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Importance of Trees

This tree is probably 50% dead, the dead parts are called a "snag". Woodpeckers love snags (or dead limbs. So, it is not necessary to cut down a tree just because it is dying or part dead. My husband wanted to when we first moved here, but thankfully I became interested in birds and now feel privileged that it is there. It certainly is always filled with birds. There are lots of places where there are the perfect holes for birds to build their nests.

To attract many species of birds you should fill your yard with lots of different types of trees. Plant trees with food sources for the birds, such as berry and nut producing shrubs and trees, and nectar providing trees and shrubs for orioles and hummingbirds.Find specimens that provide something for each season of the year. Evergreens are needed to provide cover and nesting spots, and to provide a warm place for the birds in the harsh of winter. They need branches to perch on to take a nap, survey their surroundings and to protect against predators, or to search for food! The next step after you have provided food sources, nesting spots and water year round is to get your backyard certified as a Official Wildlife Backyard Habitat.

My backyard was certified with the National Federation of Wildlife in fall 2002. Have a look around my backyard and what I've done to create my backyard wildlife habitat. Enjoy perennials, native prairie wildflowers, butterflies, bugs and bees, as well as other creatures that visit there. There are links to that site on the homepage and endpage of this site.

Now begins my photographs of birds by clicking on the NEXT button at the end of each page.