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1. Why Did Ash choose Pikachu?

He wanted him
He saw someone else that wanted him and took him first
Ash was late and Pikachu was the Only remaining Pokemon
Pikachu was cute

2. In what episode does Charmander evolve?

The March of the Exeggcutor Squad
The Case of the K-9 Caper
Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden
Charmander the Stray Pokemon

3. What did Mikey do with Eevee?

evolved him into a Flareon
evolved him into a Vaporeon
evolved him into a Jolteon
Kept him as eevee

4. What stopped Misty from capturing an Oddish?"

A nurse
The Person who owned it
A bulbasaur
Her conscience

5. Who was Ash's second Pokemon?


6. What did Pikachu do when ash asked him if he wanted to evolve?

He said Yes
He knocked away the thunderstone He paused then knocked away the thunderstone He paused then said Pika then knocked away the thunderstone

7. What is Misty's specialty

Rock Pokemon
Water Pokemon
Dissing Ash
Hitting Psyduck

8. How old is Professor Oaks


9. How many episodes has there been in the U.S?


10. When does Misty start adoring Psyduck?

When it starts adoring her
When he got all his powers back
when he got all his powers back and people wanted to trade for him
When he leaves

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