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At one end of the spectrum is the Order of the Kuldees (note the "K") who are distinct in their ecumenism and acknowledge the ways of the ancient form and structure of the view of the world and the universe. The Kuldees acknowledge that the path of life itself is a spiritual quest and that each person, secular or cleric, is on a path of discovery and growth. Just as the ancient Celts and Kuldee (Keledei) learned, borrowed and absorbed from other societies, civilizations and groups, so do they today. One finds elements of global natural spirituality within their numbers ranging from the aboriginal concepts to modern understanding of quantum physics and its applications.

Since no one group possesses all knowledge, understanding and truth... Kuldeean ministers are often found attending, supporting, serving and even maintaining membership in congregations of "other" faiths. They often remain unidentified, or reveal themselves to a few. They, like their brothers and sisters of old, do not directly seek remuneration as a goal for their spiritual work. They do not proselytize. Since their mission is chiefly that of healing, they are often found in the medical/healing arts, counseling, and in various supportive capacities. In their healing mission, they honor the words contained in the modern Latin document, the "Adsum Domine", as part of their installation.
As the 'Kuldees of Olde', our numbers are actively dispersed into the world to do charitable good works and help all in creation in a quiet and unassuming way.

Our ordained ministers are quite active... all contributing their talents to the Sciences, the Arts and helping to better people, animals and the planet itself. They are located internationally.

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