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Old Photos in Harlan county Kentucky

Our Old Photos

Click on the picture to see a larger view

Left to Right: Elementary School, Cawood, Ky., Three Point Coalminers, Three Point Coalcamp school
All these pictures are 60 or more years old, Cawood School photo made about 1943
bottom row is a coalminers dinner bucket
No picture of the dinner bucket but the dinner bucket is also for sale

Our photos are made from the highest quality photo paper using
dye sublimation process with overcoat and will last for many generations.
more photo's will be added at a later date
8x10's are $6.00- 5x7's are $4.00 and postage is $1.00

8 1/2 x 14 1825 Ky-Tn Map, shows Counties, countiy seat, major Mountain ranges and waterways=$1.00 + LSASE
Blank marriage license drawn by a traveling artist in last century=$1.00 + LSASE
Blank page for recording births by same artist as above=$1.00 + LSASE
Email us below for more details, or if you have questions
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