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****** INSTRUCTIONS ******

1.You must have an AC/DC site.

2.Complete the form and click the submit button.

3.You will automaticaly be sent e-mail that your site has been submitted for entry into the webring. Your site is not listed yet.

4.Follow the link in the auto-reply e-mail you are sent (it's towards the bottom of the page) to get the htmlfragment to be cut and pasted to your page. (NOTE)I preferr the bottem of your index page or a links page but not absolutly necessary.

5. Email me at your site id and URL asking me to add you into the Webring.

6.I am notified when a site has been submitted to the queue and unless you have a problem finding the code you will not need to e-mail me for submission on in to the ring. Sometime in the next 3 to 5 days I will view your page to be sure of its content and the html code is working properly and then add you to the ring.You will be e-mailed when your site is added to the list.

NOTICE! If your site does not have the NIGHT PROWLER webring HTML code in place within 48 hours of submitting your site, it will be removed from the queue and you will then need to re-submit your site and get a new site id#.

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