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Jesus sent his followers out

to preach in His name

in the villages surrounding

the Sea of Galilee.

When they returned they

were followed by thousands

of people who had chosen

to follow Jesus and

His teachings. They had

come to see Jesus, and

to hear Him speak and

to heal their illnesses.

There was often times that

Jesus wanted time to

himself to teach His

disciples. One day He and

His disciples got into a

boat and set out to a

spot where they could be alone.

Where they could be undisturbed,

rest, talk, and eat. But,

there was those that saw

them leave and called out

and told others. A great

crowd of people hurried

around the lake and got to

the other side before

Jesus and His disciples.

Jesus took pity on the people

who were so eager to follow

Him. He taught them and

healed those that were sick.

They were very far away

from the village and Jesus

had not eaten all day.

Neither had the many

people who had followed Him.

One of the Disciples

suggested that Jesus send the

people back to their homes to eat.

But, Jesus replied, "You

give them something

to eat."

And the Disciple asked,

"Shall we go back to

the village and buy

bread for the crowds, so

that they can eat?"

Jesus said, "How many

loaves and fishes do

you have?"

The Disciple looked and found

only a little food. He said,

"Five loaves and two fishes."

Jesus turned to the crowd

and told them to sit on the

grass in groups of fifties

and hundreds. Then he picked up

the five loaves and the two

fishes. He looked up to

Heaven and blessed the

food. Then He broke the

loaves and gave them

to the Disciples to set

before the people. Then

He divided the fish among

them all.

Everyone in the great crowd

ate and were satisfied.

They could not even finish

all the food. There was

twelve baskets of bread

and fish left over.

Thus the five loaves and

the two fishes had fed

five thousand people.

Praise the Lord.

God is so good.

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