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Spot Light Driver of the Month

Picture of driver of the month
     Paul Shuckman has been with Van Go for 14 years, although when he started, Van Go wasn't Van Go.  In 1988 when Paul started, the only people he was allowed   to transport were clients of the Senior Citizens Center.

      Before coming to work for us, he was the Service manager for Westfall Motors for 35 years.  He retired in early 1988, and after 2 months of retirement, decided that retirement just wasn't for him.   Paul is now our most senior driver, and is also in charge of van maintenance.

      According to Steve Brochin,  Operations Supervisor,  "Paul  is  very dedicated and conscientious, always willing to lend a helping hand where one is needed."

      We are proud to call Paul an employee of Van Go and hope you will tell him how much you appreciate all his hard work and effort.

Thank You Paul!