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I am currently enjoying my Heavenly home; where I am celebrating my first year of residence in a place where time doesn't matter. The Lord saw fit to bring me home after only 15 weeks in my mother's womb.

I know my parents don't understand and I didn't either; but the Lord Himself told me it will all be for the good of my mom and dad. I guess Romans 8:28 still works; but it can be tough to see sometimes.

My brother Josh met me when I got here. I've spent a lot of time with him learning the ropes. He's been a big help in showing me around, and how I can best praise my God and work His service.

The most memorable moments have been my work on the welcoming committee. Both Josh and I welcomed Grandpa David and Great Grandma Hazel to heaven. It was great to see Great Grandma totally healed, and how she looked when she saw Heaven! She took a few minutes to recognize us but she finally did. Grandpa David asked if dad would get the car idea. Both Josh and I shrugged and said we didn't know. However Grandpa David keeps thanking God that mom makes up for it.

As I said this was my first year anniversary of being called to heaven. I love it here but sometimes I miss my mom and dad. I don't know when but one day Jesus will head toward Earth and I will get to see mom and dad again. I am saving them places at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Well, I gotta go, my choir place is calling. We're getting ready for another two month praise session and I can't wait to get started.

Stay true to Him and dream of Heaven.

I love you Mom and Dad

In Christ,

Your Son

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