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Chapter 5

~~~Week later in the USA~~~ Four young guys walked out of the plane, someone who didn’t know their situation would have said that they looked like they had stayed under a train. They were looking for familiar faces of their loved ones. “Brian,” someone shouted and Brian recognized the voice instantly. He turned around and run to his fiancée, “Hi Annie,” he whispered as he wrapped his arms around her. Leighanne hugged him and looked into his eyes, “Are you ok?” she asked knowing that he wasn’t. “Death tired. I just want to sleep and sleep. I can’t still believe that Frack isn’t with us anymore, I feel so half...” Brian said quietly, Frick was so alone without Frack, they had been together almost everyday during seven years and it wasn’t easy to know that all had ended now. “Let’s go home,” he added and hand in hand they walked out.

Later that night when they were watching television, Brian was channel surfing and find a channel witch had an ‘N sync interview on. He was just about to chance a channel when the interviewer came up with a question; “What you guys think about it that there is just two bigger boy bands around now. You and Five. Backstreet Boys is quitting their long and successful career, Westlife don’t know if their going to continue and Boyzone is fallen apart cause their solo careers.” “Well, we’re really sorry about what happened to Nick and Bryan. It was horrible to hear news like that. But the bands you mentioned are always been our competitors, and although we don’t want to get success this way, what happened is benefit for ‘N sync,” Chris explained and other nodded. Brian stared the screen for two seconds saying nothing but then he broke into tears, “My best friend is dead and they’re saying it’s benefit for their career!” he sobbed. Leighanne wrapped her arms around Brian’s shoulders and let him cry. “I’m sure Nick was a proud that he had a friend like you,” she said as Litty and Tyke (their dogs) jumped to the couch and tried to find out what was wrong. “I can’t imagine what that could be without you,” Brian said and then looked at the dogs. “And without you two, too.”

~~~Five is still around~~~ “Scott!!!! We’re going to home now,” Rich run outside where Scott was still talking on phone. “Why?” Scott mouthed listening what Kerry was saying. “Europe Music Awards, We’re nominated!!!!” Rich celebrated. “Did you hear that? I’m coming to England,” Scott said to his fiancée as Rich disappeared back in.

Inside was going a party, three other guys plus Rich yelled and screamed like they we crazy. “What nominations we exactly got?” Sean asked when they finally sat down and Scott came back in too. “Best album of the year, Best pop group of the year, Best pop video of the year and Best single of the year, but competition is hard,” Abs said.

~~~Westlife~~~ The ‘Loife hadn’t still decided what to do, although media had said they’re quitting. Nicky and Shane were hanging on the Nicky’s place not knowing what to do. Westlife had gotten Award nominations too, at the first time in Awards’ history same band was nominated twice at the same award. They had nominated at the Best single of the year with Flying without wings and Fool again, witch had broke the Guinness’ records. They were the first band whose all five first singles had been UK number ones on their releasing week. Even Beatles couldn’t do that... but the guys didn’t feel like celebrating. All they wanted was to know that the murderer of Bryan was in jail, but the polices haven’t even any clues yet.

~~~Month later~~~ Bille was going to meet Rich at their apartment, but was surprised that no one came to open the door. She had just came home from the tour and was really kinda mad that Rich wasn’t on the airport. She took her key and opened the door. The apartment was full of balloons, roses and stuff but one thing was missing; Rich. But then she saw the paper an the table. She read it slowly, “Prince charming did his last decorations....” She didn’t get it and decided to call Abs if he had seen Rich. He hadn’t, and Billie called to Scott, Jay and Sean too but no one hadn’t seen Rich. She looked at the message again and touched the writing, it was still wet. She looked at her fingers at then it hit her, the stuff she had tough to be red ink was something else... It was blood... She panicked, and called to police. After a while a policeman came and she showed the paper to him. The police asked few questions about Rich said then this could be fake too but when he got to know that Rich was part of Five. He took his phone and not saying a word to Billie called to police station. He spoke quietly, “I looks like we have another boy band situation.”

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