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Left-Harrison Moses, died at Kenvir Feb. 11, 1939-Center is Jay Bryan Smith, died June 2, 1936 at Kitts, KY next is Everett Perry, died January 17, 1938 at age 19 and at Right is Ottis Seagroves who died October 6, 1937 at Kenvir at age 35

 Persons who have lost their lives in Harlan County Coal Mines
(Taken from Casulty Bulletins and Annual Reports of the Kentucky
Department of Mines and Minerals when avaiable)


Carl Martz,
Albert Hogg, Frank Finto,
John Pauchaus, Paul Troghis, Rans Farmer,
Paul Troglen, Corbin Adams,
Clarence Yindred, Billie Mumford,
William H. McCulley, Harvey Lee Ellison, W.M. Breckley, Alonzo rawson, Henry Huff,
Robert J. Staples, William David Conken, Jay Bryan Smith, Nathaniel Smith, W. John Richson, William Gaines, Henry Bads,
Austin German, Ernest Woods, G. W. Hobbs,
Lester Hampton,
Herman C. Presson, Samuel Cecil Lentz, Tom Black
Thomas P. Bullock, P. S. Hensley, Henry Searcy, Christopher C. Arnold, Thomas F. Bullock.

C.C. Hickson,
Hurley Daughfus, Hugh D. Hurley, Earl Jackson,
Willie B. Griffin, Earl Jackson, John Kemp,
Johnny Ferguson, W.A. Adams,
Arnold Combs,
Edward Fowler, Pery J. Cross,
Lace C. Johnson, Mart Rains,
Harvey Christian, Tom Jenkins,
Abraham Losten, Bill Bryant, W.A. Thomas, REd Hodge,
Otis Mitchell, Sherman Smith, Harrison Daniels, Robert Williams, Dewey Hunter, Clarence Chambers, Eugene A. Wilkerson, Owen Combs,
James H. VanMeter, Sewell Miracle, L. V. Banks,
William Ml Hackler, Jesse Savage, Fred Robner,
Frank G. Posey, Eldon Jones,
Emit G. Minton, Andy Vaughn,
Otis Seagroves, Hugh H. Lansden, Henry Tl McClenney, Cliff Cummings, Virgie Ratliff, Olye L Mayes,
George Jackson, James Weaver, William C. Ridner, Paul H. Sowder, L.J. Ferguson, Arthur Taylor,

Willard Saylor, Everett Perry,
Charles A. Wingfield, Hobert M. Roberts, Verda Opaline Thomas, Lige Allen,
William Polaski, Ben McFarland, Floyd Mills,
Samuel Radovich, Lloyd H. Osborne, Thomas Watkins,
John M. Gambrel, Carl McGhee,
Schuyler York, William Lang,
Macle Padgett, Clinton Dweeten, Earl Sprinkles, Leamon Saylor,
Damon P. Morgan, Orville Blair, Dean Wall, Albert Brown, David Hawthorne.

Sam Watters, Harrison Moses, Ben Brown,
Claude Adams, Rob Daniels,
Joseph Makion, Henry Dankins, William H. Gray, Albert E. Williams, Chad Warren,
Renold Craft, Clarence E. Tinsley, Victor Nelson, Tom Senters,
Hobert Belcher, Tom J. Kelly,
Edgar Lee Walker, James A. Martin, Henry Roberts.

Other information available on these miners are the date they died, the company they worked
for and the name or number of the mine where they died, except for the years 1928 thru 1939 : email me

If you have relatives on these pages and wish to have their pictures posted here please email the picture along with dates email me here

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