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In the dark of night we quietly made our way out the front of the border keep, moving as quietly as an assembled army could move. After spending most of the early hours of the day defending their homes from the Albion invaders the Hibernians had decided to strike back. Weaving thier way thru the treacherous terrain they approached Caer Benowyc intent on retribution.

As the sky began to lighten the Albion guards launched a strike on us as we neared the hill the keep rested on. Bowmen and ironclad knights fell before the stronger force. As the bright sun warmed the dew and blood drenched grass the Hibernians assaulted the main gates.

The reinforced gates shook as the warriors assaulted it, arrows raining down from the walls above as the first door splintered asunder. The strong fighters poured past the shattered outer door, dragging with them a huge oaken battering ram. The air was thick with magic, increasing the endurance of those who labored to carry on the attack and easing their wounds as well. The repeated attack of the large ram made short work of the inner door and the Hibernians poured inside, clearing the guards from the parapets.

Several knights inside fell trying to hold off the attack, but the people of Hibernia had suffered much and would not be denied. The Hibernians finished off the Albions and the inner keep was theirs...all that was left was the treacherous and cruel Lord Benowyc himself.

The warriors charge up the stairs, I struggled up them as fast as I could. The narrow path made it difficult, but the poor condition of the wooden stairs made it dangerous. I could hear fighting break out around the corner, so I sped in to see how I could help...but Lord Benowyc's evil ended rather quickly at the end of a Hibernian blade.

Thus fell Caer Benowyc.