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When you say nothing at all

Shane felt like he was all alone in this world. It wasn't that he wouldn't have had friends, he had a lot of friends, but he wanted love someone and he needed someone to love him. He walked slowly down the beach and hymned aloud.

"Everybody's looking for that something, One thing that makes all complete, You find it in the strangest places, Places you never knew it could be,"

He sang quietly the whole song, and stared at the sea. "That was beautiful, Shane," a voice said behind him. Shane turned fast, he had thought that he was all alone. "Michelle?" he asked when he noticed who was standing there. "Yea, it has been so long." She replied. 'It has been TOO long' Shane thought. They were on the same class at school when they were younger, and Shane had been so deeply in love with her back then. Michelle had dark brown long hair and brown eyes, she was beautiful. "So what you have been doing?" Michelle asked. "I went through school and now I've been busy with the band." Shane explained. "I have heard about your band, it's called Westside, isn't it?" Michelle asked. "Actually, it was Westside, but we decided to change it, now it's Westlife," "I have heard a few of your songs, that is my favourite that you sang before, it's so beautiful." "Flying without wings? It's my personal favourite, too. So, how's your life? What you have been doing since you moved away?" Shane asked. "Just studied and things like that. I moved back to Sligo just a few weeks ago." Shane looked into her eyes when she talked, she looked so attractive.. Maybe he could ask her for a date or something. "So, have you plants for tonight?" Shane asked softly. "Nothing special, why?" she asked. "I just wondered if we could go to movies in the evening, my treat of course." Shane said. Michelle smiled. "It could be fun. What time?" "If I pick you up at six o'clock." "Ok, what are we going to go to watch?" "What do you want," "Have you seen Notting Hill?" "No, I haven't, could it be it then? I would like to see it." "Ok, see you at six." Michelle smiled and turned around. "Bye Shane," she said softly. "Bye," Shane replied. He smiled as he watched Michelle walking away. Hymning,

"If I let you go, I'll never know what my life would be, holding you close to me..."

At 5:30 PM Shane was standing in the front of the mirror staring at himself. He wanted to look good in Michelle's eyes. Then he drove to Michelle's home. "Hi Shane," Michelle greeted him when she opened the door. "Hi beautiful," Shane replied and blushed when he realised what he had said. Michelle laughed a little, "You don't look bad yourself, Mr. Filan" she said. Shane was in the 7th heaven, 'SHE LIKES ME!!!' he yelled in his mind. They went to the cinema and Shane bought the tickets. The movie was cute, Shane looked at Michelle, who looked at him, as if it was a wordless deal, Michelle rested her head onto Shane's shoulder and Shane took her hand when in the background there was a song called When you say nothing at all. After the movie Shane took Michelle to a little, romantic restaurant near the edge of Sligo. They ate and then they went to the beach where they met in the afternoon, stars were shining and the moon was full. Shane began to sing her;

"It's amazing how you can speak, Right to my heart, Without saying a word, You can light up the dark, Try as I may, I can't never explain what I hear, When you don't say a thing,

The smile on your face lets me know, That you need me, 'Cos the truth in your eyes saying, You'll never leave me, The touch of your hand tells me, You'll catch me whenever I fall, You say it best when you say nothing at all..."

"That was in the movie, wasn't it?" Michelle asked. "It was, it's my friend's song," They stood by the water and Shane put his arms around Michelle. He looked at the sky and saw a shooting star, 'I wish I could hold her like that rest of my life', he wished in his mind. Then he looked into her eyes and they shared a sweet little kiss.