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Jesus if I really need to introduce you to the Locust then you have obviously been hiding under some sort of craggial type thing for quite some time. The Locust has been hitting everyone from babys to wall street brokers since they hit the scene not too long ago. And I got to have one hell of a 3 hour chat with the guitarist and singer Robert we go..

Line and Ink: [Thanks for coming to our roundtable discussion with the Locust singer Robert Bray] Ok tell me a little bit about when the band formed?
Bobby Bray: About 5 years ago.... myself and Dave(recent ex drummer-still friend) decided we wanted to start a band so we walked around hillcrest (in san diego) and asked ramdom people if they played bass. Thats how we found Justin[Pearson]....
Line and Ink: Really? How do you find a guy like that at random?
Bobby Bray: Actually we found a guy from Antioch Arrow, and he said that his friend played bass, and we were all exited, then when we found out he was talking about JP[Justin Pearson(bass player for the Locust). We werent as excited cause we had a pre concieved concept of his character... but he turned out to be a really friendly nice guy who who was down start a band with some death metal heshers.
Line and Ink: Ha. OK. How do you write those awesomely insane songs? I guess what is your writing process like?
Bobby Bray: We debate and fight and yell, and mentally manipulate each other to get the songs the way we want it, then it kinda forms differently then we each wanted, and they come out the way they do.
Line and Ink:Do they have political notes in them? Cuz it seems that way to me in an odd way.
Bobby Bray: The lyrics do,yes.
Line and Ink: Ok great! It seems like Justin is singing more now than he did when you first started.Is that right?
Bobby Bray: Some songs i guess, some songs i sing almost the whole thing, at first we had this guy,Stick Dave singing. Who is now in Tarantula Hawk
Line and Ink: When was that? Really early?
Bobby Bray: When we first started, and this kid Dylon(also in Tarantula Hawk) played guitar as well
Line and Ink: I havent heard Tarantula Hawk. Are you in that band?
Bobby Bray: [They are] a rad band that sounds spacey, and thick..No Im not.
Line and Ink: Ok are they "spock rock"?
Bobby Bray: No.
Line and Ink: Do you know much about "Spock Rock" I heard Justin talking about it somewhere.

Bobby Bray: Sounds arbitrary to me. Do you think it exists? Line and Ink: I was gonna ask you if its something he created? Or is there an actual band? Im not sure Maybe he made it up.
Bobby Bray: Kids used to call him Spock and fuck with him as soon as he got out of the van at some shows, when he had a "Spock" haircut.. Thats about all I know.
Line and Ink: Are you in any other bands besides the Locust?.
Bobby Bray: Yes. "Holy Molar"
Line and Ink: They have a 7" coming out soon right?
Bobby Bray: Yes, Gabe and JP are in it too
Line and Ink:What are they like musically?
Bobby Bray: Locust meets Birthday Party drums meets Charles Bronson vox meets more rockin parts sorta
Line and Ink: Wow thats a damn description!! When does that record come out?
Bobby Bray: Soon i hope.... its getting pressed right now i think as far as i know
Line and Ink: Ill have to pick one of those up...3 1 G still owes me a Crimson Curse compact though
Bobby Bray: Itll be a split release on 31g and youth attack...hahaha
Line and Ink: OK cool...Can you tell me a little about the "Flight of the Wounded Locust 7" that just came out?
Bobby Bray: Its the last recording we did with Dave[Astor] on drums....and the b side has a anolog keyboard song on it for the whole side....
Line and Ink: Analog keyboard song? Whats that like?
Bobby Bray: The sounds of a wounded locust in flight.
Line and Ink: Youre shitting me? Awesome!! Thats the beginning of "Moth Eaten Deerhead"
Bobby Bray: Theres notes and music in it and stuff...the second half of it is moogy sounds and what not
Line and Ink: Ok Awesome. Sounds real cool. By the way..for my Visual Thinking Class we had to illustrate a song and I picked "Moth eaten Deerhead" Just thought you'd like to know that
Bobby Bray: Hahaha. Rad
Line and Ink: It was pretty much some locusts and buckets of sludge and some waves that looked overdriven. Ok sorry I got off track. Are you guys doing a track for the queen Tribute?
Bobby Bray: Yes... Flash's theme.... Its real short(like a locust song) we changed it a bit... and sped some parts up super fast
Line and Ink: Flash's theme? Like the movie? "Flash Ah-ah-ah"?
Bobby Bray: Yes Yes.
Line and Ink: Oh my God!! Thats fucking incredible. Thats perfect
Bobby Bray: Great flick by the way... that song used to give me chills when i was a young man. ahh, it still does.
Line and Ink: Queen did that? Thats insane!
Bobby Bray: They did the whole sound track man' its awesome!
Line and Ink: Cool. My friend has a shirt that says "Flash Ah-ah-ah"
Bobby Bray: Fuck. your friend wouldnt trade it huh?... fuck i wouldnt
Line and Ink: No way..I think he made it though. One of those iron on deals
Bobby Bray: Woah... good idea

Line and Ink: I thought so. Ok Didnt you just have some tours?
Bobby Bray: We went to Japan January. We are touring in a week or so.... and in April
Line and Ink: Ok cool. How was Japan? I heard you opened for ATDI?
Bobby Bray: Fucking amazing and great. We went there last year as well. We toured with At the Drive-in there... They only had like 4 shows so we played an additional 5, we played with melt banana...those guys rule
Line and Ink: Cool. Do you have a big following there? I heard Japanese kids love all American punk rock.
Bobby Bray: Not compared to ATDI... but i guess are pretty exicted... and the small venuses we played were packed so that you couldnt move
Line and Ink: Thats got to be the greatest feeling ever. I know you toured Germany and Europe last year and there was some thing where you guys couldnt get your shirts across the border? Whats that all about?
Bobby Bray: Ones that got sent to us didnt get to us... so they went back... sucked. It costs a lot to sent heavy shit over seas
Line and Ink: I thought it was something with the content of the shirt?
Bobby Bray: Well it had tour dates on it. customs. Something to do with taxes i think....
Line and Ink: Are you playing SXSW this year?
Bobby Bray: Yes... We leave in a week. we are playing along the way.
Line and Ink: Thats great who are you playing with at SXSW?
Bobby Bray: Le shok, Go Go Go Airheart, Dead and Gone, Convocation of, I am spoonbender...
Line and Ink: Sounds like a really cool show. Have you ever played in the East or South? like Kentucky(thats where im from)?
Bobby Bray: I dont think we ever played Kentucky. We definatley played the east coast before, and weve gone to florida and stuff
Line and Ink: Ok I saw last summer you supposed ot play in Chicago while I was there but I think thats when Dave quit the band.
Bobby Bray: I dont know... I missed that tour cause i was incarcerated... but locust played the tour and the shows they were suposed to. Dave didnt quit til after.
Line and Ink: Oh ok. Incarcerated? Anything you can talk about?
Bobby Bray: I went to a rave one time (once upon a time) and i drank a bunch of what i thought was plain water... but it was ghb or something of the equivlent, and i blacked out (which i never do) and i drove the wrong way on a freeway and crashed... nobody got hurt... but they charged me with a felony DUI. my blood alcohol level was only .08, but they never checked for other drugs, to this day i dont know what was in my system. But Im on probation for another 4 years. Dont ever drink water at a rave!
Line and Ink: Rave water is toxic!! Thats a crazy story
Bobby Bray: Yes indeed!
Line and Ink: Good thing you werent hurt
Bobby Bray: Yes...or anybody else
Line and Ink: It was probably the sweat of some crazy raver in a bottle
Bobby Bray: Hahaha

Line and Ink: Changing the subject a bit. How did the "Well Ill Be A Monkeys Uncle" Remixes come about?
Bobby Bray: Sonny k. (gsl) was doing a series of remix albums, so we were the third i think. we were all into the idea. there are some great people and bands on there.
Line and Ink: I love Kid 606[PLEASE DO AN INTERVIEW WITH US IF YOU ARE READING THIS]. Are you guys friends?
Bobby Bray: Yes yes
Line and Ink: Hes a fucking genius
Bobby Bray: Him and JP are good friends, I hardly see him ever but when i do,, yeah.
Line and Ink: Great. Im through with all my "real questions" but i have some wacky ones that dont really fit in any catagories for ya
Bobby Bray: OK
Line and Ink: Someone told me your music is played on the road Rules on MTV, is that true?
Bobby Bray: I dont know... Ive never seen that show. Nobody told me.
Line and Ink: OK I thought it might be a rumor but you guys should get some dough if they use it.
Bobby Bray: Hahha
Line and Ink: Theyd give ya like a penny a day from what I hear. Joel from the Mr T Experience said so. i also read somewhere the Locust was on the Jerry Springer show? What the fuck?
Bobby Bray: Alright...Ill never have to work a shitty telemarketing job again! JP was on the show with his roomates at the time...
Line and Ink: How did he do that?
Bobby Bray: It was blown out of perpotion (their story)
Line and Ink: They made it up?
Bobby Bray: Cant say.
Line and Ink: Oh ok
Bobby Bray: They called in
Line and Ink: To the show?
Bobby Bray: Yup.Scott Bibian did actually (Bloodlink Records guy)

Line and Ink: OK the last question is lame but for some reason i care. I've heard that you guys set up really odd on stage can you tell me about it and why you do it?
Bobby Bray: You mean our amps and drums and stuff?
Line and Ink: Yeah i heard you all sing through one mic? Ina triangle or something?
Bobby Bray: If there is only one mic to sing out of then yeah.. i dont know, weve done different things over the years.... trying to keep ourselves entertained you know
Line and Ink: OK i said it was lame question. Actually I thought of one other:Is it true if you have a Locust Tattoo you get lots of free shit?
Bobby Bray: If a kid had a tattoo of your band wouldnt you give them free shit
Line and Ink: Hell fuckin yeah!! My locust tattoo will be in there on my sleeve when I get the money. Dont you worry. I met a kid in Chicago with one on his arm. It was big as fuck!! I think it was bigger than Justins from what i have seen
Bobby Bray: Joeys Isnt finished,its like his whole stomach and kinda off center on purpose i think... its fucked.hahaha.. i dont know if hell ever get it finished
Line and Ink: Awesome!
Bobby Bray: Ahhh yeah... hahaha... Cool... I dont know if well go to Kentucky though...
Line and Ink: Thats OK im moving to Chicago after school. Well it was great talking to ya Can you give me some addresses and stuff to include on the site
Bobby Bray:
Line and Ink: OK cool
Bobby Bray: And is getting fixed up finally
Line and Ink: Yeah I noticed that the other day
Line and Ink: Well OK it was fucking awesome talking to you and make sure you check out the page when its up
Bobby Bray: OK cool... yeah,, it was fun... once we got on the same time track and all... hahahah
Line and Ink: Ha. Time zones suck...
Bobby Bray: Learn something new everyday!!
Line and Ink: OK man Ill keep in touch..later
Bobby Bray: Yes... lates

Moth Eaten Deer Head(live)

Emaciation Fuckers(live)

Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle(live)

Flight of the Wound Locust 7" out now on GSL

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