when I destroy you, u will cry out "Oh my god! Lister was right!" So f|_|(| '/0|_| ]-[0/\/\0!

My Response:
I should be scared of someone calling themselves Lister? Lister is not a name to be scared of, Lister is a name of someone who probably gets beat up in school a lot. Calling yourself Lister is about as cool as calling yourself Ira or Poindexter. You will destroy me huh? Yet you are not brave enough to leave an email address, a website address, or even to say where you are from. I will cry out "Lister was right"? Right about what? That you're a dumbass? And what the fuck is "f|_|(| '/0|_| ]-[0/\/\0!"? Best I can tell is that you're trying to say "Fuck you homo". But why didn't you just write "Fuck you homo"? Is that supposed to be creative? Is it supposed to scare me? Is that how you plan to destroy me, with bad computer jargon? Well all I have to say to that is (-{[]}*|//|)&#@^>}]!!! Try and figure that out Lister the Destructor! And your mom looks like my mom naked, only better? I would like to see pictures to back up that claim, young man! Anyway, the fact that you used the letter "u" instead of the word "you", and used the computer gang signs to say "Fuck you homo" gives away the fact that you are between 12 and 15 years old and most likely have no idea what 90% of this website is talking about, seeing as how it deals with sex. Anyway, destroy me if you must, Lister The Conquer, but next time at least have the balls to leave an e-mail address.

Sincerely yours,
Fej - The Bully Who Smacks You Around In School!

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