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Chapter 6

Final capter

More polices came and they searched around the place, hoping to find one clue. And this time they got what they wanted, on the paper were fingerprints and on the research the found out that they didn’t belong Billie or Rich. They found also something more interesting. The odd old lady on the neghbour (you know those neighbours that put their nose on the others business all the time...) had seen bunch of guys to go to apartement early this morning, well it wasn’t a big deal, she could have seen Five’s guys but Billie knew that they hadn’t seen Rich today. She wasn’t seen if there was four or five guys but she had seen three of them very well. When she told to the polices what they looked like the youngest of the polices laughed lightly. ”What is so funny, Officer?” Older police asked angrily. “She just described three members of my girlfriend’s favorite band, but I’m sure they can’t be,” the young police explained, he was little shamed of laughing in the situation like this... “What band?” The older officer asked. “It’s ‘N something sir... I don’t remember,” the young police said. Billie who had stared the was of the nearest house looked at them, “It’s ‘N sync,” she said. The police called to the police station, because the ‘N sync was only clue they had to follow it. They thanked the Old Odd Lady and Billie then they left.

~~~London Police~~~ “What you have found out?” The oldest officer asked his college when they got to police station. “This band is on the town. They have a concert at night in Wembley Arena. They’re staying in hotel Kensington,” the policeman explained. “We’re going to ask them some questions,” the old officer said.

~~~The Truth Is Out There~~~ The polices went to Kensington, and found the band watching TV in first class suite. They got the guys in questioning one by one. The four first had a same story, they had been practising in Wembley at morning and at afternoon they had been in hotel room watching TV. Last one was dark shy looking guy, the polices waited to get a same story as the other have told but this guy, who is known as JC broke down in front of them, they heard the saddest story about wanting to be the best. ‘N sync had decided to be one and only boy band on the charts. When they had first talked about it JC had never know how far the others could go with that decision... Decision that paid lives...

~~~What happened afterwards? A year later~~~ The ‘N sync are in prison, JC got shorter punishment because he was forced to be with others.

Westlife decided to broke up. Shane started solo career and is hanging an the top of the charts all over the world. Nicky went back to play football because it was only thing besides singing he could do. Kian had just got his first role in a movie and Mark went back to school but is recording his first solo single at the time.

Backstreet Boys released their fourth album, which was number one all over the word and they broke the records ‘N sync had made with their No strings attached. They’re on their tour now but after it they’re planning retiring.J Brian got married and is going to be father in few moths, he’s planning a solo album. Kevin got married, too, (Not with Bri), he’s planning to spend next year on catwalks. AJ has already recorded some songs for his solo album and is going to solo tour after the BSB has buried. Howie’s future is still little open, but he sure know want he wants, ‘Shake Hollywood, Howard is coming!!!’.

Five released a single, which was dedicated to Rich and it was UK’s number one at six weeks. The guys decided to broke up too and are now doing well on their own. Sean got back to rugby team he played before. J started to rap and released solo album. Scott got married and is working on his dad’s firm and is happy with that. Abs is recording his solo album and got married with his long time girlfriend Danielle.

The members of Backstreet boys, Westlife and Five also recorded a single, dedicated to their friends. The song was called The Journey of Our Lives and it was written by Brian Littrell and Shane Filan.

It all began the day Nick was kidnapped, and on the place where he was last seen alive is a small monument with writing on it.
“For memory of:
Nickolas Gene Carter
Bryan Nicholas McFadden
Richard Neville

After years a few years the public will forget who these young guys, just age of 19 to 20, were and why they get this monument, but the rest of guys and thousands of their fans will never forget Nick, Bryan and Rich.

The End