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Welcome to Randy and Samantha Cummings' web site. As you can see, it's all about our chickens! This is a sideway view of our "chicken house." In the very back of our pen you can see our A frame which we house several Bantam breeds, but we'll get to that shortly. We live in a small community in Kentucky called Bluff City which is located on the Green River. We became interested in poultry as a hobby. Randy was raised around chickens as a kid and wanted to raise his own and get back to his roots. So here goes...... We house Rhode Island Reds, Black Austalorps, Buff Orphingtons, Ameraucanas, and a few ducks. These are all the standard breeds we house at this time. In the Bantam Ark, we have all pairs! We have Silkies, Crested Polish, White Japanese Black Tail, and in the back hutch we have a pair of Black Sumatras. The Sumatras are Samantha's pride and joy.


These are our buff silkies

Our crested Polish........Soney and Cher :-)

Fred our RIRed and his lady.....

Some of my Buff Orphingtons

My Black Sumatras

We are proud members of the Blue Grass Poultry and Rabbit Association

Check back soon for more pics and links !!

Plus I will be putting my favorite links up..


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