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As you can see above, these Keen look pretty fearless. We are missing a few, they were busy talking to the media and arranging endorsements I think, but they did make it on time for the start of the race. There was much discussion of Lurikeen superiority and good nature taunting. I thought about unleashing a badger on them after they picked on me, but figured that would cause me no end of trouble.
As you see above the wee Keens scampered off on their mad dash, already some were pulling ahead. I believe a few thought to conserve energy and pace themselves, it's all about strategy! Galadriale, Guildleader of Hand of Dagda, was our beautiful race starter. I believe the exact words she used were "Look out, badger!!". I may be wrong. I had nothing to do with any badgers at anytime. Honest!

The picture above was of all our finishers standing around the Lug's Spear. As you can see there are a few less than actually ran the race. One poor keen was mugged by a villanous youth, he had his newbie boots stolen. This slowed him down a bit, but the paper work he had to file with the Sentry crushed any hopes he had of winning this race. Also one poor keen was assaulted by a ghoulie searching for brains to eat. Dont worry friends, the keen is safe and the ghoulie left disappointed. Ha! See if they pick on me again.

Above was the last shot, a nice overhead view. I was trying to highlight my new diamond leggings, made by the skilled crafter Allsfaire. Her crafting skills are alot better than my picture taking skills though.

Here we have a winner!!! Crysikeen just before she grabbed the Spear in victory. All should know the skill of the Keen with the fleetest of feets!

Second place went to Cathaikeen! After a long grueling race Cathaikeen beat all odds to finish just behind the winner. Second fastest keen, but look at him leap!

Third place went to Siofrakeen! She finished just beyond Cathaikeen, choosing to run a fair race instead of using the wiles of a Lady to distract Cathaikeen and move up a spot. If you look in the lower corner you can see yet another racer magicked by the Gatekeeper!
Again my thanks to everyone for making this so much fun, sorry I was slow posting this.Hope to do it again sometime!