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**Pallet Town** This the starting place of the game. Your mom will tell you that Dr. Oak wants you. Upstairs, Try to leave the town and Prof. Oak will come get you. He leads you to his lab, where you will be able to choose your first Pokemon. There is Bulbasaur, a plant-type Pokémon; Charmander, a fire-type Pokémon; and Squirtle, and water-type Pokémon. Bulbasaur will fare best and I suggest that you pick Bulbasaur. In the beginning of the game, so picking the Pokémon sets the difficulty of the game in a way. Squirtle won't do well at all, so if you want a hard game, pick Squirtle. Your rival, Gary, will pick up the Pokémon to the right of yours. When you try to leave, Gary will challenge you to a Pokémon duel. The Pokémon he picked is always stronger against yours than yours is against his and you probably will lose. **Viridian City** Talk to the Shop clerk and then head back to Pallet Town with the Parcel. Give it to Prof. Oak and he will give you and Gary each a Pokédex, which is an electronic encyclopedia. Your goal in the game is to complete your Pokédex, and the only way to do that is to capture or have captured every Pokémon in the game. The gym's doors are locked, and they won't unlock until you've beaten the other 7 trainers in the game. **Viridian Forest** On your way through Viridian Forest, you should pick up a Pikachu, a Caterpie, and a Weedle. Don't worry about Kakunas and Metapods, because your Caterpie and Weedle will evolve into one eventually, and they are attackless. Their only move is Harden. Once they go up 2 or 3 levels, they emerge from their shells. Kakuna becomes Beedrill and Metapod becomes Butterfree. There are 2 easy trainers in the forest that you should have no trouble beating. Take note: Come back to the road from Viridian Forest to Pewter City when you have a Pokemon who has the Cut ability. To reach the left side of the road, cut a tree down. You can get a Mr. Mime by trading an Abra for it at a cottage. **Pewter City** This is where Brock resides. At his command are Onix and Geodude, two Rock-type Pokémon. Old Amber is in the the museum. In order to enter the side of the museum with it, you need to cut a tree down with the Cut ability. Old Amber will become an Aerodactyl when you take it to the Pokémon Laboratory on Cinnabar Island. **Mt. Moon** Here you can get one of two fossils. You can choose the Helix Fossil or the Dome Fossil. The Helix Fossil will become Omanyte and the Dome Fossil will become Kabuto when you take them to the Pokemon Laboratory on Cinnabar Island. **Cerulean City** In this city you can trade your Poliwhirl for a Jynx. You can also get the Bike here once the president of the Pokémon Fan Club in Vermilion City has given you the Bike Voucher. Beat the Gym here and head North to Bill's house. Here you will get the S.S. Anne Ticket. On the road South from Cerulean City, there is a house. This is the Pokémon Daycare Center. The man there will care for one of your Pokémon and raise its level while you are gone. At the end of the road, there is a big building which is a gate house for Saffron City. At this point, the guard will not let you through. You must get some Fresh Water from the Poké Mart in Celadon City. The smaller building is the entrance of underground passage to Vermilion City. **Vermilion City** Here you can get the Coupon for bike by visiting the Pokémon Fan Club. Beat Lt. Surge, the gym leader, and talk to him afterwards to get the TM 24, which contains Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt is the best Electric move. **S.S. Anne** You can get on the boat with the S.S. Ticket you got from Bill. On this boat, there are many trainers and some useful items. The most important item of them all is HM 01, which the captain will give to you when you help him through his seasickness. You should get HM 01 after you have done everything else, because the boat will take off when you get the HM 01 and exit the boat. **Vermilion City (revisited)** Go east and you will find a building on the right side of the road. One of Prof. Oak's aides is on the 2nd floor. He will give you the Itemfinder if you currently have more than 30 Pokémon. **Diglett's Cave** It leads to the road near Pewter City. Be sure to pick up a Diglett before you leave. **Cerulean City (revisited)** Go East and enter the Rock Tunnel. **Rock Tunnel** It is very dark inside of the cave, so you need a Pokemon equipped with Flash (HM 05). Pick up an Onix and a Machop here. **Lavender Town** In the northeast section of the town there is a big building, Pokémon Tower. In order to identify and fight the ghosts in the tower, you need the Silph Scope, which you can get in basement of the Game Corner in Celadon City after you defeat Giovanni. Come back here when you have the Silph Scope. **Pokémon Tower** After defeating all the Team Rocket members in the tower, you can save Mr. Fuji from them. He will give you the Poké Flute at his house. Go West from Lavender Town and you will find the underground passage to Celadon City. **Celadon City** Celadon is the biggest city in the whole game of Pokémon. You will need to come to this city many times. You can get an Eevee by way of a back entrance to the Game Freak, Inc. building. Use a stone from the Poké Mart to evolve him into a Jolteon, a Flareon, or The Gym Leader, Erika, caters to Plant-type Pokémon. Beat her and get a TM that contains the best Plant attack. **Celadon Department Store** In this store you can buy many items, including Stones that will evolve your Pokémon, TMs, ability enhancers, etc. You should evolve all your Pokemon through the stones. On the roof level, pick up two Fresh Waters, one Soda Pop, and one Lemonade. Give one of each to the thirsty girl and she will give you 3 TMs. Game Corner You can play the slot machines here, but you need Coin Case and coins to play a slot machine. Some of the people playing will give you coins. You can also buy coins, 50 of them for 1000. Also, walk around hitting A and you will find more coins. The basement of the Game Corner is Team Rocket's hideout. Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket, has the Silph Scope. You will need it to make your way through Pokémon Tower. You can get TMs and Pokémon by trading in your coins at the Prize Exchange. Go West from Celadon City. On this road, a Snorlax is sleeping, and you must wake him up. If you have the Poké Flute, you can wake him up and fight him. Before you get to the Snorlax, you will notice a bush that leads to another road. Cut it down and go up and left. Go through the building and into the house you find. The girl inside will give you HM 02, which contains Fly. **Cycling Road** This leads to Fuschia City. This is a cycling road so you need the Bike to go through. If you don't have the bike, go to Vermilion City and get the Bike Voucher from the Pokemon Fan Club president. The go back to Cerulean City and get a Bike. **Lavender Town (revisited)** North on this road leads to Fuschia City. On this road another Snorlax is sleeping, so use the Poké Flute to wake him up. At the end of the road, there is a gate house for Fuschia City. Go upstairs, and you will find another one of Prof. Oak's aides. He will give you the Experience All if you have caught 50 or more Pokémon. ** Fuschia City** Head North to the Safari Zone. Also, the warden of Safari Zone will reward you with the HM 04 if you give him the Gold Teeth. (found in Safari Zone) ** Safari Zone** At the end of Safari Zone there is a cottage called the "Secret House" where you will get HM 03 from a man inside. HM 03 contains Surf. ** Saffron City** You can get here from Hanada, Lavender, Celadon and Kuchiba. At first, the gate guards will not let you through the gates. First go to Celadon City Department Store, get something drink from a vending machine on 6th floor (there are 3 kinds, any will do), and go to the gate and give him the drink. There are 2 Gyms in this city. One of them is Kakuto Dojo, where you can get Sawamuraa, the kick devil, or Ebiwaraa, the punch devil. The other is Natume's Gym, but first, there is a man in front of the Gym. In order to enter the Gym, you need to go to Shirufu Company, the biggest building in Yamabuki City, and defeat all Rocket Gang members in it and you get Laplace. Also, after doing so the girl in the house at left will trade you Waza Machines for Pippi Dolls. ** Silph Co.** There are many Items and Rocket Gang members in here. Adding to it, you need to jump from point to point. You also need the Card Key to open doors. After defeating Sakaki, talk to the sitting man and he will give you Master Ball. It has a 100% chance of catching. Only use it to get one of the 3 Legendary Birds: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. ** Power Plant** Cross the water after you get out onto the other side of the Rock Tunnel. There are lots of Electric Pokemon in here. Also here is Zapdos, one of the Legendary Birds. To catch Zapdos, you must have a Master Ball. ** Seafoam Islands** Cross the water after you get to Fuschia City. Many Water Pokemon reside here, and it's a good chance to add to your collection. This is where Articuno, the Ice Bird is. To catch Articuno, you must have a Master Ball. ** Cinnabar Island** South of Pallet Town is Cinnabar Island. Enter the Pokémon Laboratory and get some new Pokémon. Depending on what fossil you got in Mt. Moon, you can get Kabuto or Omanyte. You can also get Aerodactyl if you picked up the Old Amber in Pewter City's museum. Beat the Gym leader, Blaine, and head north back to Viridian City. ** Viridian City (revisited)** Here is the final Gym. After beating Giovanni, go west to the Pokémon League HQ. ** Victory Road** To pass here you will need the moves from HM 03 and HM 04. This is where you find Moltres, the Fire Bird. ** Indigo Plateau** Here is a Poké Center and a Poké Mart in one. Go though the door at the top to fight the Elite Four, a group of the most powerful trainers ever. All their Pokémon are over lv. 50, so be prepared. After facing the Elite Four, you will come up against Gary. Beat him and you will be the best Pokémon trainer ever! ** Cerulean Cave** After you have beaten the Pokémon League, go back to Cerulean City. Northeast of Cerulean City in a cave is Mewtwo, the best Pokémon. I believe he is at lv. 70. It is possible to catch Mewtwo without the Master Ball, but it is hard. You only see him once in the whole game! Make him faint and you're out of luck... Tip: Save the game right in front of Mewtwo, so if you make him faint or you mess up in any way, you can just reset the game and try again.