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Chapter two

Kian woke up when the phone rang. He picked it up. "Yea?" "Shane is that you?" "No, it's Kian. What's up Ronan?" (Keating, their manager) "Oh, could you guys come over today? I have some ideas for your next album." "I'll ask the guys. I call ya later." "Bye!"

"Who was that?" asked Mark who was still lying on the floor. "It was Ro. He asked if we can go to meet him today." "OK. Let's wake the others up." Nicky and Shane woke up easily, but then the guys realized that something was missing. "Guys, where is Bryan?" Shane asked worried. "I don't know, maybe he's in the bathroom." Nicky said. "Bryan?" He shouted. No answer. "Where could he be?" Shane asked. They were all worried. "We can do nothing but wait that he will appear, maybe he's just somewhere near." Kian said. Shane and Nicky went to check if Bryan was upstairs. Nothing... "Where he is? What if he's been killed or something?" Shane asked almost crying. "No he can't be..." Mark tried to cheer them up. "Why don't we call to his cell phone?" Nicky asked and took his phone. He dialed Bryan's number, the ringing voice came from the bedroom. Mark run there and found Bryan's phone.

Shane had terrible flashbacks from a few days ago, Bryan on his door with bloody clothes. Bryan telling him about the text in his closet. Trying to shake those things away he decided to go to check the mail. He opened the door and just then he saw something; blood. There was blood everywhere; on the grass beside the doorway, on the doorway, and even on the sides of his car.... Shane fainted before he could realize. The others were in the kitchen, Kian heard the noise from the front door and went to look. As he saw Shane and the bloody court-yard he started to scream: "Help, Mark, Nicky, someone!!!!" Mark and Nicky came running. The yard looked scary, it was like from a horror movie. They carried Shane inside and Nicky called to the police.

~~~At Stargate studios in Norway~~~

"Guys, look at this," Sean ran in showing a newspaper. He opened it and read aloud; "Young teenage idol found murdered. Nickolas Gene Carter, better known as Nick of the Backstreet Boys had been found murdered in Ireland. The body had been found in Bryan McFadden's apartment, McFadden, who is in the Irish pop group Westlife, found the body on Friday evening. Carter had disappeared from London two days before. The police are doing their best to find out the murderer." The Fivers, stared at their friend, "Oh God," Rich mumbled. "I've never liked that Nick guy but this is awful," Scott said. "What does the rest of the article say?" Abs asked. "Just that Backstreet Boys keep going without Nick," Sean told them. "Without him? Would we keep going if one of us died." J asked carefully. "I don't think so..." Rich said. "It says; We're going to do this for Nick, he always loved our fans and I think he wants us to do this for them; says Brian Littrell from BSB."

~~~Back to Dublin~~~

As the police came Shane woke up. "It was a dream wasn't it?" he asked swallowing his tears. "Unfortunately, it isn't..." Mark said carefully, trying not to cry. "No, No, this can't be true," Shane kept saying. Kian and Mark tried to calm Shane down and Nicky went to talk with the police. 'It's so hard to be the oldest... I've gotta do this for the others, I have to know what's happened' he thought opening the front door. The policemen was standing by the wall, and there was text; 'You were all sleeping, but what if you hadn't been? He could be alive... The next victim could be anyone...' Nicky was shaking, 'what if we had been awake, this wouldn't have happen this is our fault....' he thought. His friend was dead, there was Bryan's blood everywhere. This murder was even more shocking than Nick's murder had been. This wasn't even a murder, this was a slaughter... The text was written with blood... Bryan's blood.

Inside Shane, Mark and even Kian were crying. "He was just 19, this is so unfair!!!!" Mark cried. Although Kian and Mark were younger than Bryan, he had always been like their little brother. Bryan, who could never kill even a spider, and who always talked in his sleep, many nights the others had been awake listening to when he tried to explain something. "why?" Shane asked, it was the question that was in everyone's mind. Nicky came inside crying; "I'm going to call Ro." He said. Nicky had always been very close with Ronan, he was more like his big brother than their manager. He dialed the number and waited for a while. "Ronan Keating at your service," Ronan answered happily. "Ro, it's Nicky. Could you come over? We're at Shane's." "Nicky? What's wrong?" Ronan asked and there was just a memory of his good mood left. "Bryan....he... He's dead..." "What???" "Bryan is dead, Ro. He's murdered..." It took a while before Ronan realized what Nicky had said. "I'll be there in a couple of minutes." He said and they ended the phone call.

In ten minutes Ronan parked his car in front of Shane's house. There was still blood all over the court-yard. Red eyed Kian opened the door and Ronan went in. Westlifers were just sobbing, they couldn't tell what had happened. Finally Nicky mumbled: "He was missing when we woke up in the morning, then Shane went to open the door and saw the yard. We called the police, there was the text on the wall did you see it?" Ronan nodded and stared at them. Even he was just a little bit older than 'Lifers he had always been a big brother of the band. The whole thing was more than scary. "We're all so scared. The next one could be anyone." Mark sobbed. "It was a murder Ro. Somebody has slaughtered him. The police didn't find his body it could be anywhere like Nick's was," Nicky muttered.

The phone rang, and cause Ronan was the only one who wasn't crying so hard he picked it up. The others listened closely, they were waiting for news about Bryan. "Found? Where?" "Who found him?" "Yes I know him. Thanks for the information." Ronan put the phone down. "He's been found, Eloy and Steve found him, he was in their back-yard. Let's go, we're going to their house." "No, no..."Shane screamed. "Why, Shane?" Ronan asked softly. "Don't you know what this means!!!! They are the next ones who are going to die!!!" Shane continued screaming. "We're not letting anything happen to them." Nicky promised hugging his friend.

Ronan tried to be strong for his little brothers but inside he was screaming, 'why Bryan?' Eloy opened the door when they got to their place. The place was full of policemen and Steve sat on the couch, Eloy sat beside him and hugged him. "Steve found him, I didn't see the body," he said to them. Steve was shaking, he looked scared and cried in Eloy's arms. All the boys hugged Steven. "Has anyone called to Bryan's parents?" Nicky asked. "The polices did it, I asked before." Ronan said. "I'm going to call Louis." He added. Louis Walsh was Westlife's manager. "Is Westlife going to continue?" Mark asked and looked at the others.

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