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Chapter one

Bryan was dead tired when he walked to the front door of his house. Westlife's tour was over and they had some time to rest. Suddenly he realized that the door was open. He went in, the mess was awful. Bryan wrapped up his phone and called to the Police. Then he checked what was missing, first he thought that nothing was stolen but then he realized that one thing was gone. His record-deal papers. Why would someone wants to steal papers? Then a policeman came in and Bryan told him what was missing and he asked some questions.

Later when Bryan was going to bed he opened his closet, trying to find a clean pair of boxers. As soon as he opened the door something fell onto him and it took a moment before he realized what it was. Bryan screamed, it was a human body, lying onto him. There was blood all over it. Bryan jumped up throwing the body further. It was a man, and Bryan knew that he had seen him before. It was Nick Carter from the Backstreet boys. Bryan called to the police. As they came Bryan was in the living room, his clothes were bloody and he was in shock. The only thing what he could think about was Nick's lifeless body in his bedroom. The policemen carried the body away, as they checked if there would be some clues they found a text in the closet. It was written with Nick's blood and it said: 'Watch your back Bryan, you could be the next...' Bryan couldn't stay in his house. There was killed a man. He called to Shane (another Westlife guy) and asked if he could stay at Shane's place for a while. Shane asked what's happened and Bryan told him that he would tell when he came to Shane's house.

Shane opened the door and snow white-Bryan walked in. "Man, what's happened you look awful." Shane asked. Bryan had still his bloody clothes on. "Let me find some clean clothes to you then you can tell me what's happened." Shane said and walked into his bedroom. Brian followed him and whispered: "Please, don't leave me alone." Shane looked at his friend. He was only going to the next room. As he opened the closet, Bryan gasped. "What's wrong? You look like you were afraid of that there is something in the closet." Shane said pulling a pair of loose jeans out of the closet. He handed them and a white T-shirt to Bryan. When Bryan had put the clothes on. Shane pushed him into the living room. They sat on the couch. "Bryan, what's happened? You have to tell me. I'm worried." He said and Bryan swallowed quietly. "When I went home, after you had dropped me to my house, the front door was open and there was a huge mess..." "Robbers, that's awful." "No Shane, the only thing that has gone was my record deal-papers. But later....(Bryan swallowed)...when I was going to bed I opened my closet, it was there, it fell on me...I was lying on the floor and it was on me." "What it was?" "Body, there was a human body in the closet. I saw it, it was bloody and...." Bryan couldn't say more, tears were running on the his face and his hands were shaking. "Who was it?" Shane asked with a shaky voice. "It was Nick Carter. There was a text that said that I would be the next, it was written with his blood, Shane, I'm so scared." Bryan cried. Shane got up and took his phone. "I'm going to call the others. Maybe we should be together." He said to Bryan and picked Nicky's number. Ten minutes later he had called to Nicky, Mark and Kian and they were coming to his place.

~~~At the same time in London~~~

"Where is Nick? He's been missing for two days." Kev said to the others. Brian and Howie were crying and AJ tried to swallow his tears. "Nobody has seen him, the police are saying that they can't do anything... Where is he?" AJ said quietly. They all were worried. How can a world wide celebrity disappear like that? Suddenly Kev's cell phone rang and he picked it praying for good news of Nick. "Hello?" He asked nervously. "Is that Kevin Richardson?" "Yes." "We have found your friend." "Is he OK? Where did you found him?" "He was found in Ireland. Mr. Richardson, we have bad news. He's dead." "What?? No!!!!" "I'm sorry." "This can't be true." "Can you answer some questions?" "OK." "Do you know a guy called Bryan McFadden?" "Yes, his band had been our opening act once." "Your friend was found in his house. He found the body. It's a murder." "A murder!!!" When Kev said this Brian heard it and started to cry harder. "You and the boys of your band are in danger." "I call to our security. Thanks for the information" Kev said sobbing and put his phone on the table.

He sobbed for a while and then said: "Nick has been found." "Where?" AJ asked. "Ireland. He's dead. It was a murder." Kev cried and Brian came to hug him. "My best friend is dead." Brian cried and hugged his cousin again. Kev picked his phone again. "I'm going to delete our concerts." "No don't do it!!!" Brian cried. "Why?" "Cause I think that Nick wants that we do this." Brian sobbed. "Yeah. Let's do it for Nick" AJ said when tears run down his face. The boys hugged each other and cried together until Brian's cell phone rang.

Brian swallowed a few times and picked it up. "Hello?" "Brian, it's Jane." Nick's mother was crying, just like Brian. "My son is murdered." She sobbed. "I know. He was my best friend, Jane. I loved him like he was my brother." Brian cried. "My baby is gone." Jane's voice shook and Brian didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry" was the only thing that left from Brian's mouth.

A few days after that almost all the policemen in London and Dublin were trying to find clues. Backstreet Boys hired one security man more and left to Germany. Their show in London without Nick was awful, the boys were crying, the fans were crying and even the band and the dancers were crying. They all had loved Nick. There was no dry eye in the concert hall.

~~~Meanwhile in Dublin~~~

"Bryan calm down it was a dream, Bryan, can you hear me? It was just a dream." Bryan was screaming and the rest of Westlife was around him, trying to calm him down. He had screamed every night after he found Nick. He saw dreams about Nick's bloody face, and how Nick's body was lying on him. "It's OK, Bryan. We understand that it was awful." Mark said. "Try to sleep." Shane said. "No, I can't sleep. All I can see is his face." Bryan sobbed. "OK. Let's go into the living room, you have to calm down. Let's watch videos or something." Nicky said. Bryan walked after Nicky like a sleepwalker.

Bryan stared at the television, then he looked at Kian who was sleeping in the chair. Shane was beside him on the couch and he was sleeping too. Bryan looked at Mark and Nicky who were sleeping on the floor. Great, he thought. They were awake for fifteen minutes... He heard something from the door. What could that be, he thought in panic. Maybe I have to go and find out... Bryan walked towards the door. "Who's there?" He asked quietly. "It's Ro." A voice said. Bryan opened the door and right then two pairs of arms wrapped around him and they covered his mouth. Bryan tried to scream but he couldn't. Just as he realized who they were, one of them hit him with a knife. Bryan died immediately. Chapter two