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How do I make a 3 inch angel?

I make 5 loops for the skirt using the smaller beads. I use the 3mm (when I can find them) 4mm and 5 mm. Sometimes, I use seed beads. You will need at least 10 of the small beads, and 5 of the larger center beads for the skirt. I dug around and all the 3 inch angels I found have seed beads (long oval shaped beads inch long) or small pearl beads and small clear faceted beads. I use a 6 or 8 mm bead for the head. 8mm looks better. The halo should be about inch wide. The wings are 5 loops, or you can make one big loop of beads, Seed beads work best, and bend that into a set of wings.

Where can I buy the beads?

I buy my wire at Franks Nursery and Crafts

My beads at JoAnns Fabrics and Crafts

And my 12 mm beads at Hobby Lobby

How many beads do I need?

You will need ONE 12mm bead

Approx. 29 4mm, 14 of the 5mm and 6mm and seven 8mm beads on the average 5 inch angel. You can also use seed beads, if you do I suggest using 14 of the 4, 5, and seed beads and making the 6mm bead your center bead.

If you think of anything that needs to be addressed, let me know!