...::: Think You Can Handle The Epitome Of Perfection?:::...
Julie Peyton: Making Perfection Look Easy!
|-::-| 'The Epitome of Perfection' Julie Peyton|-::-|

Julie Peyton has finally arrived in Westside. She had a falling out with her mother, which isn't anything knew, but this time it was worse than ever. Julie just sits in a chair in the living room of her and Chloe's new home. She's been sipping on tea, but places it down on a table. She looks out the windowing enjoying the silence and thinking to herself about her life and about the falling out she had with her mother. Julie and Chloe have both learned to not take their mother's words to heart. It's just hard. She is their mother afterall. As Julie thinks, the phone rings. She jerks a bit and then makes a stretch for the phone. She clicks it on and answers.

...:::Julie Peyton:::... Hello? ~dry tone~ Oh, hello mother. Just fine and you? That's nice to hear. Really? Mom! I thought we went through this. I don't want him knowing where I am. It's possible, just not now, okay? Chloe is out with Maddie at the moment. Things are going great. Well, not yet. You know Mom, I just got out of college and I just want to explore things. I don't have to manage a fortune five hundred company from the get-go. I know. I know. I'm working on it Mom. I'll go look for a job first thing tomorrow morning. I'm just trying to settle in right now. M..Mo..But..I..Oh gee. There is Chloe and she has groceries. I gotta run. Talk to you later Mom. Love you.

Julie clicks the phone off. Chloe isn't home. She just knew an arguement was about to occur and didn't want to hear it. Julie gets up out of her seat and heads to take her tea into the kitchen. As she passes into the front foyer and past the door, she hears a knock. Julie stops and opens the door. A warm smile spreads across her face as she sees Anastacia Esposito before her. She's dressed in a pair of low waisted jean pants with a wide belt made in with a silver loop. A pair of black boots on and a tight black tank with "Sexy" written in silver gems across the front. Her hair pulled up and back, she returns the tired smile. A little boy stands in front of Anastacia. Blue jeans and an Old Navy t-shirt on, he heads into the house. Brown hair with just a hint of blonde undertones on, he rushes for the t.v. Anastacia steps in as Julie closes the door behind her.

...:::Anastacia Esposito:::... Make sure you are careful Jordan or you are getting it. Sorry about that Jules. You know how much he loves t.v. Hey, where is Chloe and Madison?

...:::Julie Peyton:::... Oh, it's no problem. Chloe and Maddie went out for the afternoon. I think to grab a movie. Maddie wanted to see Spie Kids Two. Let Jordan play, we'll go talk in the formal living. Come on.

Julie smiles as Anastacia falls in behind her. Julie curls up onto a chair as her friend sits at the corner of the couch closes to her.

...:::Julie Peyton:::... So, I hear you got a job working at Dr. Carter's secretary. How is that going?

...:::Anastacia Esposito:::... It's going great actually. The pay is good and she's pretty nice. Just really anxious to get my fashions going. I had the worse day at work the other day though. Remember me telling you about Riley Roberts? Well, she showed up. She was all "high and mighty" about how she's doing so well or some bullshit like that. Who would have thought it would turn out this way.

...:::Julie Peyton:::... Oh Sasha, get over it. This isn't like you. You'll be swimming in money as soon as you go public with your killer designs. You act like you are starting from scratch. There is already a buzz about you. Dad offered the money for your shop, but I really want to earn it on my own. I know you really want things up and going, but it's something I want to prove to myself. And you know I only wear Espi originals.

...:::Anastacia Esposito:::... I know you do. Listen, I know all about the proving thing. I'm in no major rush. I have enough money to get started and my job with Dr. Carter is getting Jordan and I along very well. I just want to say thanks again. You letting me dress you for Miss. Louisiana and then for Miss USA was a big help. Really got people interested. I think right now, they are just dieing to see what's next and so they are waiting. Once I release it, they will eat it all up. This break is giving me time to come up with not only designs for gowns, but for everyday clothing, clubbing clothing, hell, even wedding gowns. I have so many ideas running around. I'm doing some of my best work.

...:::Julie Peyton:::... You always do great work. You know, there are a lot of really rich kids around these parts. They would eat up your clubbing and everyday line. Chloe even said something about a few weddings taking place. Too bad you and Riley don't get along. She's about to take the plunge and getting one of your dresses on her would be major. I heard she's marrying the richest guy in town. We are talking huge publicity.

...:::Anastacia Esposito:::... Wish I had known that before I bitched at her. I'm sorry, but we never saw eye to eye since school. You win some and you lose some I suppose. Oh hey, before I forget. I have tickets to go to the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Allyson got them from Riley and so she filtered them down to me as a thank you for doing so great. Like I said, she's a really sweet person. She'll be there, but she was nice enough to ask me for all the tickets I wanted. I got four. I was thinking, me, you, Chloe, and a friend could go. What do you think?

...:::Julie Peyton:::... Sounds like a blast. It'll be nice to see what the night life is like around here. Who's playing or do you know?

...:::Anastacia Esposito:::... I think she said Zakaveli. He's knew, but I heard he's really good.

...:::Julie Peyton:::... Oh my God! Are you kidding? He is awesome! I've heard wonderful things about him and a friend of mine from back home rants about him all the time. I've seen a picture too. He's way cute. I think I'll be his first groupie. ~laughs~ I just hope there aren't a bazillion cameras around. Don't get me wrong. I loved being Miss. Louisiana and Miss USA. I loved being in music videos, commercials, and movies. But sometimes, I just want to be Julie Peyton. It's hard with cameras watching your every move. I think moving here will help though. I want to focus on my business career for a while. I'd like to do videos or something on the side if it's right. Hey, think Zak would put me in a video? I could be the chick drooling over him.

Both laugh as they continue to talk about their plans for that night. How they will go and who they might take as the fourth person. Julie is even planning out how to meet Zakaveli. She's not heard much of his music, but she's a fan none-the-less. Julie has so much to plan out for her future, but it's already looking bright.