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While talking to my first cousin, James Adams, on the phone one wintery night in February 1999, we decided that it would be great to get the family together to surprise our grandmother, Esther Rigsby Adams, who at the time was in Mountain Manor Nursing Home in Paintsville, KY. Mammaw loved having her family around her and we knew she would be thrilled to have us all with her at the same time. Thus, plans began for the first ever Adams Reunion for our family. Jamie and I spent many hours on the phone brainstorming, suggesting and all the details that go into a get together.

By April 1999, our plans were coming along very smoothly and we were very proud of ourselves at what we had accomplished so far. We had decided to have the reunion at Cold Springs United Baptist Church, the date was set for the last Saturday of June, we had divided up the list of supplies needed, and made a list of family to contact so no one would be left out.

In May 1999, all plans came to an abrupt halt and the reunion was called off. Our precious Mammaw departed this life on May 5, 1999. Mammaw was most definitley the central figure in all of our lives and her death was very hard on all of us. Pappaw had passed away March 15, 1989 so now, we had no one. For me personally, I could not imagine life without my Mammaw.

The last week of May, my cousin and I once again were talking on the phone and the subject of the reunion was brought up. We had to decide whether to totally cancel, or carry on with the plans we had made. It was a very hard decision for us to make since the whole reason we had planned it was for Mammaw. Knowing that Mammaw would want us to be together, we decided to go on with the get together.

On the day of our reunion, we decided to make this an annual event to be held on the fourth Saturday of June. This year was our second reunion and we had a great turnout. Below are links to details of the two reunions we have had so far, and I will add to this page each year.

1999 ADAMS REUNION- first reunion

Lots of pictures!


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For exact times and directions to the reunion, please contact ANN LEMASTER-APPLEGATE