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Chapter 4

~~~With Five~~~ “Just a few parts of this song and our album is finished,” J told to others and they cheered. “Finally!” Scott groaned. “What you guys are going to do since we have a few days of before these promotion shows?” He asked. “I’ll spend some time with Danielle, God I haven’t seen her for ages.” Abs explained with dreamy look on his face when he talked about his girlfriend. “I’m going to fly France to see Billie, she’s doing some shows there,” Rich said twisting his engagement ring. “I’m going to see my parents and hanging out with some friends.” J said and everybody turned to look Sean. “I’m just going home to visit my folks. And then some friends...” Sean told them. “What about you Scott? Going to see Kerry?” Rich asked. “Of course I’m going to meet my fiancée,” Scott replied taking his cell from the table. “I’m going to call her now,” he added. “Ok. We start to record J’s part of the song.” Abs said as Scott walked out.

~~~With the Backstreet Boys~~~ “Brian put you phone down we need to talk.” Kev said as he, Howie and AJ walked in Brian’s hotel room. “Just a second,” Brian said and continued talking. “I gotta hang down baby, but see you in week. I love you.” He put his phone down and gave others a question look. “Ok. What now?” he asked. “We have to discus, seriously...” Kev said slowly. “Backstreet Boys is nothing without Nick...” AJ said and Brian knew instantly what they were going to say. “You guys want to quit?” he asked quietly. “Kinda... We talked for a while before we got here. We want to release one album, dedicated for Nick, and do a world tour. Then we have to let go...” Howie explained. “I understand, maybe it’s better... We’re going to quit on the top.” Brian said. “Management wants us to finish this tour and then we can go to studio,” Kev said. “It’s fine with me... but it’s going to be hard.” Brian said quietly. “I know... I have spent all my time with you since I was 15, now I’m 22, It’s seven years... Seven best year on my life.” AJ said. “What you’re going to do when it ends?” Howie asked. “I’m going to my solo career... I have been in this business so long that I don’t know anything about traditional lifestyle.” AJ said. “That’s great Johhny.” Brian said doing his best Jim Carrey voice. “Shut up man, as long as I’m with you I’m AJ.” AJ said taking his sunglasses off. “What about you guys?” he added. “I don’t know... Maybe some modeling for Versace, since they have asked me and then doing something for charity,” Kev said. “I’m also doing some charities and maybe solo career or acting...” Howie said. “What about you Brian?” Kev asked. “Just starting family, working with Harold and I would like to finish all the songs I have written lately and release a solo album.” Brian explained. The four of them were quiet for a while... “I never thought this was going to end like this...” Howie said quietly. “We neither..” others replied. Brian stared at his three best friends and thought; If Backstreet happens to be a blind alley you can’t go further...

~~~In Dublin~~~ “Where Steve is? What if something is happened to him?” Eloy asked nervously. “Calm down, I think that he’ll be fine. It’s a midday, nothing is going to happen to him...” Ronan tried to calm Eloy down. “I hope so.” Eloy said. Then he heard Joey (the dog) barking outside, the door opened and Stephen walked in with Joey. “Thank God you’re alright!!!!” Eloy yelled and hugged Stephen, who forced to smile, “I just wanted to get everything straightened in my head, sorry if I made you to worry...” he said holding hands with his boyfriend. “I think I’m going home now,” Shane said. “Are you sure you want go home? On the front-yard is still a lot of...” Nicky said but stopped on the middle not knowing if he should say ‘a lot of blood’. Shane looked at him, his eyes showed fear... “You can come to my place,” Nicky suggested and Shane nodded, “Thanks.”

~~~In a police station in Dublin~~~ A policeman stand in front of his work mates and started to tell about the situation, “As you all know there has happened two murders in a little time, both of victims were world wide celebrities. There’s probably a lot of people who has a motive to do things like that. We’re going to have some help from Scotland Yard,” he watched around. “The murderer has been very careful, if it’s same murderer in both cases. In Carter’s case, he was strangled. He also had cuts on his face which seems to be from a fight. He has fought for his life. But in McFadden’s case, he was murdered with knife, and the murder was more cruel. Similarities between cases are their unusual jobs, they both had been found from the home of another celebrity and in fact McFadden was the one who found Carter. Writings using victims blood were the thing that makes us think that the murderer is same. It’s also a fact the murderer has known when they’re alone, because their job forces them to use security. Any fingerprints hasn’t been found.” All the polices watched each others silently, the death of these young guys had been terrible.

Chapter 5