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Public relationship

Chapter 1: A shock

Brian stood on the door, not believing his eyes. He was just come to borrow shaving cream and what he saw... Kevin and Nick laid on bed right in front of his eyes. They both were panting, naked and sweaty. And when Brian came in Kev kissed Nick's chest and said "I love you more". Is this just a sick joke? Brian thought and shook his head. "This is not true, this is not true" he kept saying. "Brian!!!" Nick whispered when he heard Brian's voice. Nick looked to the door and saw his best friend who was in shock. Kev just stared his cousin not knowing what to do.

Suddenly Brian turned around and ran away. He didn't know what to think. Nick, Kevin, together? Kev and Nick just laid in the bed staring each others eyes, they shouldn't know to cry or laugh. Then Kev broke the silence, "How long he was there?" "I don't know" Nick answered. "We have to think what we can do," Kevin said and kissed Nick. "Maybe we should talk to him at morning, I think that he needs time to think what he just saw," Nick said. "You're right,"

--At same time in Brian's and Ashley's room--

Brian ran in to his room. Ashley was laying on bed, when she heard that Brian opened the door she turned her head and looked him. "Brian, what happened you look like you've seen a ghost," she said. "Maybe I saw, I don't know, I can't believe it." "What you saw?" "I went to Nick's and Kevin's room. Room was dark and they were there, laying on bed. Together..." "Who?" "Nick and Kevin, and when I went in they don't notice that I came to the room, Kev was laying beside Nick, his head on Nick's shoulder" "Maybe you saw wrong, you just said that room was dark," "It was Nick and Kevin, although there would be something wrong in my eyes, I have still my ears. I heard when Kev said 'I love you more' and when they noticed that I was in the room Nick said my name.." "Nick is always doing practical jokes for everyone, what if this was just one of his stupid jokes." "I have no idea what it was..." "Brian come to bed. Let's talk at morning."

Brian spent hours just thinking. His cousin and his best friend together? Whole thing was more than weird...

Chapter 2: morning.

Nick and Kevin woke up early, they couldn't sleep any longer. Brian was all what was in their minds... "Nick, try to relax" Kevin said, but Nick just walked around the room like a moron. "I can't... Are we going to tell this to everyone." "Maybe we have to tell, then we don't have to worried anymore if someone will see us together." "What about fans?" "We can think it later but we have to tell this to the boys." "Ok they have to know" Nick's voice shook a little, he sat to bed beside Kev. Kev started to massage Nick's sore shoulders. "Calm down, everything's gonna be fine." "I love you, Kev" Nick whispered and bent his head to Kev's shoulder. "I love you too, we're going to make this together," Kev replied softly and hugged him. Silently lovers got dressed and then looked each others. "Are you ready to do this? Reality is hard.." Kevin asked nervously. "I think that I'm" Nick answered staring into Kevin's eyes. "Let's do it. Everything is gonna be fine as long as we're together." Kevin said, he didn't know how this all was going but as long as Nick was with him he didn't care. After few lucky kisses Nick opened the door slowly like he was scared that there will be something right behind the door.

Others were already at breakfast wondering where were Kevin and Nick. When they finally came, they had strange looks on their faces. They sat down and looked each others. Then Kev started to speak: "We have to tell you something...(a little pause) I don't have an idea how can I say that but I hope that you could understand." "What's wrong buddy?" Howie asked. "Actually, nothing is wrong, I'm more happier than ever." "Yeah, all right, why don't you look like that you'd be happy" AJ asked. Kev looked Nick and Nick continued where Kev was stayed. "In few months there is happened a lot. But not bad things, I guess..." Nick stopped and looked Brian. He saw that Brian knew what they were going to tell. "I've never felt nothing like that, I'm in love with and I think that I've found a person who can share all my feelings and who can love me like I love...(Nick swallowed quietly)..him." "What?!" AJ slipped. Nick didn't say anything. Slowly he turned around and kissed Kevin's cheek, then Kev kissed him. Everyone around the table stared them not knowing what to say.

Kevin smiled carefully and looked others: "I don't know what you think about this, but I really love him." Howie watched around him and said: "So you two are officially together now?" "Yeah, we're" Nick answered with a little smile. "Brian, we're really sorry that you had to found out the way you did," Kevin said and looked his cousin. "It was a shock to me, but I think that I can handle it," Brian said. "Thanks, man." AJ who had just stared them for a while opened his mouth slowly and said: "This is not a joke?" He looked first Nick and then Kevin. "No, this is not a joke" Kev said and Nick kissed his cheek. "Then, have fun, you have my blessing" AJ said smiling, it made everybody laugh and Nick and Kev were happy that they took that this well.

Chapter 3: Don't leave me baby

"So what you thought that you can say if fans found out?" Howie asked when they stopped laughing. "I don't know" Nick said quietly. "Me either, but maybe we have to tell this ourselves before they find out it in other way..." Kevin said staring the table. "This will be a lot of upset fans, but have you heard what Boyzone fans said when Stephen told that he was gay," AJ asked and smiled. "Yeah, he'd got a lot of fan letters and all fans said that they will support him always" Howie said. That made Kev and Nick much happier. "Wanna hear a secret?" Nick asked his arms around Kev. "Tell us" Brian said, now he was smiling also. "I fall in love with him more than year ago," "Really?" Kev said kissing Nick. "Howie, let's go, we have to go and find girlfriends, cuz I can't stand these happy couples around me" AJ grinned. Brian kissed Ashley and Kev whispered something into Nick's ear.

Nick giggled and everyone turned to look him. "Please not inside things when there are others on the room" Brian said and smiled. "Yeah, tell us what you were saying, Kev" AJ rushed. "I think that you don't want to know," Nick said laughing. "Yeah, we want" everybody said. "No, you don't" "Yeah, we want" "I told him to take his hand away from my pants" Kev said grinning. Others rolled their eyes. "Just a joke, I said that I think that AJ have a little crush on Howie," Kev laughed and stroked Nick's neck with his hand. "No way, He's not my type, I have a crush on Brian," AJ grinned. Howie pretended to cry: "He don't love me, I have no reason to live." "Actually, I love you, AJ. Ashley, our thing is over, I'm with AJ." Brian said grinning. "Fine, then I'm leaving, nice that it went way cuz I have thing with your brother, he's manly man, not little whiner like you." Ashley said calmly and went to the door. "Goodbye, Brian" She said.

"Baby, it was a joke!! I love you more than anything, please don't leave me" Brian whined and ran after her. Ashley came to him and hugged him. "B-rok you are real whiner, but I love you still. You're my whiner at day, but at night you're my tiger." "I love you, please, don't to this again," Brian whined. "Do you really think that I could leave you like this, I would never do this. I love you, tiger," Ashley whispered. "You looked like you were seriously leaving me alone." Brian whined. "Ashley, you should be an actress you have a talent." Kevin said. "Yeah, you would be the best." AJ, Nick and Howie said smiling. "And Tiger, we have to go now we'll have an interview at half an hour." AJ said and Brian blushed.

Chapter 4: An interview

"So boys, fans want to know do you have girlfriends?" The interviewer asked and looked at the boys. They hated that question, but they answered smiling like usually. "I don't have, I'm totally free" AJ said smiling. "I have, her name is Ashley," Brian said. "I don't have," Howie said. Then came the silence...

"So Nick, are you dating?" Interviewer asked to Nick who sat between Kev and Howie. "Yes I'm," Nick said nervously. They we're decided with Kevin and they will tell to the fans in this interview. "Who is this lucky lady?" "Err... Hard question, there is no girl..." Nick muttered. "What?" Nick didn't know how to say it, only way in his mind was that he have to jump up and scream 'I'm a gay' but he knew that it was a bad way... Kevin saw that he have to say something cuz it was too hard to Nick do this alone. "I know that this thing can be hard, but..." Kevin stopped, he didn't find the words. Suddenly Nick wrapped his arms around Kevin's neck, then he kissed him... In front of audience. In front of television viewers. In front of reporters. Kevin put his hands around Nick and kissed him back. They didn't care anymore. They loved each others so deeply that they couldn't keep this secret...

Kiss didn't last long, but for fans this was like a year. When they stopped Nick looked around and said:

"I know I have hurt fans... But I love this man. I hope that our fans could understand us, all we need is their support. We love our fans, but love, between me and Kevin, is too strong emotion to keep hidden. Kev you're my world, I love you."

Kevin continued:

"We're been together for four months, And Nick means everything to me, I love him from the bottom of my heart. And We, Nick and I want to thank Stephen Gately from Boyzone and his boyfriend Eloy de Jong, cuz they showed that you can be teenage idol, no matter what. Nicky, I love you, whatever happens."

When these two lovers had stopped speaking, holding hands, everyone who was heard it was in tears. Kevin kissed Nick softly and hugged him.

Chapter 4: Feedback

Interviewer looked them and then he said: "Well...(a pause)...What you other guys think about that and how long you're knew this?" "I found out it yesterday and they told it to Howie and AJ in this morning. I was a shock at first, but if they are happy, we're happy, too." Brian said. "Yeah, they are still same guys than before, we support them." AJ grinned. "Brian, you said you 'found it out' how that happened?" interviewer asked. Brian was quiet and swallowed few times, and Kev and Nick blushed. "Well, I kinda walked in when they were kissing." Brian said. "What was your first reaction?" "I was like, 'Oh my god', and I ran away from the room."

"So, Kevin and Nick, there is age difference between you two, is that a problem?" interviewer asked. "There is eight years between us, but in my opinion, age is just a number," Kevin said. "Kev is right, it doesn't matter, as long as we're together," Nick grinned.

"Now, Do you have questions for boys in the audience?" interviewer asked and went closer the audience. "Do you have something to ask?" he asked for a girl who had red hair. "Yes, when and how you, Nick and Kevin noticed that you don't like girls 'in that way'?" she asked. "I was 14 or 15. I don't know how... maybe it was when I was looking Baywatch with guys and every time when they saw Pamela Anderson they were like 'ooh' (pretends to drool) and I was like 'what's so interesting'..." Nick said laughing. "I do like girls 'in that way', so I'm BI. I was in junior high school when I realized that I liked both, cheerleaders and football players." Kev explained and Nick tickled him.

"Boys, there is caller on the line he has something to say to you." interviewer said. "Let him say it." Boys answered. "Hi! It's Stephen Gately here" (special quest in the story) "Hi Steve." boys answered together. "I was watching the show. It was brave thing to tell that on TV and I want to thank you guys said about me & Eloy and I hope that your fans will be as supporting that mine. Good luck to your relationship and good luck with fans." "Thanks. We love you" Kev and Nick yelled together. And Stephen laughed. "By the way, thanks for the message what you guys sent us when we came out." Stephen told them.

Chapter 5: Later in the hotel

"That was easier than I imagined," Kev said to Nick and kissed him. "Yeah, I'm always wanted to kiss you public," Nick grinned. "Thank you that you did it, I'd never knew what to say." "It was hard to do it, but it was worth it." "Nick, what if we will leave to dancing. You and me, for the first time at public?" Kev asked and smiled to Nick. "That's great idea," Nick said and hugged Kev.

The end