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Rhema Farm

Home of lil' bity cows


Our Little Farmer

On our farm we raise variety of livestock including cattle, goats, and sheep.


Our cattle are Irish Dexters. They are a relatively rare breed whose claim to fame is that they are one of the smallest breeds of cattle in the world.

Rhema, what's in a name? We are often asked about it. Scroll down and Click on "What about this Name" and I'll attempt to explain.

At Rhema we have 7 cows, 2 weanling heifers and 2 heifers that are still staying close to momma. They are a mixture of both black and dun and are all short legged animals. Also we have a short legged dun bull calf and 2 beautiful yearling bulls that are looking for a herd of their own, one dun and one very short black. Add to this a not so good bull calf that just doesn't make the grade for stardom and a steer from last year and we have a good size crowd at the how ring. Rainbow Hills Mars is our herd bull and is in love with the hills of Kentucky as well as his girls. We have a fairly uniform herd except in color. We like the range of colors and plan to keep that mixture.

Visitors are welcome at our place, just call ahead at 270-322-8332.


Dexters are a dual purpose breed that can be either milked or used as beef cattle. Their small size and versatility make Dexters perfect for homesteading and small farms. Their temperment and grazing habits make them very compatible with sheep and goat production.


We took Briana to the county fair this summer and she was loved by all. She is a glutton for range cubes so we had to ration them. Mostly we had the kids give a cookie in exchange for a big lick.


May I borrow a Quarter for a Cookie?
I Will Gladly Repay You on Tuesday!!!

For more information call "Mike" or "Josh" at


or write us at

135 Antioch Church Road Hanson, KY 42413

Email at:

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