The Homepage of Keenan Powell

A few words before you go see my own Wall of Fame. The people and city pictured on this wall are some of the people who have exerted an influence, for better or worse, on me throughout the years. In the case of both Sandra Bullock and Gillian Anderson, not only are they both beautiful vivacious women, but talented actresses who are starting to carve careers for themselves behind the camera. In Sandra's case, she is producing her own movies while Gillian has written and directed at least one episode of the X-Files. I wish both ladies continued luck in all of their endevors.

This page started out as the index page for this site. The joke was that you were going to have to search through these photos for the one that would allow you enterance into my site all the while having Alfred Hitchcock holding a sign saying "Click me to enter" (You can't imagine how many people still missed that one. By the by, I wouldn't suggest clicking that photo now...). However, this page became too graphic heavy. It was taking time to load up through a T1 connection, I can imagine what it was taking for a slower connection. Be advised before you view this page. It may take some time to load up. If you still want to view my Wall of Fame, click Here.