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*** Chat Log Opened: Sat Oct 27 19:07:52 2001
[19:08:03] @@Daven says, "Greetings Domador"
[19:08:09] @@Caelmas says, "Hullo Domador, good to see you again"
[19:08:15] @@[Guild] Domador: "Domador can make for Branning"
[19:08:23] @@Brannig says, "Ahh, but when I look at you, I know your name, tis Beauty.."
[19:08:48] @@Domador says, "Hullo my friends"
[19:08:56] @@You say, "who you talking to Bran?"
[19:09:10] @@Brannig says, "why, you, milady :)"
[19:09:14] @@Nemmar says, "hopefully not me :)"
[19:09:28] @@You say, "ah how sweet of you to say such a nice thing my lord"
[19:09:31] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "Everyone finding their way ok?"
[19:09:38] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "in the druid grove Tor by the trade skill area"
[19:09:52] @@
[19:09:57] @@Brannig says, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Nemmar. Surely, somewhere, there is someone to whom you look good :)"
[19:10:00] @@
[19:10:04] @@You say, "you honor me with such fair words kind sir"
[19:10:16] Daven laughs at Drazar!
[19:10:20] @@Brannig says, "Not saying you'd have to search awhile to find them, though :)"
[19:10:37] Caelmas laughs!
[19:11:11] @@Drazar says, "wheres the rest of the guild?"
[19:11:13] @@Brannig says, "Nice to have the helmet off for awhile ::runs firngers through hair::"
[19:11:15] @@Daven says, "My kinsmen as you enter this santuary of peace.. please put away your weapons and make your self comfortable"
[19:11:48] @@
[19:11:50] @@[Guild] Baylin: "Greetings! On my wai into Tir Na Nog now"
[19:12:03] @@Adron sends, "that would be very pretty"
[19:12:06] @@Domador says, "Okies"
[19:12:47] @@Daven says, "I wish we had a bard about... nice to hear music"
[19:13:09] Drazar dances with Zeezrom!
[19:13:31] @@Caelmas says, "Soothing, something we do not get much of out in the countryside"
[19:13:31] @@Drazar says, "do u tango m'lady"
[19:13:39] Drazar dances with you!
[19:13:58] Drazar cheers at Baylin!
[19:14:01] @@You say, "I fear dancing was never my specialty I spent more time in trees than in dance halls"
[19:14:19] @@Nemmar says, "ahhh the music of the forrest"
[19:14:36] @@Brannig says, "Amidst them, and not in them proper, I hope"
[19:14:40] @@Daven says, "My kinsmen as you enter this santuary of peace.. please put away your weapons and make your self comfortable"
[19:14:45] @@Drazar says, "HAH trees, i preffer the cold steel and a warm woman amen eh brothers!?"
[19:14:46] @@
[19:14:57] Nemmar cheers!
[19:14:59] @@Caelmas says, "Excuse me lady?"
[19:15:05] Adron cheers!
[19:15:25] @@You say, "I enjoyed many I day lounging in high boughs looking down upon the forest floor"
[19:15:28] @@Adron says, "though cold ale is better.."
[19:15:41] @@You say, "yes my Lord Caelmas"
[19:15:44] Caelmas bows to Aradyr.
[19:15:48] Aradyr bows to Caelmas.
[19:15:53] @@Caelmas says, "Hullo Aradyr, good to see yeh again"
[19:15:53] @@You say, "hail friend Aradyr"
[19:15:55] Aradyr bows to Daven.
[19:15:56] @@Brannig says, "Personally, the quiet of the glade, and warmth of a campfire, gathered with friends, sipping mead."
[19:15:59] @@Nemmar says, "aye ale is good - unlike a women, when you have finished an ale you can go straight out and get another "
[19:16:12] @@You say, "very true Nem!"
[19:16:13] @@Drazar says, "AHHAHAHAAHHA amen!"
[19:16:16] @@Daven says, "where ia Aradyr?"
[19:16:19] @@Adron says, "Lo! such words should be unspoken in the presence of the lady!"
[19:16:27] @@
[19:16:32] @@Drazar says, "shes no lady shes a bloodguard"
[19:16:35] @@Adron says, "but she probobly feels the same about us.. LOL"
[19:16:36] @@Nemmar says, "i apologize for my forthrightness "
[19:16:44] @@
[19:16:46] @@You say, "I am far from a lady Adron! how many you know can scamper up a tree like I can"
[19:16:46] @@Brannig says, "But the Albions and Midgardans have taken that from me, and from all in Hibernia these days"
[19:16:48] @@
[19:16:58] @@Baylin says, "I always thought you could...there' sjust no 'well" of good women"
[19:17:05] Toraq waves to you.
[19:17:09] @@
[19:17:11] Domador waves to Toraq.
[19:17:13] @@Daven says, "Well met Toraq"
[19:17:20] @@You say, "hello friend Toraq"
[19:17:20] @@Daven says, "My kinsmen as you enter this santuary of peace.. please put away your weapons and make your self comfortable"
[19:17:28] @@
[19:17:30] Toraq waves to Domador.
[19:17:34] Caelmas bows to Toraq.
[19:17:41] @@Caelmas says, "Well met lad"
[19:17:49] @@You say, "we are jsut discussing how unladylike I am"
[19:17:51] Daven bows to Aradyr.
[19:17:57] Toraq waves to Caelmas.
[19:17:59] @@Drazar says, "OOC thats the only thing i dont like about this game u cant get drunck and go fishing "
[19:18:01] Aradyr bows to Daven.
[19:18:08] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "lol"
[19:18:17] @@Nemmar says, "hehehe"
[19:18:20] Daven laughs at Drazar!
[19:18:21] @@
[19:18:22] @@Adron says, "you can go fishing.. roane maidens have fishing poles ;)"
[19:18:22] @@Brannig says, "That would depend intirely on how one defines "lady""
[19:18:23] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "many nights drunk fishing while lagged"
[19:18:44] @@Daven says, "are we missing anyone else who was coming?"
[19:19:00] @@Daven says, "I know many could not be with us tonight"
[19:19:10] @@Drazar says, "shes not a lady she a warrior amungs woman, there is nothing more buetifull in the world"
[19:19:25] @@You say, "why thank you Drazar"
[19:19:35] @@Nemmar says, "except maybe an ale"
[19:19:41] @@Daven says, "Are those the sediments of the Firbolg Drazar?"
[19:19:59] @@Drazar says, "if they are anything like me i should hope"
[19:20:03] @@You say, "hmm I seem to be in the minority here tonight!"
[19:20:05] @@Domador says, "Domador thinks Drazar is very Wize"
[19:20:09] @@Brannig says, "rain again..."
[19:20:15] @@Daven says, "ah the rain....puh puh"
[19:20:20] @@
[19:20:25] @@Drazar says, "i needed a bath anyway"
[19:20:31] @@You say, "yes you did!"
[19:20:36] @@Daven says, "hehe"
[19:20:37] @@Drazar says, "hahah"
[19:20:39] @@
[19:20:57] @@
[19:21:00] @@
[19:21:00] @@Daven says, "All right...Shall we begin?"
[19:21:10] @@Drazar says, "sure"
[19:21:10] @@
[19:21:24] @@
[19:21:25] @@Daven says, "First of all thank you for coming"
[19:21:37] @@
[19:22:19] @@Daven says, "I know many of you had better things to do than listen to a winda bag such as I"
[19:22:59] @@Daven says, "I wanted to discuss matters I feel everyone should know"
[19:23:25] @@Daven says, "First... Many of you know we lost a few members"
[19:23:39] Drazar cries at you!
[19:23:41] @@
[19:23:43] @@Daven says, "Due to different ideals etc interests"
[19:23:57] @@
[19:24:03] @@Daven says, "these things happen"
[19:24:13] @@Daven says, "So do not worry"
[19:24:23] @@Daven says, "and excuse my typos"(fixed Lord Warden :))
[19:24:29] @@Daven says, "ahem"
[19:24:37] @@Drazar says, "lol"
[19:24:53] @@Daven says, "This guild is a Role Playing Guild....."
[19:25:01] Drazar cheers!
[19:25:11] @@
[19:25:18] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "how much am i missing"
[19:25:23] @@Daven says, "With that said, I expect you to RP whenever speaking openly"
[19:25:23] Drazar laughs!
[19:25:24] @@Brannig says, "Vivat!"
[19:25:31] @@[Guild] Adron: "the end of the world"
[19:25:36] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "kewl"
[19:25:38] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "hurry up Theo"
[19:25:51] @@[Guild] Adron: "it's quite a site!!"
[19:25:56] @@[Guild] Adron: "er, sight"
[19:26:06] @@Daven says, "You may or may not know we have lost many due to the fact some people thought we were nothing but another EQ guild"
[19:26:38] @@Brannig says, "Were hoping THOSE went to non RP servers"
[19:26:45] @@Drazar says, "amen"
[19:26:56] @@Daven says, "I am in no way trying to force certain beliefs in how you act etc. etc. but understand this IS a RP server."
[19:26:57] @@Domador says, "Aye"
[19:26:58] @@Baylin says, "amen"
[19:27:13] @@Brannig says, "Seyla"
[19:27:39] @@Daven says, "Whenever talking in Group speak however you wish"
[19:27:48] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "where we at in nog"
[19:27:55] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "druid circle"
[19:27:58] @@[Guild] Nemmar: "druid circle"
[19:28:00] @@[Guild] Drazar: "droods"
[19:28:02] @@[Guild] Baylin: "Druid Circle"
[19:28:03] @@Daven says, "We all know the importance of communication while devising plans etc."
[19:28:23] @@Adron: **Phoenixfire Tailorship open for Business! Specializing in Cured Bre**
[19:28:25] @@Daven says, "But please in Guild chat... lets try to be in character"
[19:28:52] @@Daven says, "I do not mind talking about different subjects and armor factors spells etc."
[19:28:52] @@
[19:29:02] @@
[19:29:11] @@Daven says, "But please pleae no D00d speak lol"
[19:29:16] @@Drazar says, "AHHA"
[19:29:20] @@Domador says, "AYE"
[19:29:21] @@You say, "Amen! "
[19:29:22] Nemmar cheers at Brannig!
[19:29:25] @@Drazar says, "AMEN"
[19:29:31] @@
[19:29:33] Nemmar cheers!
[19:29:34] @@Baylin says, "Yes lord"
[19:29:40] @@You say, "much is noncomprehansible to me anyway"
[19:29:50] @@You say, "oops spelling"
[19:30:03] @@Daven says, "Understand it may be distracting when one of our guildmates may be RPing and they see on thier screen D00d check out the PhAt LewtZ!"
[19:30:14] @@Nemmar says, "rofl"
[19:30:15] @@Daven says, "hehe"
[19:30:20] @@Toraq says, "sorry I crashed"
[19:30:23] @@
[19:30:33] @@Adron says, "Loho! too funny"
[19:30:41] @@Daven says, "Everyone we are not RP nazis"
[19:30:54] @@Daven says, "Do as you wish when you wish"
[19:30:59] @@Drazar says, "zig hail... i mean...never mind"
[19:31:05] @@Daven says, "hehe"
[19:31:09] @@You say, "ohmy"
[19:31:20] Domador laughs!
[19:31:40] Adron gives a firm salute.
[19:31:43] @@Daven says, "There are those in this server who really love RPing.. I do too.. and like to RP with my Guildmates"
[19:32:11] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "well my smith for bladed weapons is at 176 now =)"
[19:32:12] @@
[19:32:23] @@Daven says, "So you want to be the Brash outspoken type please do so! want to be the soft spoken and quiet do so as well"
[19:32:34] @@
[19:32:43] @@Daven says, "With that said....."
[19:33:13] @@Daven says, "I would like to Recognise Members of Our Guild At this time"
[19:33:47] @@Daven says, "Adron Phoenixfire has been made Lord Magister of the Caste Arcane!"
[19:33:54] Caelmas cheers!
[19:33:54] @@Daven says, "Vivat!"
[19:33:55] Baylin cheers!
[19:33:55] Drazar cheers at Adron!
[19:33:58] @@Caelmas says, "huzzah!"
[19:33:58] @@
[19:33:59] Adron cheers!
[19:34:00] Nemmar cheers!
[19:34:01] Adron dances!
[19:34:01] Daven cheers at Adron!
[19:34:04] Adron gives a firm salute.
[19:34:05] Domador cheers!
[19:34:06] Adron bows.
[19:34:06] @@
[19:34:10] @@
[19:34:11] Baylin claps at Adron!
[19:34:15] @@Brannig says, "Vivat!"
[19:34:16] @@Adron says, "greetings All!"
[19:34:17] @@Daven says, "Also..."
[19:35:13] @@Daven says, "Forsythia has been honored as the position of Jonin of our Shadow Caste!"
[19:35:21] Caelmas claps at Calek!
[19:35:21] Domador cheers!
[19:35:23] Brannig claps!
[19:35:25] @@
[19:35:25] Caelmas claps!
[19:35:26] Nemmar cheers at Nemmar!
[19:35:27] Baylin claps at you!
[19:35:28] Toraq cheers!
[19:35:29] Drazar claps at you!
[19:35:32] Baylin cheers at you!
[19:35:33] @@Daven says, "Vivat!"
[19:35:37] @@
[19:35:38] @@[Officers] Caelmas: "Welcome :)"
[19:35:40] Adron cheers at you!
[19:35:42] @@You say, "I am honored to be given the choice to take this position I will bring honor to the guild"
[19:35:48] @@
[19:36:21] @@Daven says, "She will now be co leader with Caelmas myself and Klasryn"
[19:36:31] @@[Officers] Forsythia: "Thank you Caelmas"
[19:36:44] @@Daven says, "There will be more honors to be given"
[19:37:09] @@Daven says, "Aeroz has been chosen to be our Treasurer"
[19:37:21] @@Daven says, "Vivat!"
[19:37:23] @@
[19:37:23] Domador cheers!
[19:37:28] @@
[19:37:34] Toraq claps!
[19:37:35] Caelmas claps at you!
[19:37:37] Baylin cheers!
[19:37:42] Baylin claps!
[19:37:57] @@Daven says, "Now I would like to give the podium to Hierophant Caelmas"
[19:38:09] @@Daven says, "Caelmas?"
[19:38:14] Daven bows to Caelmas.
[19:38:15] Caelmas bows to Daven.
[19:38:17] @@
[19:38:23] Brannig claps!
[19:38:28] @@
[19:38:30] Brannig cheers!
[19:38:31] @@
[19:38:50] @@
[19:38:58] @@Caelmas says, "Okay, there is only one main thing I am interested in for now :)"
[19:40:01] Caelmas has left the group.
[19:40:01] Caelmas loses their aura of vigor.
[19:40:01] Caelmas loses that graceful edge.
[19:40:01] Caelmas loses their extra strength.
[19:40:01] Caelmas loses their extra strength.
[19:40:01] Daven loses their extra strength.
[19:40:01] Adron loses their extra strength.
[19:40:01] Adron loses their extra strength.
[19:40:10] @@Drazar says, "SHHAHAHAHAHAH"
[19:40:11] Domador cheers!
[19:40:11] @@[Officers] Forsythia: "Oh My!"
[19:40:20] @@You say, "Cael wnet LD"
[19:40:22] Baylin laughs at Adron!
[19:40:28] @@Drazar says, "THAT HILARIOUS!"
[19:40:32] @@Aradyr says, "why you go link dead all the time?"
[19:40:36] @@Adron says, "oh, I thought that was some spell.. hehe"
[19:40:41] @@
[19:40:42] @@You say, "no he is gone"
[19:40:43] @@Brannig says, "He is interested in a stable link to our world :)"
[19:40:50] Baylin laughs!
[19:40:53] @@You say, "yes that he is my friend "
[19:41:15] @@Drazar says, "oh boy that was classic"
[19:41:28] @@Brannig says, "milord Warden, how work those Siabran gloves we acquired?"
[19:41:35] @@You say, "Lord Warden is afk as well"
[19:41:59] @@Daven says, "sorry i am back"
[19:42:06] Toraq cheers at Theolyn!
[19:42:12] @@You say, "Cael is LD "
[19:42:14] @@Theolyn says, "yu short toraq"
[19:42:31] @@Toraq says, "hehe and you look funny with white skin bro"
[19:42:37] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "hehe, been there"
[19:42:37] @@[Guild] Adron: "LOL, that's amusing"
[19:42:38] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "but that is so much fun Daven!"
[19:42:53] @@Daven says, "I believe one thing Caelmas was going to say is using our Guildsite"
[19:42:56] @@[Guild] Brannig: "I'm a wiggly naked butt as my daughter would say :)"
[19:42:59] @@Drazar says, "welcome back@"
[19:43:00] @@You say, "WB Caelmas"
[19:43:09] @@[Guild] Domador: "Im :) and still do that"
[19:43:21] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "a little too ironic"
[19:43:26] @@[Guild] Drazar: "AHHAHA"
[19:43:43] @@Daven says, "It is an excellent means of comunicationnin forums etc"
[19:43:44] @@[Guild] Brannig: "we didn't need that mental pic, Dom :)"
[19:43:46] @@
[19:43:54] @@[Guild] Daven: "lol"
[19:43:56] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "lol"
[19:43:58] @@[Guild] Domador: "LOL"
[19:44:08] @@Daven says, "I shall let Caelmas continue"
[19:44:15] Drazar cheers at Nemmar!
[19:44:16] Daven bows to Caelmas.
[19:44:22] Caelmas bows to Daven.
[19:44:44] @@Caelmas says, "Sorry everyone :)"
[19:44:56] @@
[19:45:24] @@Caelmas says, "I noticed we have quite a few very talented roleplayers among us"
[19:45:28] @@Brannig says, "tis alright, my friend, we know of your troubles staying attuned to this place"
[19:46:05] @@Caelmas says, "We also have quite a few who are talented with tactics and such"
[19:46:36] @@Caelmas says, "I'd like to see The Bloodguard as a home for everyone that wants to be here"
[19:47:10] @@Caelmas says, "I'd really like to here what each person expects from us as a guild"
[19:47:16] @@Caelmas says, "hear even :)"
[19:47:16] @@Daven says, "Agreed"
[19:47:25] @@[Party] Adron: "Aye!"
[19:47:25] @@Baylin says, "Agreed"
[19:47:39] @@Brannig says, "also in agreement!"
[19:47:41] @@Theolyn says, "sounds good"
[19:47:44] @@Caelmas says, "Because honestly if we KNOW what people want, it's alot easier to provide"
[19:47:57] @@You say, "very true Cael"
[19:48:05] @@Drazar says, "I would like to just state one thing, if i could"
[19:48:18] @@
[19:48:25] @@Caelmas says, "Aye Draz, speak up :)"
[19:48:39] @@Drazar says, "thats it"
[19:48:44] Caelmas cheers at Adron!
[19:48:46] Domador cheers!
[19:48:47] Caelmas cheers at Adron!
[19:48:48] Toraq cheers at Drazar!
[19:48:49] @@You say, "Thank you Draz!
[19:48:49] @@Aradyr says, "Hehehe:)"
[19:48:49] @@Daven says, "Vivat!!!!"
[19:48:55] Daven cheers!
[19:48:56] @@
[19:48:59] @@Baylin says, "HERE HERE"
[19:49:06] @@Baylin says, "Vivat!"
[19:49:15] @@Caelmas says, "That is really what I want to know"
[19:49:16] Daven points at Drazar.
[19:49:21] Daven cheers at Drazar!
[19:49:35] @@[Guild] Domador: "With lots of good friends"
[19:49:37] @@Caelmas says, "Communication will make this alot more fun for all of us I think"
[19:49:39] @@Adron says, "ugh, such violent youths!"
[19:49:46] @@Theolyn says, "why kick, when we can spill there blood, and rape there woman"
[19:49:49] Daven laughs at Adron!
[19:49:52] @@Caelmas says, "We have the website..."
[19:49:56] @@[Guild] Caelmas: " <----- Correct Website :)"
[19:49:56] @@You say, "THEO!"
[19:49:58] @@Drazar says, "i dont belive in rape"
[19:49:58] Toraq cheers at Theolyn!
[19:50:01] @@Daven says, "lol"
[19:50:10] @@
[19:50:18] @@Daven says, "their women are ugly anyways"
[19:50:19] @@Theolyn says, "we can also pillage there villages, takeing whats there and claiming it for our own"
[19:50:22] @@
[19:50:32] @@
[19:50:39] @@Baylin says, "well, I am for that part"
[19:50:40] @@Toraq says, "pillage their women and rape their fields"
[19:50:41] @@[Guild] Drazar: "HAHHA"
[19:50:44] @@Daven says, ""
[19:50:44] @@[Guild] Adron: "lol"
[19:50:45] @@Brannig says, "I would rather teach them the error of their ways, and live with them in peace"
[19:50:55] @@Drazar says, "No peace"
[19:51:00] @@Drazar says, "war is more fun!"
[19:51:04] @@Caelmas says, "Is there anyone here now who cannot reach the Forums?"
[19:51:06] @@Brannig says, "Not likely with Midgard, though"
[19:51:11] @@Caelmas says, "Is there anyone here now who cannot reach the Forums?"
[19:51:20] @@Baylin says, "I can"
[19:51:27] @@Aradyr says, "I cannot reach them, I have tried and tried:("
[19:51:32] @@Brannig says, "I can gain access to them now"
[19:51:37] @@You say, "hmm that is weird Ara"
[19:51:43] @@Caelmas says, "Anyone else?"
[19:51:45] @@Drazar says, "I will have to try them"
[19:51:49] @@Drazar says, "lol"
[19:51:56] @@Theolyn says, "i just can't get into the members section lol other then that I can get evrthing else"
[19:51:58] @@Domador says, "domador is okies]"
[19:52:20] @@Caelmas says, "Email daven if you need passwords to members area"
[19:52:27] @@[Guild] Daven: "members section is pasword only the password is xxxxxxxx"
[19:52:54] @@[Guild] Brannig: "do NOT use Xxxxxxxx, found out its case sensitive :)" [19:53:00] @@You say, "maybe you could add that ti our guild message as well Lord Warden"
[19:53:12] Caelmas points at Aradyr.
[19:53:15] Caelmas beckons Aradyr.
[19:53:20] @@Caelmas says, "Come up here Aradyr"
[19:53:27] @@Caelmas says, "Please :)"
[19:53:36] Aradyr bows to Caelmas.
[19:53:49] @@Caelmas says, "Since you dont have access to the boards, would you mind if I borrow you for a sec?"
[19:54:13] @@Aradyr says, "ok mi lord."
[19:54:30] @@Caelmas says, "The floor is yours, I'd just like to hear what you would like to see from the guild :)"
[19:55:20] Caelmas points at Aradyr.
[19:56:12] @@Aradyr says, "I believe I will keep to my silence. My views are often less than popular. I will follow where others lead for the present. I do like that we are grouping as a guild and havin fun:)"
[19:56:37] @@Daven says, "aye"
[19:57:07] @@
[19:57:15] @@Domador says, "Everyone veiws are wize Aradyr"
[19:57:22] @@Aradyr says, "And, mi lord's that is all, I will return to my contemplation and post in the forums if I think of anything else."
[19:57:33] @@You say, "I agree it is nice to come on and group with my fellow guildmates it is good we get to now each other and how to work well with each other"
[19:57:36] Aradyr bows.
[19:57:43] @@Domador says, "And a wize man listens to them all"
[19:57:47] @@
[19:57:54] Caelmas cheers at Aradyr!
[19:58:21] @@Caelmas says, "ANyone else that cannot reach the boards?"
[19:59:12] Baylin waves to Scorch.
[19:59:19] Toraq cheers at Scorch!
[19:59:21] Drazar waves to Scorch.
[19:59:26] @@[Party] Adron: "holy sh it!! LOL we should have these mor eoften! right in the middle of Nog so EVERYONE can join!
[19:59:31] @@[Guild] Toraq: "lol"
[19:59:33] @@[Guild] Domador: "LOL"
[19:59:36] @@[Guild] Drazar: "we are belive it or not"
[19:59:39] @@[Party] Daven: "lol"
[19:59:47] @@Caelmas says, "Anyone else like to share anything at this time?"
[20:00:05] Domador waves to Caelmas.
[20:00:05] @@[Officers] Daven: "Cael Adron has something to share" [20:00:11] @@Baylin says, "I have a small comment if I could"
[20:00:24] Caelmas beckons Baylin.
[20:00:36] Drazar flexes at Baylin!
[20:00:39] @@Brannig says, "Speak your peace, my friend"
[20:01:08] @@Daven says, ""
[20:01:09] @@Baylin says, "Many people take a personal inestment into their own individual identities "
[20:01:16] @@Baylin says, "investment"
[20:01:22] @@Baylin says, "anyway"
[20:01:36] @@
[20:01:43] @@Daven says, "aye"
[20:01:44] @@Baylin says, "And at the same time, many others take things a bit lighter"
[20:01:50] @@Baylin says, "Like myself"
[20:01:57] @@Drazar says, "amen!"
[20:02:07] @@Daven says, ""
[20:02:09] @@
[20:02:19] @@Baylin says, "I think the best thing to remember is that our goal is to make this as much fun for each other"
[20:02:28] @@Baylin says, "as it is for ourselves"
[20:02:59] @@Baylin says, "I hope we achive much, though each other, and with each other"
[20:03:08] Baylin bows.
[20:03:29] @@Baylin says, "I'll take my seat"
[20:03:29] @@You say, "this is where what Cael was saying comes in handy knowing what each other is wanting in the guild"
[20:03:59] @@
[20:04:03] @@Drazar says, "let him in he can heal!"
[20:04:08] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "I cant see half of you, I am bugged"
[20:04:08] Scorch dances!
[20:04:14] Scorch has joined the guild!
[20:04:20] @@Daven says, "Welcome Scorch"
[20:04:22] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "uh oh"
[20:04:22] @@[Guild] Scorch: "thank thee"
[20:04:22] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "welcome scorch"
[20:04:24] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "vivat and welcome Scorch!"
[20:04:27] @@[Guild] Drazar: "welcome"
[20:04:31] @@[Guild] Toraq: "welcome scorch"
[20:04:31] @@[Guild] Aradyr: "Welcome"
[20:04:31] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "Viat Scorch"
[20:04:31] @@[Guild] Domador: "QWelcome"
[20:04:33] @@[Guild] Scorch: "aye good to be in somthing big:)"
[20:04:36] @@[Guild] Brannig: "its this place, I couldnt see half of you till I moved"
[20:04:37] Caelmas beckons Adron.
[20:04:38] @@Daven says, "Baylin has said what i feel we all agree upon"
[20:04:38] @@[Guild] Adron: "Welcome Scorch!"
[20:04:39] @@[Guild] Baylin: "welcome Scorch!"
[20:04:40] Domador cheers at Scorch!
[20:04:46] Drazar claps at Baylin!
[20:04:49] @@Caelmas says, "Adron is next on the floor :)"
[20:04:50] @@Toraq says, "aye"
[20:04:57] Daven beckons Adron.
[20:04:57] @@[Guild] Scorch: "good luck my friends"
[20:05:04] Adron bows to Caelmas.
[20:05:05] @@[Guild] Drazar: "u too"
[20:05:07] Daven bows to Adron.
[20:05:23] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "Hunt with honor friend Scorch"
[20:05:24] @@[Party] Adron: "Greetings fellow defenders of Hibernia!"
[20:05:30] @@[Party] Caelmas: "hiya toots :)"
[20:05:34] @@Adron says, "greetings fellow defenders of hibernia!"
[20:05:37] @@[Party] Adron: "LOL"
[20:05:41] @@[Guild] Scorch: "aye im full of honor"
[20:05:41] @@[Party] Daven: "lol"
[20:05:43] @@Brannig says, "darned rain "
[20:05:46] Baylin cheers at Adron!
[20:05:47] @@[Party] Forsythia: "I am a little kitty"
[20:05:54] @@
[20:06:13] @@Adron says, "Recently I was awarded the position of Lord Magister of the Caste Arcane, and would like to say that I hope to serve you all and the Bloodguard to the best of my ability"
[20:06:28] @@
[20:06:29] Drazar cheers at Adron!
[20:06:35] @@Adron says, "I have a few things I would like to run across to you all"
[20:07:01] @@
[20:07:02] @@Adron says, "within this world we have found ourselves in, Creativity and originality are going to be a major part of our lives and the success of the guild"
[20:07:19] Baylin cheers at Adron!
[20:07:52] @@Adron says, "I am planning soon of looking at starting guild quests for it's members, sending members out for certain items that follow along a storyline that we will be developing for the Bloodguard"
[20:08:28] @@Adron says, "offering rewards as items and money"
[20:08:58] @@Brannig says, "Now theres a task for Mythic, quests that can only be completed by groups composed of the same guild.."
[20:09:19] @@Baylin says, "I like that alot"
[20:09:33] Taking Screenshot!
[20:09:44] @@Adron says, "as Caelmas has stated before, a major part of being a member is participating within the guild and it's forums. It is important for all of us to know eachother and one another's personalities... as well as developing our character.."
[20:10:16] @@Adron says, "I ask you all to take an active roll in the IC and OOC forums.. I enjoy reading the stories that follow along your character's lives within Hibernia"
[20:10:36] Caelmas claps at Baylin!
[20:10:43] @@Daven says, "Aye.. Baylin"
[20:11:14] Baylin blushes at Baylin.
[20:11:18] @@Daven says, ""
[20:11:21] @@Theolyn: **yes were men, were men in tights**
[20:11:24] @@Adron says, "each Caste also has it's own part of the forums, currently I believe every caste is conducting a roll call in those sections, if those of you who have not yet done so, please list your character there"
[20:11:54] @@Adron says, "if we continue to communicate well with one another, we will remain a stong and happy guild!!"
[20:12:15] @@
[20:12:49] Caelmas salutes Talazara.
[20:12:52] Domador waves to Talazara.
[20:13:00] @@Talazara says, "better late then never"
[20:13:04] @@Baylin says, "Also, a scholar looks to join us soon. His name is Macksin Cathalain. Look for his accountings of Hibernia"
[20:13:05] Daven waves to Talazara.
[20:13:24] @@Daven says, "Look forward to it"
[20:13:36] @@Adron says, "another thing, I brought up the idea earlier about us conducting Guild RP events every so often"
[20:13:36] @@Brannig says, "If you speak well of him, he is welcome here "
[20:13:47] @@[Officers] Caelmas: "Perhaps I can beg one more forum? :)"
[20:13:56] @@[Officers] Daven: "sure"
[20:14:10] @@[Officers] Caelmas: "FOr out writers to run their own stories?"
[20:14:24] @@Baylin says, "I thank you"
[20:14:26] @@Adron says, "we should try to hold events within the guild strictly used for RPing, where we enter easy areas and use the lesser skills known to us that way we may spend time role playing with eachother and have fun"
[20:14:29] @@[Officers] Daven: "hmm.. call it?"
[20:14:37] @@Adron says, "not eveything is about money or levels :) "
[20:14:47] @@You say, "very true Adron "
[20:14:52] @@[Officers] Caelmas: "Personally I'd ask Mack :) I like "legends""
[20:14:56] @@Baylin says, "Bit it is about bashing heads in with large maces!"
[20:15:04] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "Thanks Draz for making it :)"
[20:15:14] @@Brannig says, "Muire tomb would not be as challenging as it once was :)"
[20:15:18] Drazar waves at everyone.
[20:15:19] @@Adron says, "that is all I have to say.."
[20:15:19] @@You say, "I think we need to do that just to make sure we keep the RP side alive within our ranks"
[20:15:23] @@Adron says, "oh, one more thing"
[20:15:32] @@Baylin says, "agreed"
[20:15:33] @@Theolyn says, "I perfer to slice there heads off and watch, as the blood squirts, and they gurgle before they die"
[20:15:41] @@You say, "THEO!"
[20:15:45] @@Daven says, "lol"
[20:15:50] @@
[20:16:00] Adron bows to you.
[20:16:01] @@Aradyr says, "What about the Spraggon Caves? Has anyone ventured there lately?"
[20:16:03] @@Daven says, "woohoo!"
[20:16:07] @@
[20:16:10] @@[Guild] Domador: "Domador like Theolyn"
[20:16:12] Daven cheers at you!
[20:16:16] @@Adron says, "the floor is yours Lord Warden"
[20:16:24] Daven bows to Adron.
[20:16:27] Adron salutes Daven.
[20:16:30] @@Brannig says, "Spraggon caves? Never have I heard of these"
[20:16:32] @@Theolyn says, "of course draining them of there bodily fluds with a rusty dagger works well too"
[20:16:43] @@Daven says, "My father died to the hands of Albions"
[20:16:58] @@Daven says, "I made it my life pledge to pay them bastards back"
[20:17:20] @@Daven says, "Soon we will be entering warfare personally"
[20:17:22] @@Domador says, "Domador is with yea Lord Daven"
[20:17:32] Caelmas howls in victory!
[20:17:36] @@You say, "who is Comador?"
[20:17:45] @@Daven says, "Allready battles have been in place"
[20:17:46] @@Caelmas says, "The old computer guy"
[20:17:52] @@
[20:18:01] @@Domador says, "Domador not type very well"(Caelmas can fix Dom's one typo if he fixed 20 of Cael's)
[20:18:01] @@Daven says, "I want to be there..."
[20:18:05] @@
[20:18:18] Baylin cheers at Daven!
[20:18:21] @@Daven says, "I want Hibernia to be the jewel she once was!"
[20:18:24] Adron cheers at Daven!
[20:18:24] @@
[20:18:51] @@Daven says, "The damned clans have to come together.. the guilds and all our people"
[20:18:55] @@Brannig says, "Your pain is not the pain I carry, milord Warden, but ever shall I be at your beck and call for service"
[20:19:13] @@Daven says, "I am a vengeful man"
[20:19:24] You stand up.
[20:19:32] @@Daven says, "it is something some may see as a dark thing"
[20:19:44] @@Daven says, "I say it is a consuming fire"
[20:19:57] Taking Screenshot!
[20:20:16] @@Daven says, "We will not stop killing till our enemies STOP defiling Hibernian soil!"
[20:20:27] @@Daven says, "VIVAT!"
[20:20:28] Domador cheers at Talazara!
[20:20:33] @@You say, "VIVAT!"
[20:20:36] @@Theolyn says, "here here"
[20:20:38] @@Adron says, "VIVAT!"
[20:20:40] Caelmas howls in victory to Daven!
[20:20:41] Adron cheers at Daven!
[20:20:41] @@
[20:20:41] @@Baylin says, "RETRIBUTION! Vivat!"
[20:20:42] @@Caelmas says, "Vivat!"
[20:20:45] You stand up.
[20:20:50] @@Brannig says, "I agree totally with that statement!"
[20:20:52] @@
[20:20:56] @@
[20:21:04] Baylin cheers at Daven!
[20:21:04] @@Daven says, "Let the spirit of our Fathers carry us to victory!"
[20:21:21] @@[Guild] Zothras: "Greetings Bloodguard...what say ye? =)"
[20:21:21] Daven cheers at Adron!
[20:21:26] Daven cheers!
[20:21:30] @@
[20:21:38] @@
[20:21:41] Baylin claps at Daven!
[20:21:43] @@[Guild] Scorch: "i have a question friends"
[20:21:47] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "guild meeting ending"
[20:21:47] @@Daven says, "Is ther anything anyone else wishes to say?"
[20:21:48] @@[Guild] Domador: "Hullo Zo"
[20:21:57] Domador waves to Daven.
[20:22:03] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "sure scorch "
[20:22:05] @@[Guild] Aradyr: "hello, and what is that?"
[20:22:05] Daven beckons Domador.
[20:22:10] @@Daven says, "Come Domador"
[20:22:21] Caelmas cheers at Domador!
[20:22:35] Brannig cheers at Domador!
[20:22:38] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "hello Bore"
[20:22:42] @@[Guild] Scorch: "ok champions hit for about 25-30 with blade i hit for 15 with mace why is that does it go by str level or how good the wep is?"
[20:22:55] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "hullo Boremor"
[20:22:58] @@[Guild] Adron: "both Scorch"
[20:22:59] @@[Guild] Scorch: "or possibly all?"
[20:23:15] @@[Guild] Scorch: "so does my str make me hit harder?"
[20:23:18] @@[Guild] Boremor: "anyone have a good last name for me? or does anyone need me to help them kill things?"
[20:23:22] @@[Guild] Brannig: "both. material of the weapon, and your str"
[20:23:26] @@[Guild] Domador: "Domador like being with his friends and where they go so does he What angers them anger him They are good friends and so shall he be"
[20:23:31] @@[Guild] Adron: "no, it makes you hit harder"
[20:23:48] @@[Guild] Scorch: "aye thx much im new to melle i have a 16 enchater"
[20:23:58] @@You say, "well said friend Dom"
[20:24:07] Caelmas cheers at Domador!
[20:24:28] @@Daven says, "Thank you Dom"
[20:24:44] @@[Party] Adron: "dust to dust" [20:24:51] @@Daven says, "I would like to have one of these meetings like once a month"
[20:25:03] @@Brannig says, "agreed!"
[20:25:05] @@Daven says, "keep the time spnt to under an hour"
[20:25:05] @@
[20:25:06] @@[Guild] Boremor: "is there a reason why almost all of us are in Tir na Nog?"
[20:25:22] @@Daven says, "I know everyone wants to adventure etc."
[20:25:35] @@[Guild] Aradyr: "guild meeting"
[20:25:40] @@[Guild] Brannig: "that would be the guild meeting... :)"
[20:25:41] @@You say, "we could plan raids for after our meetings my lord"
[20:25:44] @@[Guild] Boremor: "oh ya!"
[20:25:55] @@Daven says, "But we feel it is absolutely neccessary that we come together and discuss issues"
[20:25:56] @@[Guild] Boremor: "where at exactly, sorry, i just got home"
[20:26:06] @@Daven says, "Good idea Forsythia"
[20:26:19] @@Brannig says, "Aye, after gathering such a group of adventurers together, tis a waste to not use them!"
[20:26:26] @@You say, "yes I think it is that way we have time to air thoughts out together"
[20:26:27] @@Daven says, "Many of us are becoming more skilled in our paths"

[20:26:42] @@[Guild] Daelyn: "I thought it was at 8 eastern?"
[20:26:44] @@Daven says, "Aye Brannig"
[20:27:01] @@Baylin says, "some slower that others...."
[20:27:05] @@
[20:27:10] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "after 9 est now :)"
[20:27:14] @@Daven says, "I know there was one more thing... ah yes!"
[20:27:17] @@[Guild] Boremor: "ackz!"
[20:27:28] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "clocks back after tonight :)"
[20:27:31] @@Daven says, "click on your stats icon"
[20:27:45] @@Daven says, "does it list you as a recruit?"
[20:27:57] @@Domador says, "Aye"
[20:27:59] @@You say, "I am a member"
[20:28:01] @@Brannig says, "nay, a member"
[20:28:06] Caelmas has promoted Domador to member!
[20:28:08] @@Daven says, "if so get Caelmas myself Adron or Forsythia to promote you to member"
[20:28:08] @@Theolyn says, "still a recruit"
[20:28:12] @@Aradyr says, "yes, member"
[20:28:21] @@Aradyr says, "errr, recruit"
[20:28:27] Daven has promoted Theolyn to member!
[20:28:27] Caelmas has promoted Theolyn to member!
[20:28:35] Brannig claps at Domador!
[20:28:36] Daven has promoted Aradyr to member!
[20:28:42] @@Caelmas says, "Any other recruits?"
[20:28:46] @@Daven says, "ok"
[20:28:46] @@
[20:28:52] Caelmas has promoted Aradyr to member!
[20:29:00] @@
[20:29:01] @@Caelmas says, "look again Dom :)"
[20:29:03] Domador waves to Daven.
[20:29:04] @@[Guild] Brannig: "welcome to full membership ::teaches secret handshake::"
[20:29:15] @@Daven says, "otherwise once we get our emblem and 20 level you cannot wear our colors.. only members can"
[20:29:17] @@[Guild] Boremor: "awww, i wanna be a member =)"
[20:29:20] @@Talazara says, "Dom you may have to log before it says member. I had to"
[20:29:28] @@Domador says, "domador still the same"
[20:29:29] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "we will get you Bore"
[20:29:37] @@Domador says, "Okies"
[20:29:39] @@Brannig says, "you must needs be 20th lvl to wear the emblem?"
[20:29:43] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "I got Promote messages for Dom, Theo and Aradyr, anyone else here"
[20:29:48] @@Daven says, "One last thing"
[20:29:49] @@[Guild] Boremor: "where are all you people, are you hiding in Tir na Nog from me or something?"
[20:29:57] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "at druid circle Bore"
[20:29:58] @@[Guild] Theolyn: "hehe yes"
[20:30:07] @@[Guild] Baylin: "Guild meeting at the druid circle"
[20:30:10] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "in Nog and plain site"
[20:30:22] @@Daven says, "I need Warriors in our guild of the Warrior Caste to think about becoming my second in command"
[20:30:26] @@[Guild] Boremor: "aha! so you are hiding, you know how much druids scare me"
[20:30:52] @@Daven says, "I need someone who is a strong RolePlayer commited.. and very patient lol"
[20:31:09] Boremor dances with Boremor!
[20:31:15] @@Theolyn says, "me rather just slaughter, but leading a group of people to slaughter others seems like fun"
[20:31:17] Caelmas has promoted Boremor to member!
[20:31:17] @@Boremor says, "weoo, i made it"
[20:31:21] @@Daven says, "Is there anything else?"
[20:31:23] Caelmas salutes Boremor.
[20:31:29] @@Brannig says, "Responsibility.... RUN! :)"
[20:31:36] @@You say, "lol"
[20:31:38] @@Daven says, "lol"
[20:31:40] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "Boremor promoted"
[20:31:45] @@
[20:31:47] Daven laughs at Brannig!
[20:31:51] @@Domador says, "Domador is not Wize with weapons he is no help"
[20:31:57] @@[Guild] Boremor: "i am?"
[20:32:23] @@[Guild] Caelmas: "you will have to log, will change you from recruit"
[20:32:35] @@Daven says, "All right Thank you my friends that is all"
[20:33:08] Domador laughs at Daven!
[20:33:29] @@Caelmas says, "Vivat Bloodguard!!"
[20:33:33] @@Daven says, "yes Meeting is Adjourned"
[20:33:39] @@Domador says, "Vivat"
[20:33:44] @@Caelmas says, "Vivat Emerald Caste!"
[20:33:44] @@
[20:33:47] @@Caelmas says, "Vivat Bloodguard!!"
[20:33:48] Baylin cheers at Daven!
[20:33:50] @@Daven says, "I am a warrior not a scholor !"
[20:33:54] Brannig cheers at Brannig!
[20:33:55] @@Boremor says, "Vivat Bloodguard!"
[20:33:57] @@Daven says, "Vivat Bloodguard!"
[20:33:57] @@Brannig says, "Vivat!"
[20:33:57] Caelmas cheers at Daven!
[20:33:59] @@You say, "Vivat Bloodguard"
[20:34:14] @@[Party] Adron: "ViVaT Bloodguard!"
[20:34:17] @@Baylin says, "Be well brothers and sisters! Vivat!"
[20:34:56] @@Baylin says, "And Macksin's accountings of Hibernia can be found at Comicille's Oratoryu as well as the tavern"
[20:34:57] @@Adron says, "count me in m'lord"
[20:34:59] Domador cheers at Daven!
[20:35:02] @@Brannig says, "With a full group, let us assail the Curms"
[20:35:15] @@[Guild] Forsythia: "any members of the Shadow Caste please stop by our forums and sign up so I know who all I have"
*** Chat Log Closed: Sat Oct 27 20:35:24 2001