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Chapter 3

And I will take you in my arms, And hold you right where you belong, ‘Til the day my life is through…
(‘N sync: This I promise you)

After the two had eaten Nick suggested that they could go to swim. He went to upstairs to change while Rachel changed in the bathroom. When he came down Rachel was already on the backyard. She was sitting on the edge of the pool, Nick felt like he could start drooling in any minute. ‘She is so beautiful...’ Nick thought silently watching her. Rachel turned her head, “The water is really warm,” she said. Nick walked to her and jumped on the pool splashing the water all over. Laughing he looked at Rachel, who made him a face. “You got me all wet..” she complained. “Yea, but I think that you can’t swim without getting wet anyway,” Nick said innocently. Rachel just laughed and jumped to the pool with Nick. Nick swam to her and threw his arms around her waist. Slowly he bent to kiss her, but just when he was about to touch her lips she splashed water to his face. “Got you!!!” She laughed. “You little sneak...” Nick complained. “Who? me?” Rachel smiled. Nick splashed the water and on the next moment there was going on a huge water fight.

“The war” ended when they heard the dogs barking. A blond girl walked to the backyard, “Hi Nick!” she greeted happily. “BJ!!” Nick screamed and went to hug her. “Aww, your all wet!!” BJ giggled and pushed him away. Rachel got up from the pool and looked at the girl. ‘Who is this?’ she thought quietly. “Rach, meet my sister BJ. BJ this is Rachel, my girlfriend.” Nick introduced them. “Hi,” Rachel said shyly. “Nice to meet you, Rachel,” BJ said smiling. “So, how long you two have been together?” She asked and hit Nick’s arm, “Nicky here hasn’t told me anything about you. I didn’t even know that he has girlfriend.” “Don’t call me, Nicky!!!” Nick yelled and tried to push her to the swimming pool but BJ was quicker and moved away before Nick had a chance. “Actually we met yesterday,” Rachel said as Nick threw his arm around her. “Really?” BJ asked. “Yes,” Nick replied. “Have you two plants for tonight?” BJ asked. “No, why?” Nick asked. “Well, I’m going out with AJ later and...” BJ started... “You’re what?? Going out with AJ!! Since when??” Nick looked surprised. “Well...” “I want an explanation, NOW!!” Nick said. “Well...” “Stop saying that!!” “Ok, I’ve been out with him a few times and we get along really well.” BJ explained. “But now what I was saying on the first place. I’m going out with him and I thought if we would go all four together.” she said and looked at Nick and Rachel. “It would be fun, What you think?” Nick asked Rachel. “Sounds like fun, it’s fine for me,” Rachel smiled. “Ok, I call to AJ,” BJ said and went in. “It was nice for BJ to ask us to go with them, we used to be close but because of my work we don’t see each others a lot,” Nick said. “How old she is? At my age?” Rachel asked. “Yeah, I think you two will get along well,” Nick replied. “She seems to be nice, but I think I should go and change now,” Rachel said.

Nick went upstairs to change his clothes. ‘Now you have to find out why you’re having all these headaches,’ he told to himself in his mind and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed his doctor’s number and waited for answer. “Hello, there is Nickolas Carter......I have had weird headaches lately and I fainted today......Yes, what time.......Ten o’clock?........Ok, I’ll be there.......Bye, and thanks,” Nick ended the phone call. He let out the sight of relief, at least he was going to know why he had has those headaches.

As he walked downstairs he saw Rachel and BJ talking on the living room like they had known each other for a long time. Nick sat to the couch beside Rachel, “So, what AJ said?” he asked. “He was already on his way, he should be here in five minutes,” BJ said. At the same time they heard car’s voice from outside and then a doorbell rang. “I’ll go,” BJ said and walked to the door. She opened it and instead AJ there were Brian and Leighanne. “Hi BJ!!” Brian greeted and they walked in. “Where’s Nick?” Brian asked. “On the living room with Rachel,” BJ said. “Nickay?? Where’s the girl who’s more important than your best friend!!” Brian yelled. “Don’t care about Brian, he’s just goofball,” Nick whispered to Rachel then he yelled, “Of course she’s more important!! She’s waaaayyy cuter than you are.” Brian, BJ and Leighanne walked to the living room. Brian pretended to be sad, “He said she’s cuter than me... He thinks I’m not cute...” he cried as he rested his head to Leighanne’s shoulder and she wrapped her arms around him. “It’s ok, Bri. You’re the cutest one in this house and you know it,” she said playing along. “Really?” Brian asked like a three years old. “Yes,” Leighanne replied and Brian smiled widely, “At least one person knows that I’m the cutest.” Nick made a face to him, “She’s your fiancée, of course she thinks that way. By the way what you two are doing here?” “We thought that you would like to see us but maybe...” Brian said, but Leighanne cut his sentence. “We’re here ‘cause Brian wanted to see what kind of girl Nick has found.” Everyone looked at Brian. “Hey, I just wanted to know that Nicky haven’t made same mistake than at last time,” Brian explained. “You can relax, Bri. Rachel is definitely not like that, I learned my lesson at last time...” Nick said and kissed Rachel’s forehead gently.

The doorbell rang and BJ went to open the door. This time it was AJ. “What’s going at there?” he asked as he walked to the living room with BJ. “Hi to you, too,” Brian said sarcastically. “Ok, now when everyone’s here I think I should introduce you to Rachel,” Nick said. “Ok, that big mouthed jerk here,” points Brian, “is Brian, my best friend... I think...” Brian made a face to Nick, “Then his fiancée, Leighanne, they’re going to married next month, and then is AJ, he’s a little weird, but nice.” “You’re like your friends are...” AJ said and smiled. “Help!! Throw this guy out before I’m going to be weird too!!” Nick shouted. “Nick, you’re already, you can be quiet,” BJ said. “So where were going, and are the oldies coming, too?” AJ asked. Brian and Leighanne hit him, but he just laughed. “I don’t know where we’re going, and yes, oldies are coming, too.” Brian said imitating AJ’s voice. “Besides I’m just three years older than you’re,” he added. “Have anyone any ideas where we could go?” Nick asked. “I know a good dancing place that’s near, what about it?” AJ suggested. “That’s a good idea.” Nick said. “Nick, do you think you can go dancing? Maybe you should take easy today,” Rachel said worried. “Why?” Everyone else asked. “Well... I kinda fainted before...” Nick said. “Kinda fainted! You laid for a five minutes on the ground completely consciousness, and I was about to call an ambulance,” Rachel said. “Why you fainted, Nick?” Brian asked. “I don’t know, but I already called to doctor, I’m going to find out tomorrow. I have appointment at 10 o’clock,” Nick explained. “Ok, but maybe it’s better for Nick if we stay here, let’s order some pizza and have fun,” Brian suggested. “But...” Nick started. “No buts Nick, we’re not gonna let you faint again,” Brian said. BJ smiled to Rachel, “I think that Rachel already proved us that she really cares about our Nicky,” she said. “I’m not Nicky!!!” Nick complained.

After Brian had ordered some pizza, they decided to watch a movie. “What you have, Nick?” AJ asked. “Well, I have a few new videos, there are Scream 3, Dogma, The Insider and then Girl, interrupted.” Nick said. “No Winona Ryder again...” AJ joked. They voted and Dogma won although Brian complained a little. After 20 minutes the pizza came and they started playful argument about the filling of the pizza. “I knew that we shouldn’t have let Brian order the pizza.” Nick complained looking at his pizza slice. “Why you shouldn’t have let me order?” Brian asked. “You knew that I don’t like pizza with extra extra cheese!!! And you still got it...” Nick said. Brian stand up, “But Nicky, I just love cheese...” he said grinning. Nick got up and yelled, “Now you’re going to get it!!!” He chased Brian around the house with pizza slice. “Nick you should take easy,” Rachel yelled after Nick, but did he listen her? No, of course. When Nick finally caught Brian he mashed the pizza slice to his face. “Aaaww, now I have cheese all over my face,” Brian cried and went to whine to Leighanne, “Nick, is teasing me again...” Leighanne just laughed and Brian looked more desperate... “I thought you loved cheese and wanted more,” Nick said grinning. “Bri, go to clean up your face, you have cheese even on your eyebrows,” BJ said as everyone laughed. “I can’t believe that you guys are so childish,” AJ said looking at Brian and Nick who were laughing their asses off now. “I agree, Brian you should grow up now when you’re going to be father and all,” Leighanne said. “I’m never gonna grow.... WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY????” Brian run to her. “Oops... I was going to tell you when we’re together alone, but it kinda slipped...” Leighanne looked at Brian. “I’m gonna be dad?” Brian asked not believing if he had heard right. “Yes, on the end of February,” Leighanne replied and Brian hugged and kissed her. “I’m so happy!!! I’m gonna be dad!!!” Brian yelled and hugged everyone. Then he went back to Leighanne and sat to the couch beside her wrapping his arms around her, “I love you,” he whispered. “Congratulations!!!” Nick said as everyone else cheered. Then AJ got an weird look on his face, “Brian, I thought you said, ‘Not before marriage’ ” AJ said sarcastically. Brian blushed... “Umm... I just forgot it, ya know...” he mumbled as everyone laughed. After Brian’s embarrassing moment they finally settled down to watch the movie. Nick and Rachel sat on the couch cuddled together, Brian and Leighanne on the other couch and BJ sat on AJ’s lap on the armchair.

“This movie was good,” Nick said as he got up from the couch when the movie had ended. “Weird, but nice,” Brian laughed. “I think we should be going by now if we want to be in Orlando before midnight, and besides my baby needs her sleep,” he continued and looked at Leighanne. “Which one?” Nick joked laughing. “Both...” Brian said lovingly. “We’re leaving, too,” BJ said. “WE???” Nick asked. “I’m going to AJ’s,” BJ said and looked as her shocked brother. “You do something she doesn’t want I...” Nick started looking at AJ. “I won’t Nick, okay? You should be worried about me, not her...” AJ said and everyone except Nick laughed. “Relax Nick, I’m almost 18 I know what I’m doing, you’re not my father,” BJ said, she was kinda annoyed that Nick was watching after her like that. “Sorry Beej,” Nick said. “Nick, call me on the morning about the b-ball game,” Brian said when he headed out of door with Leighanne. “I think we’re going now,” AJ said and took BJ’s hand. They said quick byes to Nick and Rachel before two hours drive to Kissimmee.

“Do you want me to drive you home now or a little later?” Nick asked Rachel. “Later is good, it’s just eight o’clock and I want to spend a little more time with you,” Rachel replied. Nick smiled and kissed her forehead, “You know you’re the best thing that is happened to me since the Backstreet Boys signed up.” As they cuddled together on the couch Nick wrapped his arms gently around her. They were quiet for a while but then Rachel asked, “Do you mind if I ask one thing?” “Not at all, I don’t want that there is any secret’s on our relationship,” Nick replied. “What did Brian mean when he talked about a mistake?” Rachel asked. “Well, I have had a problems to find a girlfriend, who wants to be with me just because who I’m, not what I’m. And it’s not a long time ago, actually just three weeks, when I found out that my last girlfriend was with me, because of my fame...” Nick looked into Rachel’s eyes. “But this time... I have a strong feeling that this could last a long time, and I already know that you’re not the person who cares just money and fame,” Nick kissed her softly. “Say you’ll be mine, just mine...” he whispered. “Nick, we have known each others just for two days, I can’t promise anything like that, but I promise that I’m with you just because you’re who you’re,” Rachel said and rested her head to Nick’s shoulder. A silence rounded them, but then Nick whispered, “Stay here for tonight...” “I can’t,” Rachel said. “Just sleep here, I just wanna hold you tonight,” Nick said. “Can I call?” Rachel asked. “Of course,” Nick said. Rachel took the phoned and dialed her number, then she waited for a while, “Hi Nicole, could you say to mom that I’m staying at friend’s house for a night?..... ....Yea, I’m at Nick’s, but don’t tell her okay?.... ...okay, bye.” Rachel turned to Nick. “I’m staying,” she said and Nick took her to his arms. “My mom would have killed me if I had called to my sister and got her say my mom I’m not coming home for night…” Nick said. “She trusts me, but I think that if she knew that I’m with some guy she would get angry…” Rachel explained.

They both were little tired so they just eat, fed the dogs and went upstairs. Nick leaded Rachel to his bedroom and asked, “Do you want some clothes to sleep in?” “If you don’t mind,” Rachel said. “Rach, of course I don’t mind,” Nick said and walked to his closet. “Okay here you go,” he said as he handed over-sized T-shirt to Rachel. “Thanks, I’ll go to change,” Rachel said and walked into the bathroom. As she came out Nick almost dropped his eyes… He had seen her just in her swimming suit but now she had just his T-shirt, ‘I think that is going to be my fave shirt..’ Nick thought quietly. Rachel sat on Nick’s bed and Nick went to bathroom to change, he was kinda shy about his body and didn’t want Rachel see he in his briefs. Nick changed to boxers and tank top and went to bed. Gently he wrapped his arm around Rachel and kissed her cheek. “Night Rach,” he whispered. “Night… Nicky,” Rachel said playfully. Nick said nothing, “What? You don’t get mad?” Rachel asked. “Nah, I like it when you say it…” Nick said before falling asleep.

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