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Chapter 4

You got to give her some faith, hold her tight, a little tenderness, gotta treat her right, she will be there for you, taking good care of you...
(Bryan Adams: Have you ever really loved a woman?)

Nick woke up around seven a clock, Rachel was still sleeping soundly with her head on Nick’s chest. “Hi beautiful,” Nick whispered and stroked her hair. “Baby, we gotta got up soon,” he whispered. “Nicky,” Rachel whispered, not even opening her eyes. “Tell me, hun,” Nick said and kissed her forehead. Rachel whimpered softly. “Is something wrong?” Nick asked. No answer… ‘She must be dreaming…’ Nick thought. ‘Should I woke her up? It doesn’t seem to be nightmare.’ More whimpers. ‘What the hell she’s dreaming about?’ “Nicky, I love you,” she whispered. ‘Did she mean that? Does she love me?’ Nick asked himself. ‘Woke her up and ask what did she dream about,’ Nick suggested to himself. He did a little thinking and decided to woke her carefully up. ‘Maybe singing to her is gentlest way..’ he thought and began to sing quietly; “I never thought that I would lose my mind that I could control this, Never thought that I’d be left behind, that I was stronger than you, baby, Girl, if only I knew what I’ve done, You know, so why don’t you tell me, and I, I would bring down the moon and the sun to show, How much I care…” Rachel opened her eyes slowly Nick smiled to her and continued to sing, “Don’t wanna lose you now, Baby, I know we can win this, Don’t wanna lose you now, No no, or ever again…” “I never know that you have a voice like this…” Rachel said as Nick buried his face to her hair. “Thanks,” he mumbled, “and I love you, too…” he whispered. “Too?” Rachel asked. “It’s just something you said in your sleep,” Nick replied. “Did I say anything else?” Rachel asked blushing a little. “Nah, what did you dream about?” Nick asked curiously. “Well, we were on the beach, just like two days ago. It was kinda weird… You spoke like you were leaving or something, then, well, umm…” Rachel blushed. “What? Tell me, I wanna know,” Nick said. “This is embarrassing… You asked me to make love with you,” Rachel said shyly. “I asked that?” Nick looked at her. “Yes, but it was just a stupid dream nothing more,” Rachel said embarrassed.

A silence rounded them as they looked into each others eyes, “Rachel, whatever happens remember, that I’d never force you to anything…” Nick said quietly. “I believe you, Nicky,” Rachel said. “But this was just kinda embarrassing, ‘cause, umm, I haven’t done that with anyone,” she added shyly. “There’s nothing to be shy about, Rach, it’s good that you told to me, I mean if we’re someday getting our relationship in the different level I know that I should go slow,” Nick said, “but that someday isn’t going to be soon,” he added quickly not wanting to scare her. “You’re the greatest guy, Nick,” Rachel said and kissed him. “Come here,” Nick said and enveloped her to hug. Carefully he kissed side of her neck, then he saw that Nicky coming to the room. A little dog jumped to bed. Nick stopped kissing, but kept his head on her shoulder. He knew that Nicky’s fave thing on the mornings was to jump to his bed and lick his face until he was dripping wet. Nicky licked Nick’s cheek, but moved to lick back of Rachel’s neck. “Nick, what you’re doing?” Rachel asked. “Nothing,” Nick said trying not to laugh, but then he couldn’t hold on anymore. “It’s not me, it’s Nicky,” he laughed. Rachel turned around on Nick’s arms. “Hi little one,” she said to the dog. Nicky licked her face, “It’s not going to stop until we’re up,” Nick said. “Let’s get up then,” Rachel said. They got up and went to downstairs to get some breakfast. “Okay, what should we eat?” Nick asked looking into fridge. “You decide,” Rachel said. “What about pancakes? Or omelets?” Nick asked. “Rather pancakes, I don’t really like omelets,” Rachel said. “I prefer pancakes, too, but I think we have a problem…” Nick said. “What’s the problem?” Rachel asked. “Well, I’m a world’s worst cook, so we’re probably going to have burned pancakes,” Nick laughed. “It’s ok, I’m not a good cook either, but maybe we can make them together and try not to burn them,” Rachel suggested.

After seven burned pancakes and a lot of dropped things, they decided to take just some cereal. “We really suck in cooking...” Rachel laughed as she tried to find some spoons. “Yeah, maybe we should take cooking courses or something,” Nick said. “You live alone and can’t make anything, how’s that possible?” Rachel asked. “Well, I know how to use microwave and buy take away food... and I’m not home often...” Nick smiled and they both laughed. They cleaned the kitchen after they had eaten. Rachel was still wearing Nick’s shirt and Nick offered to borrow her some clothes so she doesn’t have to put on clothes she had yesterday. “If it’s okay, I would like a clean shirt,” Rachel told him. “It’s okay, only problem is that almost all my clothes are so big for you that you could use them as a tent. Hmmm... It should be somewhere here.... I found it. This one is a little small for me, try it on,” Nick said giving her a college shirt witch had text; Backstreet Boys, on it. “You can keep it if you want. I used that on our second tour, but I was skinny little guy back then...” he smiled. Rachel put the shirt on and looked at the mirror laughing a little. “What’s so funny?” Nick asked confused. “If my friends saw me wearing BSB shirt, they would laugh their asses off,” Rachel laughed. “Are we that bad?” Nick asked with hurt-puppy-look. “Don’t take it personally, but I’ve never liked boy bands and I always kept telling my friends that boy bands sucked... But maybe I was wrong whole time,” Rachel said. “What BSB-songs you have heard?” Nick asked. “Nicole always listens them but I’ve never paid attention... I don’t even remember the names of your songs. Or... I can remember one song, It’s called Don’t want you back, and that was a BSB song which you sang at morning, wasn’t it?” Rachel asked looking at Nick. “It was, you have just heard Don’t want you back besides that one? Poor baby,” Nick said innocently, “Come here,” he added and sat on the bed. Rachel sat beside him and he wrapped his arms around her. “Maybe I can prove that we don’t suck...” he said and started to sing. He sang parts of Show me the meaning of being lonely, Back to your heart and The one quietly holding Rachel in his arms.

When Nick stopped Rachel was amazed. “It was beautiful...” Rachel said and kissed Nick’s cheek. “Did you really liked it or are you saying that to get in my pants?” Nick whined. “Carter you’re an asshole... I liked it,” Rachel said. “I gotta go to take shower now, I don’t wanna be late when I go to doctor,” Nick said. “Just make yourself home, listen music or something,” he added and went to bathroom. Rachel started to look through Nick’s CD collection and found a few records she like too. She decided to listen BSB and took Millennium. Rachel put it on and first notes of Larger than life came out. She listened it for a while as she read the booklet, laughing she tried to figure out what Nick’s number message meant. But when the song Show me the meaning came, she had to stop reading and just listen... It was a song Nick sang just before. Nick’s voice was easy to recognize from the song, but she didn’t knew any others. She was listening Show me... for a fifth time, when Nick came out for the shower just towel around him. “I just forgot to take my clothes with me,” Nick explained and took some clothes from closet, he turned to go back to bathroom when the song started again Rachel asked, “Who’s the one who sings this part?” “Brian if you mean who is singing now,” Nick replied. “Yes, he has such a good voice, I don’t know a word for it... It’s... angelic,” Rachel said. Nick felt himself coming jealous, ‘C’mon Carter, she just said that your best friend has a good voice... When did you became so jealous?’ Nick thought. “He has a good voice, but so does others,” Nick said. “Including you,” Rachel smiled sending a kiss to Nick when he went back to bathroom.

‘She likes my voice too!!!!’ Nick celebrated in his when he put clean clothes on. “Hey Rach, I promised to Brian that I would play basketball with him today... Although I know he’s gonna kick my ass... Would you want to came to Orlando with me?” he asked when he walked back to his room. “I would be fun, but I have to go home first,” Rachel said. “I’ll drive you home when I go to doctor. I can pick you up after that,” Nick suggested. “That good idea,” Rachel replied. “Ok, we have to go now,” Nick said and wrapped the car keys and a paper that was on the table. “What’s that?” Rachel asked when Nick give the paper to her. “It’s AJ’s autograph, I promised it to Nicole. Could you give it to her?” Nick said. “Of course,” Rachel replied as they walked to Nick’s car.

When Nick got finally to hospital he was a little scared. ‘What if this is something really serious?’ he thought. For days he had told himself that it was just cause he needed more vitamins or something. He walked in and went to desk where was a young nurse, “Hi, I have a time to Dr.Gayle at ten o’clock,” Nick said and the nurse looked at him; “You’re... You’re...” She muttered and Nick struggled uneasily. “Yes, I’m, but don’t panic, please,” he said. “Okay, Dr.Gayle has another patient now, you can wait there,” she said pointing to waiting room. “He call you in when he has done,” she added. Nick nodded. “Excuse me, but can I have an autograph?” The nurse asked just before Nick turned to leave. “Okay,” Nick replied and she give him a piece of paper and a pen. Nick signed the paper quickly. “Thanks,” the nurse said and Nick went to sit to the couch which was on the corner of the waiting room. It didn’t take long when nurse came to say that it was Nick’s turn to go in. He walked in to the Dr.Gayle’s room. “Well Mr. Carter, tell me what kind of problem you have. You said something about fainting and headaches,” old man said. Nick laughed a little, Dr.Gayle had called him Mr. Carter, since he had been there for a first time when he was ten or so. “I have had headaches for a month now, at first I though it was for stress or lack of vitamins or something like that. But then I had dizziness, and yesterday I fainted,” Nick explained. “You thought it was stress because of you work?” Dr.Gayle asked. “Yes, because this kind of job it really stressful, but it seems weird, cause I haven’t really been working for a while. Just recording, and stuff like that. I hope to find out what this is, before we go to tour at end of October,” Nick said. “I’m sure we get to know soon what it is,” Dr.Gayle said. “Now I need some details, is the headache after you had been doing something like reading or watching television and things like that?” dr. Gayle asked. “No, it could be at anytime, sometimes I woke up when my head is aching,” Nick explained. Dr.Gayle asked a few more questions and did some testes, “It doesn’t seem to be stress because you have been on holiday for a long time. Your eyesight is perfect, so it can’t be that you would need glasses. I’ll give you time for a another appointment, and you should take easily for a while now, no hard working, and if you feel dizziness, stay in bed. I’ll give you some stronger painkillers, but don’t drive if you take these,” Dr.Gayle said and Nick thanked him. “My secretary call you for that appointment later,” Dr.Gayle added when Nick left.

“What they said?” Rachel asked when Nick went to pick her up. “Nothing, no one knows what this is. I just got painkillers and a time for a new appointment,” Nick said quietly. He had had headaches for such a long time and he was starting to be scared. “Maybe it’s just stress, It could be if we look at the way you live,” Rachel suggested. “Let it be what it is, I want to forget it for a while and have some fun,” Nick said. Talking and laughing together they drove to Orlando. Nick knew that he should take easy but he doesn’t wanted everyone to be worried because of him he said nothing, just decided not to play b-ball as hard as usually.