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The summer of 1999 I discovered bird watching and my life hasn't been the same since! The pleasures I feel while feeding and watching the birds has been embedded deep into my soul.The colors, the sounds, the behaviors of them are in my thoughts each passing day. What simple and pure joy it is to see them gathered around my yard, in the trees, on the feeders, or in the birdbaths. How exciting it is when you have consulted the books on birds, and bought or made a feeder, filled it with special seeds, planted a bush with berries to attract them


As time passed I started exploring birds outside of my backyard, went on birding vacations and field trips. Along the way I became interested in making this backyard a haven for any wildlife that might find it's way here, and had it certified with the National Wildlife Federation. Please visit My Backyard Wildlife Habitat and Garden pages also.

After a couple of years I bought my first camera and became interested in photographing birds, butterflies, flowers, etc. and set up this website to share with others. You may follow along by clicking on the "NEXT" button at the end of each page, or for your convenience, links to all my pages and photographs are below.

This site updated January 10, 2009

Comments can be directed to kyredbird at leisasbackyardhabitat dot com

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