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Welcome To Our Screensaver Webshop

In each month's edition of our web magazine, Essentially Patty Unlimited", we've been able to share with you various themes of screensavers that you can download and install on your PC's.

We've gone back though our past issues and been able to gather them here in this one place. To access, just click on the photo and then select "Save This Program To Disk". Save the install file to your PC then double click on the icon to install the screensaver in your display panel.

To display the screen saver - click on the display panel and select the screensaver under the 'screensavers' tab.

Miss Lilly and Eddie LeGrande

July 2001
I Came Straight To You

June 2001
Here I Am

May 2001
Strong Heart Tour

April 2001
Don't Toss Us Away

March 2001
You Don't Seem To Miss Me

February 2001
Can't Get Enough

Janurary 2001
Just Patty

December 2000
Like Water Into Wine

November 2000
Millenium Patty

October 2000
That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In

September 2000
Patty's Teaser Tour

August 2000
I'm That Kind Of Girl

July 2000
Patty's Posters (Part Two)

June 2000
I Try To Think About Elvis

May 2000
Patty's Posters (Part One)

April 2000
Blame It On Your Heart

March 2000
Patty's Epic Singles

Feburary 2000
Nothin' But The Wheel

Janurary 2000
The Epic Albums

December 1999
The MCA Albums

November 1999
Patty's Wild Ride

October 1999 The Trouble With The Truth

September 1999
The Night's Too Long

August 1999
"Classics" Outtakes

July 1999(2)
Glamourous Patty

July 1999(1)
How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

June 1999
Grand Ole Opry

May 1999
Lonley Too Long

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