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Dr. William Breuer

BACKGROUND: Dr. Breuer's evidence-based philosophy of Diagnostics: 'You can read the history of a body in that body, if you know where to look!' This strong emphasis on physical diagnosis was the operating principle for the group. With a strong background in Physical Diagnosis, 'Psychoneuroimmunology'(Mind/Body Medicine)Biofeedback, Pathophysiology, Forensics and Hypnotherapy, he felt the need for patients to have a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary team available to them that could provide concurrent care with a single patient chart.
He also felt the responsibility to inspire practitioners to keep enthusiastic about practice and to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and care. For patients, this philosophy extended to taking responsibility for their own health through education and active self-care.

Almost any clinic with a few professions can claim to be multidisciplinary. A true multidisciplinary approach exists when everyone is a portal of entry into the system (though usually one or more of the team is well-versed in the other methodologies). The approach is based upon the patient's presenting pathology.... in other words: a knowledge of what pathological processes are underway and what is known to affect these for a reversal if possible. Ideally the person doing the initial or early-on evaluation of a patient knows or has an deep working knowledge of all the other professions represented- though that kind of education is rarely found outside of such an institution. Practitioners don't know what they don't know - which affects what potential choices they present to the patient. Often a multidisciplinary consultation is called - whereupon the case is discussed among the staff of practitioners. A treatment program is individualized. After a patient pathway has been established and treatment has begun, follow up re-evaluations are important to determine effectiveness and to be sure there is nothing else going on in the same area of complaint (you can have more than one thing wrong in the same area of the body!).
As so many famous major institutions have found - it is best to have the patient see numerous practitioners right away.... same day or close together! Significant information may be gathered right away. This is important so as the patient does not fall out of the system before all the factors in their case may be gleaned. Everyone sees the patient with the same clinical picture, symptom patterns, amplitude and stage. Nothing is covered up by another therapy, activity of daily living, stressor or other factor.
The multidisciplinary AND interdisciplinary approaches are lost when a practitioner begins to become unilateral or provincial in their way of practice, loses the true team concept and especially if a 'let's try it' approach in initiated - the concept then is destroyed along with the benefits as well as the checks and balances for the patients that this system provides.

The Centre has provided services from such professionals as: Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Spiritual Counseling, Art Therapy, Dietary and Nutritional Counseling, Herbal Approaches, Oriental Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Massage and Bodywork Therapies, Athletic Training etc. It was a complete and versatile C.O.R.F. (Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility. We are happy to have been at the onset of the wave of what became the popular movement of complementary care in the US.

HOW IT IS ACCOMPLISHED: What does it take to make such an unusual Medical Center successful? In the period of the 1980s and 90s we were unique. Initially it took searching out and attracting professionals who were of an academic mind, high-energy and leaned toward a extraverted personality. The center was then a consortium, a think-tank or brain trust whereupon everyone had their own area of expertise and these areas were utilized clinically. Being MULTIdisciplinary by composition is relatively easy… being INTERdisciplinary is far more difficult - but absolutely necessary! Though any staff person may be a portal of entry - the institution must utilize the strengths of each staff member for the benefit of the patient - based upon the patient's pathology and modified by that individual's needs. The patient might then consult with, and be treated by, numbers practitioners of the same or many fields. Every practitioner, doctor, clinician, therapist (pick the professional label you'd like) has certain stronger areas of interest or expertise - therefore why not utilize the best of each for the welfare of the patient and expedite the shortest clinical timelines for each patient? Ideally, one agreed upon person has a thorough working knowledge of all the fields available. The clinical history, diagnostic workup(s), assessments and evaluations all may indicate what combination of practitioners would be best in terms of effectiveness, cost and timeline. The possibilities are them presented to the patient. Formal or informal interdisciplinary conferences on a patient can be called if necessary thereafter to discuss progress or new goals.

Please Note: The Clinic itself has been sold and relocated! This is the 'old' institution website!

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