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Tuesday, 4 May 2010
A New Story Begins
Topic: A Journey

A New Story Begins

It's a warm summer's night, the breeze is blowing and all you can hear is the wind in the trees and the tips of your bandannas tie backs flapping. There's a faint hint of rain in the air but the moon is full and you’re just in the mood to get out and see what you can get into in the valley of the shadows. You have looked into this valley from atop of this mountain many times growing up and a lot of those times have come after a rigorous day and evening of training and meditation and tonight’s was no different other than the feeling you have got in the pit of your stomach is stronger than ever.

The valley has always been somewhat of a legend ready to be written and the more that time has went by the more you are feeling that you are the one that will be talked about and have stories told about for generations to come but for now you’re waiting to get that moment and have the blessing of your father to go out to this quest. Kody doesn't know just how close that time is and all that he has lived for and trained for is about to come into light and he will need it all to survive because tonight Kody is going in the valley and isn't coming out until he finds some answers, answers on what makes this valley so strange, mysterious and yet so alluring, and what it is that continues to call him in there.

With the clouds moving more quickly now across the face of the moon Kody drops off the top branch of his favorite tree on to the bottom branches and continues his decent out of the tree. Kody has many times gone to this tree to pray and to meditate and tonight was no different. The breeze was blowing against his face and the moon shined brightly upon the tops of the trees of the valley of shadows. The rustle of wind seemed as if it brought the night sounds to life out of the valley and tonight it seemed to even call his name as if it were saying " You have been chosen for a destiny all your own Kody, and you are no longer in the care of your father come claim your destiny." Kody drops quietly from the last branch and begins his journey back to his father’s house.

With the fox tail grass swishing through the wind Kody steps up his pace as he knows it's getting close to the time for supper. Tonight is Kody's night for the prayer of the food. Kody has become very close to God and to his spiritualism. Within a few minutes Kody enters into the backside of his house. There was a small sprinkle of rain beginning to mist down on Kodys head as he begins to walk the last little bit of the walk way before entering the porch of his house.

Have you been to your praying place son, asked Kody's father. Yes Sensei, replied Kody. I was in need of some prayer and meditation after todays exorcizes. Your brothers and sister are all ready in the house setting for supper. I'll just be a moment to wash up dad and I'll start the prayer. OK son but I want to talk to you just for a second before we get inside around the others. Alright dad what’s wrong? Nothing is wrong son but I have to tell you I about something that happened to me earlier in the evening while you were at your prayer site.

Sam reached out and motioned for his son to sit with him on the bench that was along the left wall of the porch. Son I know that you have been bothered by some things that has happened in the past and that you have been praying about something as well about what kind of things that are going on in the Valley of Shadows. How do you know about what I have been praying about dad? Well son, to be honest I too have been praying about these things to God and he has shown me a vision and has instructed me to gather you and your brothers together tonight so that we can discuss a short plan of how you are to enter the valley and what you are allowed to take in there with you. I can't tell you any more than that until we have prayer and supper.

Kody’s hair on the back of his neck was standing from the start of where his dad began to tell him about the praying and the vision. But with surprise his dad now begins to tell him something else. Son when I was your age and even younger God had worked with me and sent me into places so that I could be a witness, a prophet and a warrior for him. It is now your time and it is a time that I am to begin to turn over leadership of our team, our family here to you. Why dad you’re not going anywhere are you? No son I have no plans to go anywhere but there are something’s that you are now going to begin to learn as a man. This mission God is sending you and your brothers on is just the beginning and you are to take care of our family with no excuses, do you understand son? Yes dad, I understand. Good then let’s go get something to eat. Your sister has gathered together a great meal for us and I know we are all hungry. Thanks dad! Sam patted his son on his shoulder and off Kody went to wash up for supper.

A warm gust of wind rustled through Sam’s bandanna and the tips of it flapped in the wind. Sam Stopped and looked back toward the sky knowing that he had pleased the Lord in his decisions tonight and at the same time Sam thanked the Lord for his blessings on his family and himself. Anna was the oldest of the children and had a great meal gathered and prepared for the family. They had all washed up for supper and set down to say the blessings over the food and the hands that had prepared it. Sam began the prayer by thanking the Heavenly Father for the blessings over his family and for the gifts of wondrous food he had led Anna to gather. And then as he always done then passed the prayer to Anna and each one of the children passed the prayer of thanksgiving on to the next as was the tradition and honor of the family. Kody, Josh and then to the youngest Jordan who ended the prayer to God for the thanks of having a wonderful family.

Supper was getting finished and Sam began to speak about the night’s mission. Anna, he began would you gather the packs of food that I asked you to prepare for the boys? Yes sir, she quickly replied. Kody, Josh and Jordan, tonight is the night that I have and the Lord has ordained that you are to enter into The Valley of Shadows. Josh and Jordan looked back and forth to one another in surprise and then looked over to Kody. Kody looked back at them and then quickly smiled and then looked back at his father who continued about what they would need and what they were going in the Valley for. Just as Sam began in the second part of the conversation Anna came back in and sat down in front of Sam the packs he had asked for. Thank you Anna, Sam said as he smiled and nodded to Anna to have a seat back at her place at the table.

Anna picked back up her chop sticks and began to shovel in chicken and rice as she watched and listened to her father speak to the boys.  Through the beginning small talk on into the mission. OK men, here is what you are going into the valley for; there is something evil at work in the valley. God has the knowledge of what it is and is wanting us to know and apart of your training is to first find out what it is that’s going on there and who is arranging all of it so close to Holy ground and what it is that they are planning to do with what they are working on. You are to do this without getting seen, is that understood? YES Sensei! Replied each of the boys simultaneously .

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Updated: Tuesday, 4 May 2010 12:40 AM EDT
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Sunday, 18 October 2009
Warriors of the Last Days
Topic: The Beginning

Warriors of the Last Days


                                               The Beginning


As the day began with the call of the phone, Sam wakes and answers to find his best friend Bill on the other end of the line.

Bill -Hey man what’s going on?

Sam - Agh... Not much just waking up.... (Yawn).

Bill - Well are we still going today...?

Sam - Yeah... soon as I get up and get ready. I’ve already got all my stuff packed and ready to get going.

Bill - Good, mom’s already on one of her mean streaks and before long she’s going to have me doing all the stuff around here so get in here as soon as you can.

Sam - Alright, dad’s already told me he would bring me in so we can get going ASAP... so let me off here and I will be on in there.

Bill - All right, see ya here in a lil while...

Sam - Alright later on... oh yeah meet me in the front yard... I’ll have dad to beep the horn when we go buy your house. We’ll turn around in your Grandma’s driveway.

Bill - OK... Later


(Click of the phone) and the plan of a new camping trip is set into motion. The guys have been setting this plan up for two weeks. They are planning on going to the edge of Shell Mountain where they are going to do some repelling. Sam and Bill have been best friends since the beginning of the ninth grade. It all started by the chance of a new class called ROTC or Reserves Officer Training Corps. The class and they all clicked together and so the adventures and friendships of a lifetime began to unfold right before their eyes. Either one of our guys would not know about the Charmed life they were about to lead until God would show them both. Each of them would have a plan and each of them played in a larger plan of Gods in both their lives and in the lives of many others to come. With the sound of the horn Bill was standing with his backpack on in the front yard waiting as Sam and his Dad were pulling back around to him. As the car door slams shut on the 1985 dodge Dynasty, Sam’s dad yelled to say bye and tell them to be careful and not to be doing nothing to crazy and get hurt.


Sam turns to face his dad and the car - Ok dad, I’ll try and call you tomorrow or sometime and let you know when Bill and me make it back.

Sam’s dad - Ok now make sure you all are going to watch after one another

Sam - All right dad, be careful on the way back home.

With that Sam’s Dad was back on his way for the twenty five-minute drive home in a lil place called Emerson Kentucky .

Sam - So what’s been going on? Your moms still being mean as always.

Bill - Yeah she’s never going to change, unless God turns her into a nice person and she’s saved she’s always going to be the same way.... Never change.

Bill’s Dad yelled out to the boy’s, Hey boys you all going to stand out there talking all day or you coming in or going on?

Bill - Yeah dad, were going on if that’s ok?

Bill’s Dad - It’s all right with me boys. (And begins to walk out to the guy’s) -

But you better get going I think I can hear your mom coming and she is in one of her moods today.

Bill - Yeah I know dad, what makes her so mean any ways?

Bill’s dad - Well son you don’t have enough time for me to tell you all that right now so why don’t you and Sam get going and I will have a talk with your mom, does that sound alright with you guys?


Bill & Sam - Sure does... (The guys look at one another and smile as if to say "I can’t believe we said that both at the same time.")

 Over the small bank that made the difference between the yard and the roadway and through the small set of trees that were planted for a little bit of privacy. The boys trotted quickly down the road to the old Slate Hollow Church where Bill was a janitor of sorts and then they walked to the edge of the Churchyard then on down into the creek. There they stood looking at the great Shell Mountain . As far as they knew no one in the area had ever climbed it and they were ready to be the first to do so. And it was going to be a free hand climb. They had been going over and over this plan for the last two weeks. Wondering and going through different plans to which spot would be the best to start with. Which place to switch over to make the best climb, which place would be best to hang and rest. Now they were there and with one last look at one another and one last glance up they both to a breath and began to climb.


Bill - Hey what did you bring with ya?

Sam - Well just the usual, I brought chicken noodle soup, and some toilet paper for those just in case moments. And ... (Bill bursts in the middle of the sentence)

Bill - Hehehe (chuckles).... Good one!

Bill - You know chicken noodle soup always tastes best on an open fire. And yeah your right about the paper , shew we (having a big smile on his face and swiping his forehead) remember that last camping trip? I’m still trying to recover from the leaf attack.


Sam chuckling, yeah now that was a good camping trip. All accept you getting that new walk (laughs).


Sam - Hey here’s a good spot to switch over to this crevice. We can have a better finger hold here.

Bill - Hey you got a good hold yet?

Sam - Yeah!

Bill - Ok here catch! (Throws his backpack to Sam) You got a better side than I did ....

Sam catches the pack with one hand while holding his place with his other hand.

Sam - Got it! Watch when you’re jumping over to this side from there it’s a tight spot to land

Bill - All right no problem I always hit my landings.

Sam - Yeah, like that one time you hit your nose on that tree trunk when your vine broke. (Laughs out loud)

Bill - Hey ! Shut up.... !

Bill makes a great jump landing on a small spot that you could barley even see.

Sam - Good jump, now lets get on up this side of the hill.

Bill - All right. Let’s get on up this thing. I’m getting hungry just thinking about that chicken noodle soup.

Sam - Yeah me to. Just thinking about it makes my mouth start watering.

As both boys make it up the side of the mountain they realize that this climb so far wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone they talked said it would be. It seems to them as they look around for the next hold and cross over that everyone may have been just giving their opinion about what they saw and not on anything they knew from their own experiences.


As maybe you have seen in your own life that this has happened to you, whether it was in your every day school life from a friend to a teacher or maybe in your Church from your local Sunday school teacher. You will see this more as you get older and go through life. When this happens its good to take advice but sometimes you will find that all the advice in the world will not matter nearly as much as the experience in life that will guide you to a better understanding.


Bill - Sam! Watch for that crevice it doesn’t look as if it is very...

Bill - LOOK OUT! ! !

Sam - WHOA! ! !

Sam slides back and begins to fall but catches himself just before falling back to the beginning of the hill where the jagged rocks of the water barren creek awaited and meaning sure death.

Sam - Thanks man, if you hadn’t seen that in time I would have hit the bottom in a heart beat.

Bill - problem. That’s what friends do, we watch one another’s backs and in this case hands that are grabbing the sandy crevice. (Bill lets out a chuckle, and then back to the climb they went)

Sam - Hey can you smell the great smell of the top of the world?

Bill - Top of the world?

Sam - Well not the real top of the world but for today’s climb it is ours.

With that both boys throw their packs to the top and heave themselves over the ledge. Finally they had made it to the top and now they have to set back for a relaxing moment and a great meal before the Lord.


The view from the top of the mountain was wonderful. You could see for miles. All of the Ohio valley was before their eyes the could see the birds drifting in and out of the tops of the trees on the smaller hills, and in the distance you could see a train rumbling down the tracks. There are moments in a boy’s life when everything seems perfect and right and this was a moment where each of the boys knew everything they had known to this point in life about God was true. There could have been nothing else in their minds that could have made this view as perfect as it was. Nothing in their minds would be more perfect than being together on this mountaintop. Nothing could have been better except a full stomach...


Sam - Agh..... Would ya look at that? There’s nothing like it, a cool summer’s breeze on our face doing what we want to do today. Isn’t it great to have the summer off? I love this time of the year. It’s a time all to ourselves and the training that we need. Man I’m glad we are here and not at the house moping around.


Bill - Yeah me to. I’m sure mom would have me out doing something though. She’s really been on a mean streak lately. (Bill drops his head with a disgusted hurt look, and that quick raises it and says) Hey lets get started on that meal. I’m starving.

Sam - all right, lets get it started. I’ll break out the stuff if you want to go get some firewood.

Bill - All right it’s a deal. It shouldn’t take me to long. We have an abundance of twigs here on Shell Mountain .

Sam - I wonder why there’s no one around here that has ever made the climb, the view from here is breath taking. And just to be honest; from here a man can probably talk right to God.

Bill - You got that right.


Bill wonders from view as he begins to pick up the twigs it was going to take to start the fire. Sam finds himself emptying the pack out and making the campfire ring so that everything would be ready when Bill gets back. The site is just off of the edge of the cliff side so that if there was a lil bit of a wind they wouldn’t catch the mountaintop on fire and they could set and watch the birds soar through the air and past the clouds. Just as Sam puts the final touch on the campfire site Bill walks back into the scene with both arms full of twigs.


Bill - This should do it, don’t you think?

Sam - Oh yeah, with out a doubt. Did you leave any out there for the next time we’re here?

Bill - Sure did. So what are you waiting for let’s get this fire going.

Sam - Agh... you’re the best at that…You know that!

Bill - All right I got it. (Thinking to himself and wondering how he fell for the oldest trick in the book…. You’re the best at that he mocked in his mind.)

Sam chuckles to himself as he could tell his best friend just fell for the trick and now realize it. He begins to open up the food and get it in the right direction of the new fire Bills been working on.


Sam - Ahhhh... Now this is the life, a Good open fire, chicken noodle soup in a can warming over the fire and my best bud. It can’t get any better than that.

Bill - You got that right, well except one thing....

Sam - If you say a girl...

Bill - Nah, God, the one and only.

Sam - Yup got to agree with ya there. One thing about that is Gods everywhere all the time. Even though you can’t pack him up in a box or physically have him walk with ya he’s always there just like your best friend is and sometimes when you all buy your lonesome he’s there to talk to when you seem to be at your weakest.


As the fire crackles and the guys begin to tell stories and chat they come to the conclusion that they should do some meditation and prayer. Both are a very high priority for them since they have both been in Church for a lil while now. And both know it is required for strength and knowledge of the Lord. Not to mention just catch relaxing times with in ones own mind.

Sam - Let’s eat before we get started on anything else, all right?

Bill - Ok, I agree I’m starving.


Sam took out his survival knife and raked the soup from the top of the fire and let it begin to sit so that it could cool awhile before getting a hold of it with his hands. The survival knife was their best friend out in the wilderness and Lord knows the adventures they found themselves in it was one of the most essential needs of their trips. Each boy had their own hand picked knife perfectly balanced to them and to their specific needs. The look the feel everything was either bought with the knife or intergraded by them to meet everything they thought might be needed on a mission as they called them it seemed as if that part of their lives were really influenced by reserved officer’s training corps or ROTC. for short and of course martial arts. But you know in what boy’s life is there not something influenced by what they know or encounter?


Bill - Well, what are we doing next, well after prayer and meditation of course?

Sam - how about we get out and get some hiking done? We have never been to this part of the hillside and it looks as if there are plenty of places to explore.

Bill - all right sounds good to me. You know I got this feeling about this place, something I just can’t put my finger on just yet but I know it’s there.

Sam - Yeah you know from the time I got to the top to right now I had this feeling like something is going to go on but I couldn’t get the right feel about it. You know like I can’t just tell if it’s good or bad.

Bill - Yeah that’s how I feel about it too. Well I’m finished. That was the best yet. You know I don’t think there’s anything better than being here eating chicken noodle soup and kicking back with my best bud.

Sam - Yeah that’s my same thoughts. Now lets make sure we get our cans and spoons back into our packs. We don’t want anyone or anything to ever think we are a bunch of loser litterbugs.

Bill - Yeah cleanliness is next to Godliness they say. O yeah I’ll get the fire.


Don’t want to burn this place down before we ever get started on the exploration of it. (Chuckles and begins kicking dirt on the fire.

With a few puffs of smoke and the dust clearing Sam finishes up his tasks around the campsite and both of the guys go back to the edge of the mountain to begin their meditation and prayer. The wind was just blowing a cool summer breeze and their hair was rustling in the wind. Both boys take the Indian style seating arrangement and begin their meditation. With in five minutes each can feel the presence of God and have this feeling of a warm summer’s ray of sunshine on them. They both look to the sky as if they both were spoken to make it happen. Both could see they were basked in a sunbeam broken from the clouds of the morning. Each of the guys knew then that they were under the protection of Jesus Christ. With that both guys began to grab their stuff and begin their hike into the uncharted area of the mountain.


Bill - Hey have you ever seen such a deep forest as this? I believe this is just like this place is alive from the very rocks themselves.

Sam - Yeah isn’t this just the best yet? I hope we can find some new places that have never been found before. Hey you smell water?

Bill - Yeah and I can hear a loud rumble. Almost like that one where we saw when we went into that huge cave over at Carter Caves .

Sam chuckles - Yeah you mean the one we snuck in back in to last summer.

Bill laughs - yeah but we didn’t know we were sneaking in until we ran onto those other guys that were hiding in there from the park ranger.

Sam still smiling - yeah but we made sure we took care of those guys. And the park ranger was happy to find out that they suddenly showed up tied to his bumper of his patrol jeep.

Bill - yeah he was wasn’t he? I’m glad that we got the chance to help the law out.

Sam - Yeah me to. It’s all-apart of Gods plan. Even if it’s something we don’t know right off the bat at least God does.

Bill - Don’t you think its weird that there’s a master plan and we are just a pawn in the game.

Sam - Whoa! That’s a lot of thinking, to deep for me right now. (Sam swipes his hand across his forehead and a lil trickle of sweat flies from the tips of his fingers.)

Hey lets slip around this side of the hill. I think this is getting us closer to the water. Cause that sound is getting closer all the time. And that water smell is so strong it’s like I’m already swimming in the waterhole.


Bill - Hey as long as it isn’t over my head you know I’m not big on getting in water over my chin.

Sam - Yeah but you know what? You have been doing a lot better about that. You keep working on it and between your determination and God he will take that fear away from you.

Bill - You think? You know I never had the thought of wanting to get out and go do that until I started hanging with you. I’m glad we can work out with one another.

Sam - Yeah me to.

Hey! ! ! Watch the ledge!

Bill - whoa! (Bill begins a quick slide down the hill, and then out of no where he is launched into the air.) WHOA!

Sam yells as he stretches out his hand and begins to run.

Sam - BILL! ! !

Sam reaches the ledge and yells... BILL! Then dives to the ground looks over the edge where Bill was launched into the air.

Sam - Bill!

Bill - Hey quit yelling and start pulling me up.

Sam - Oh, I thought you were a goner,

Bill - yeah me to. Come on dude pull me on up.

Sam - OK. With the pull of the vines that Bill had managed to grab onto Sam was able to help Bill boost himself on up to the top of the ledge.

Bill - Shew! That was a close one.

Sam - Hey you better check your nose you got yourself a lil bit a blood trickling down there on the left side.

Bill - Must be from me hitting the side of the cliff when the vine snapped me to the side of the rocks.

Sam - Well you got to say that doesn’t happen every day.

Bill chuckles - Yeah isn’t that the truth.

Sam - Hey looks you got us pointed in the right direction for that water. And it is a waterfall.

Bill - Yeah look there’s a cabin over there. And it looks as if no ones been in it for like ever.

Sam - Yeah, well lets get on down this side of the hill and get you washed up and then we’ll go check that place out.


The guys slipped on down around the rock ledges using their rock climbing skills they had grown to know to be some of the best in the entire area. As they landed at the bottom of the hill they adjusted their gear and began to look around and began to notice they were not the only ones to use this area. The local animal community used this valley as a hidden sanctuary. They could see the animals were not scared of them and continued as normal around them as if they were not even there. Deer were drinking in the stream where the waterfall met the rocks. There were raccoons slipping into the pool and stealing some fish.


It was a wondrous site, something you would only think to see in a movie or in a cartoon or maybe even in your dreams. The grass was the greenest they had ever seen. The tops of the grass were bowing and looked nearly like the waves from the ocean. The trees were tall as sky scrappers and everyone seemed to be completely healthy. The trees were untouched by the outer world. Not one dead leave was on the ground. It seemed as if the angels from Heaven swept the ground themselves. A harvest of the leaves, so to speak maybe even the harvest of the dead. What ever the case may have been it was beautiful.

As the guys looked at one another the guys could see that the beauty and simplicity of this hidden valley had moved both of the guys. They each could tell for they both had teary eyes. At that time the animals began to go on back into the tree line and disappear.


Bill - Wow! I can’t believe we just saw that.

Sam - Me either, but we did. Now lets go get some of that nice cool water and take a lil dip in that pool. Sam chuckles - I’ve got to tell ya you need to clean up. I think you might of had a mishap when you went off the cliff up there.

Bill - Ha! Ha! Very funny man, very funny. But all the same it will be nice to get into some of that cool water. And chill out after all that hiking we’ve done today.

Sam - Yeah me too, last one in is a rotten egg!

The guys are off on a dead run stripping their clothes down to their shorts and with a high dive from the top of a rock both guys hit the water wide open with a frontal dive. Nearly no water arose from the dive of the guys. They both had been training as hard as they could on it and by looks as if it has paid off. Both guys resurface at the same time. With a gasp for fresh air the guys make their way around the pool checking out the entire area.

Bill - Have you ever seen this kind of rocks before? Or tasted water any sweeter?

Sam - Can’t say that I have and I have to say this is by far the coolest looking waterfall that I’ve ever seen in all of this area.


Before the guys knew it they had swam the entire afternoon away. They had agreed to set up camp. Never get caught unawares they thought so they began to pre-pair the camp. There was an over hang of rocks form the cliffs which was perfect to make a campsite in. They had gathered up their equipment and packs and began to stack their items against the back wall. Sam gathered his items and made a make shift fishing rod and took off to the water hole to get some fish for the nights meal. Bill gathered up some of the twigs he had set back in his pack, for just this reason and began to work on making a fire.


As Sam made his way to the stream he found himself wanting to fish old style. Hunt and grab. He could remember in his mind that time and time again he had practiced this and had become very good at it.

Tonight would be a good night to collect these fish in a hurry. That way he could get back quick enough to help his best friend with the cooking arrangements.


Bill could see Sam from the distance hovering over the rocks and he knew what Sam was into. He chuckled to himself as he nodded. Always the hard way, always the hard way, Bill thought.. Bill began to work around and look for a few items that he could use for some spices. He picked some wild onions from a lil trail that lead away from the campsite. There were a few other items that he incorporated some other items that are known to him and to Sam as a very good way to cook when on the run from an enemy or when in training or simply just teaching a class of survival. Maybe you should just journey to their little place in Lewis County Kentucky and take a lesson or two.


With Bill having the thoughts of getting the cooking going and Sam catching the fish it was soon time to clean the fish for Sam. Bill began the hanging process for the fish so they would be well smoked and not over cooked. Bill was the outdoors cook. The best that Sam new of all of his friends and all of the people he had ever come in contact with. Bill had scraped up a couple of turtle shells for a make shift bowl. Tonight these guys were going to eat fish and onion soup and they were going to feel like kings.


As the guys finished their prayers over the food they began to feast like what they were feeling like; kings. Slipping the fish from frying pole the guys brought the soup off from the heating stones that Bill had placed in specific place around the fire and began to sip the soup and smack their lips on Bill famous smoked fish.


With some small talk the guys looked and wondered about the small cabin across the way and what mysteries it might hold. With the crackling of the fire and the water rippling in the brook the wind rustling through the trees the guys decided up on finishing their meals that they would do some meditation and then get some sleep. They would not make any trips from the camp because of the area was completely unknown to them and it would lead or could lead to an injury. With this thought and the finishing of the fish and onion soup Sam decides to climb the rock walls ledge they had come down from and take a few minutes of time to pray and meditate to God.


Sam - Well I’m going to the ledge here and get some of this prayer done.

Bill - Ok just be careful going up there on the ledge. Its pretty bright out here with the full moon but there’s still a big chance you could get hurt.

Sam - Don’t worry there’s enough light here that I could land a 747 plane here and not hit one tree.

Bill - All right quit bragging and get climbing. I’ll see you here in a lil bit.

As Sam hoisted his way up to the ledge to begin his prayer session Bill moved some things about to begin to get his area clean for prayer. They both felt as if it was always necessary to have the temple clear of clutter and anything that could be called unclean. Nothing could defile the inner area of the Church or in this case the closest thing they could make as a make shift Church. As the wind made it’s way through the valley and pushed the trees from left to right, forward and backward Sam remember in the Bible where God could not find anyone to give praise to him but the trees. You know one must think of the things that we have went through in life and we see that there are so many times that we could do the right thing and give the right ones the praise for it but we get selfish and try and take it all for ourselves. At that very thought Sam pops one eye open and calls down to Bill.

Sam - Bill?

Bill - Yeah?

Sam - Hey just wanted to tell ya thanks for the great meal.

Bill - Agh thanks Sam, you know we would not have had that meal if it was for the team effort that we put in to it and the Lords blessing?

Sam - Yeah but you know I just want to let you know and of course God that well… you are my best friend and if it wasn’t for you two I just don’t know….

Bill - I know and same here.


And it drifts back off into the silence of the night and the steady murmurs of prayers in the night and the gentle water trickling by the brook just over to the edge that just seemed at that very moment as being the edge of the world.

Sam came back down from the ledge and made his bed next to the fires edge and began to chat to Bill about those things that are at the most important to those that are at that age of thirteen going on fourteen. With both of the guys talking about girl’s food and family the guys drifted off into sleep knowing that they were truly in the hands of God. Just as warriors of olden days of Jesus, Joshua and all of those that was truly great in the eyes of God. Soon the moon was full and the guys could hear nothing but the night sounds of chirps and long drawled out sounds of the night owls.


Then it happens, morning has arrived and the guys get their first glimpse of the dawn of beauty of the valley and begin to stir around in the lil over hang cave they had made into an open Church and a shelter of friends. They packed and stretched out their arms in the morning air and began to walk from their shelter to find all is not as they remembered from the night before. Almost as if there was a thousand years added to the entire area. Both guys look at one another and begin to look for the cabin that interested them both so much the night before.


As they looked to the brook there was no sound of ripples that were the night before nor were the trees lapping in the wind. It was as if there had been something unseen the night before that had coupled them in to the hands of God, every morsel that was before them seemed to be dead and barren. Even the grass that washed up as the waves of the ocean was not there. As they finished looking around all they could think to do was shake their heads because there was just nothing but bare earth.


The guys looked around as if they were just simply drinking it all in. The only thing that could have moved did and that was the misty fog that lingered and twirled about as if it danced to the delight of the anguish each of the guys could feel as they looked and saw the cabin as if it was a thousand years in the past. Then they broke their gaze as they each looked at one another and at the same time said

Bill/Sam - Whoa! What in the world?

Bill - Well looks as if this is where it’s going to get interesting.

Sam stood there almost as if he could not move his jaw that was surely dragging the ground; he then suddenly shook his head and said,

Sam - Darn man what the world happened here?

Bill - I don’t know but I can tell ya this much. I had a dream last night that we were in a maze and with in this maze we were going through buildings and in buildings we were trying to get into different areas so that we could save people.

Sam - Well how’d it end up?

Bill - ummm…. It was like it didn’t end. It was left open as if we would have to figure it out or it would come back for me to finish later on.

Sam - Ok. But for now it looks like we might be here to work on something just like that so be pre-paired.

Bill - You know me? I’m ready for anything at any time.

Sam - All the same bro I got your back.



Final page of comic one - "The Beginning"  is to be captioned and then stayed as a drawn larger page with the two guys in the trade mark hand shake finished with the touch of two fists. And then the beginning of the sneaking into the land beyond of the cabin and it’s secrets.

Both guys check each other’s gear to make sure all of it was strapped on tight and that they had their weapons at the ready for the need to get one. Who knew now at this point what was on the horizon for these two boys.

The guys finished up on taking down what was left at the camp. Then finished on the gear check. With everything they could think of to the ready they began the slow process toward the now fearful looking cabin and the grounds that lay around it.

There had to be something of this land now no doubt in the minds of the guys . They were there now for a reason. Neither of the guys knew what they were about to get themselves into but they knew what was before them now drew them in as if they were in the bucket of water drawn from the well of life itself.

(Picture should be as if you can see a small rustle of cool wind and the flipping of Sam’s bandana in the wind and Bills clothes ruffle in the same wind.)

Sam sticks his hand out and say’s - No retreat-

Bill then returns the favor and grabs his friends arm in a warriors traditional hand shake and says - No Surrender !

Both guys hit their fists together and make the first step into the land beyond and to The Cabin of Secrets.

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Warriors of the Last Days
Topic: To the Cabin of Secrets

Warriors of the Last Days



To the Cabin of Secrets
And the Land Beyond
Chapter 1.
With each foot fall Sam and Bill could tell that they were at complete and different area than they were last night. You could smell the death of the plants that were under their feet. Yet all at the same time the hills surrounding this area were as lush as they remembered it when they came into the valley. This was something neither of the guys had experienced before on any of their outings. There had been strange things happen but never like this. The early morning mist still swirled about their feet and arms as if they were ghost warning them not to go any further.
There was a crackling of a branch in the close distance but nothing to be seen. With a start both Bill and Sam came to life with a weapon and the scurry of each person both took a dive roll, which sent them to the cover of a tree. Each looked to one another and saw the look they both knew as it’s time to get busy. (The guys looking at one another hold their hands in the direction of one another and use a signal for brothers amongst the Shaolin Monks. They had become to know many ways that have found to be a Godly aspect any many cultures. They had found that in the ignorance of others was one of the deepest ignorance’s of ones self.)
Each of their rolls as a martial artist and an expiring ninja was taken very seriously. They knew this was going to be something different and they both knew this entire trip although planned was going far too easy and if this was to easy they both knew it was going to be a challenge a challenge that may be from God a challenge that will help them in their growth as Christians and as Spiritual leader’s among the youth.
With a nod the boys began to peak and move from their hiding places. Weapons at the ready the slow steady movements of the ninja became apparent. Darting tree-to-tree, dive roll after dive roll but there was nothing to be found nothing but the broken twig from the earlier sound.
Sam bent and began to examine the twig.
Sam - Brother, looks as if who ever were here is gone into hiding well enough to hide their selves from us (sniff - sniff) – Hum, I believe who ever it was by the sound and the impression on the ground was around 150-190 lbs. And by the smell from this twig had been around some kind of fire with in the last ten hours.
Bill - you could be right, you are the tracker and good at Coon hunting. To bad we don’t know why they are here and why they are spying on us?
Sam - Looks like the fun is about to begin.
Bill - would we have it any other way?


Sam - (with a smile) No way! When they show themselves I bet we will find out why they are here.
Sam placed the twig into his side pouch of his leg pocket buttoned the flap and stood from his crouched position.
Sam - Ok, let’s keep in red mode until we know more of what’s going on. We’re almost to the creek where I done all of that wonderful fishing last night. So I would imagine if it’s going to get more intense it will from there on.
Bill - I agree with ya there. That would be a place I would try and ambush as well.
As Sam and Bill look over the landscape there were so many things different from the night before. You could see harshness to the land now and where the beautiful brook was the night before there were only dust and rocks. And a giant over hanging log where there was once an ignoramus tree. It stood over looking the babbling brook in all of its beauty but now it lay over the giant drop off from the banks to the floor of the brook that now swirled with fog. Both the boys knew this would be the way to cross if there was going to be a crossing of the area. Bill had the first option to make the start of the crossing. Bill knew that if it could be done that he was the one to do it. He was the best hands down in climbing trees. Sam had a lil bit of a phobia of heights. But always one of the first in line on any climbing expedition the guys could go to or get started. That was the only way he knew that he could break this fear. And that’s what he always did he faced it head on. With out a glance to either one’s face Bill exclaims…
Bill - All right I’ll go first.
Sam - I’ve got your back then.
Bill got half way across the tree when Sam barked an order to be careful that he had just seen something cross into the shadows just to the right of the log.
Bill - What was it?
Sam - I don’t know. I just got a glimpse of it. What ever they were, they moved fast.
Bill - Did you just say they?
Sam jumped to the ledge of the log and began to quickly move toward his brother in Christ.
Sam - Watch out! (As he shuffled toward Bill) Looks like we have company!


Bill brings around his bow staff and twirls it just in time to knock one of the dark figures to its back and as it rolled on off the log and into the mist that now swirled in the brook below. Sam dive rolls toward Bill just in time to catch a glimpse of the figure and here a howl cry out as it disappeared into the mist.
Sam - Bill! Get off this thing so we can match them on the ground and have a better foothold.
Bill - all right!
Both guys done a short run with a flip and landed at the same time on the ground as they became surrounded by dark figures. Their dress was that of a dark ninja and their faces were covered with the drapes of the hoods. The one thing you could tell that was there on their faces was the tortured twists of the eyes that persistently glowed red.
Sam – well, we know these are the spies. This is the same stench I smelled from the twig we found earlier.
Bill - (with a half cocked look and simple grin) Yeah lets see if we can knock some of that smell off them.
At that one of the figures spoke - We shall see who does the knocking! We will take your souls!
Sam - Not today!
With a grab and a toss the figures began to bounce toward Sam and Bill and the fight was on.
As the battle began scuffles and rolls of flesh hit the ground and bounced through the air as if it was raining.
The guys as usual begin to talk back and forth to one another like it was just another day at school.
Bill - nice hip toss Sam.
Sam - Thanks, and you have a good back right hand. That looks like it hurt. (Chuckles)
Bill - (with a low leg sweep) yeah I have been working on that one while throwing the wood for Grandma.
Sam - (with a dive punch to the face of the masked figure) what ever it is keep doing it. It’s working.


As a figure slammed to the trunk of a dead tree it snapped and slammed on top of the dark assassin. There was a crack of bones and branches as a dark trickle flowed from the trees underbelly and then just disappeared as quickly as if appeared. Bill slams his axe smash kick into the top of the head of the ninja and it flails off the ledge of the ravine that over looked the now vanished brook.
Sam - Looks like it’s over for a bit. I don’t have any more to finish off and looks as if the ol boy doesn’t have any souls in his bag to take back to his master.
Bill - Yeah, you think he will be the favorite to his boss now when he goes back empty handed?
Sam - I don’t think so. (A little chuckle emits from Sam’s lips)
The guys dust off the dirt that had collected from their dive rolls and the sweeps and fight of the day and begin to gather them selves to get started back on the right trail toward the cabin.
Sam - you know that was the best work out I have had in a while. That’s better than going down to Sensei Frank’s gym and working out with his black belts.
Bill - Well it sure was more exciting and realistic anyways. That’s for sure.
Sam - Yeah you know I miss going down there some. I wish that we had more time to get down their and well more money so we could pay him when we went.
Bill - Well it’s a good thing we are friends with lil’ Frank. I think that us helping him with Frankie is payment enough for him don’t you.
Sam - Yup! I’m sure he knows we help keep him in line and we give him a great work out as well. (As the guys begin their walk back toward the cabin the conversation continues) Remember that one time we all went out there to his house and we had that big match between Frankie, Willie, Darrell, Colonel Highlander, Mark, you, me and the Sensei?
Bill - I sure do. I sill can see those swords of the nine rings coming close to my head. But I have to give you some props you were the only one that got to get a hit in on him.
Sam - well that’s true but still none of us were able to take him down or get more than that in on him. He’s defiantly good at what he does.
Bill - That’s for sure.



Sam - Well we better get our head back in the game here and watch what we’re doing. I don’t want any more surprises to suddenly appear. Do you?


Bill - No way.
The guys get back into their positions and begin to work their way around what was left of the trees and shrubs in the area leading up to the cabin. It wasn’t long when they could see the cabin in more clarity than ever before. It was something all right. You could tell that this place at one time was a place where maybe on person two at the most lived and they were loners. The lay out of the land included that of the cabin as the main structure but there were other little off set buildings. One looked as if it had been a seller where they probably kept their canned goods such as pickled corn, beats, pickle relish, stringed goods like meats, green beans and more than likely potatoes. Then there was this other building. It seemed as if there was something that well maybe it was a landing or some type of scaffolding that attached it to the main cabin. From the distance the guys were at they couldn’t or wouldn’t make a determination on this building because they had not seen this on any of their other excursions to the deeps areas of Lewis County. And you have to know there are place there that not many of people have ever been or been back to since the first days of the county being founded or being discovered.
The guys moved in at a slow sweeping pattern. This was a slow and methodical movement used in the military to make incursions in to enemy territory. One they could get in close to the enemy and the enemy or the mark they would be taking out would never know they were there until it was to late. The ravine was a wide sweeping land break that would show the pathway straight into another creek line that feed the larger creek.
With a slide into the creeks bed line just out of a bush that was as drained of life as any of the other vegetation life that surrounded this area, Sam never made a sound and began to move into position to lead his brother in to the final part of the check for bad guys before checking on the main sections of the buildings. Sam gave Bill the hand sign to move to the last area to check. Bill moved with out sound like a tiger on the hunt he could be on your back before you would be able to take a breath. It wasn’t long until Bill was in place and the began the last leg of the incursion Just as Sam and Bill began to check the outer building "The Seller", there was a blood chilling scream one that made them stop as if it froze their very hearts.
As the guys looked at one another, they both came to realize they both had their weapons at the ready and were both pulling a secondary weapon from the holster. They were their trusty knives. Each guy had secured himself along the wall of the seller and had their eyes scanning for any movement or anything that could have even came close to making such a horrible sound.
Sam - Nothing! I don’t see anything. Do you?


Bill - Nothing.
Sam looked again and there was nothing. He looked at Bill and he could see the same affects on him that was on himself. Every hair on their arms and necks were standing on end straight as an arrow.
Bill - Did we imagine that?
Sam - No way looks like this is going to be something more than we imagined. Something’s here I can feel it. Something that does not like that we made it far to find out what ever this thing is and what it’s hiding.
Bill - Well let’s show this thing we’re not going to let a lil thing like fear stop us from doing what we were going to do in the first place. Let’s get back to work. This thing may not really know we are even here. Stay in ninja mode.
Bill swung himself on to the top of the seller wall and began to check the perimeter of the wall and motioned for Sam to move into position of the front door. Sam moved into the interior of the building as Bill dropped in from up above.
There was nothing more than a seller and the remnants of what was in there from years ago. Old mason jars, broken aged boards and some vines that had crept in and died. The remnants of the ages that have been gone for so long still hung in the air. With glances back and forth Bill began to speak…
Bill - This sure is one strange place.
Sam - Sure is. I don’t think that this place is as bad as we thought it was.
Bill - Well to be honest I’m not totally convinced of that yet but I’m hoping so.
Sam - OK. I know but you got to say I tried to convince the both of us though, right?
Bill - Yeah I will give you that much. All right now it’s your turn to lead. Let’s make our way to the next building.
Sam - Ok. Let’s get going. First instead of you and I both going in two separate ways let’s go in from the upper side you take the left side and I take the right side. That way if there is anything that’s attached to the scaffolding that we saw we can take it. Then you and I will move on in to the under side and check all the contents of the buildings.
Bill - All right sounds like a good sound plan. Let’s do it.
The guys move on into their plan and begin to enter the last side before they can make a decline into the underside of the building, then out of nowhere and everywhere there were the dark figures.


Sam - Look out!
Bill - I see them; Watch your footing this is a tight spot.
Sam - All right.
Knock! Clang! Crack! Boards, arms and legs swing into action as the pounding of the heads of the dark figures find reality that they may not be able to bring down the karate duo. Then with a glance to the flooring where their feet were bouncing both guys see it. Glowing red eyes from under the carriage of the roof of the house and now it looked as if it was ready to come and get them. This was the last time! The hideously dark and devilish figure spoke. The guys look at one another and then dropped to the ground surrounding the figure. Sam jumped and swung his sword toward the figure just as Bill went for a low leg sweep. Just as the guys struck home with their hit’s the figure burst into a thousand darkened birds and with an ear busting scream flew out the same place in the roof that the guys had just came through.
Bill looking at Sam with a start - Well you don’t see that every day.
Sam - What in the world was that thing?
Bill - I don’t think it was from this world my friend.
Sam - Me either brother, but what ever it was it didn’t like us putting those dark ninja to the test, did it?
Bill - I would think not since it was trying to give us the ol’ evil eye.
Sam - (chuckles) I guess your right about that one.
In a gesture of friendship and brotherhood the guys shake hands warrior style and begin their look around the lil’ cabin.
Sam - Look closely don’t leave anything unturned.
Bill - There’s nothing here, nothing but dust and dirt. Wait! Here’s something.
Sam - What is it?
Bill looks in the midst of the feathers dust and crud left from the dark warning figure and finds an oval shaped metal case with something in the middle of the center.
Bill- I don’t know but come here and look at it. It looks weird that’s for sure.


Sam - Humph …. Looks like its some type of mythical compass. But it’s not like any compass that I have ever seen before. It’s got some weird writing on it. Can ya make it out?
Bill - Let me see.
As Bill reached for the ancient, wild looking contraption the floor buckled and both guys fell as if they were falling directly off a cliff of a hundred feet. With a thud both guys hit and rolled to a stop just before falling another fifty feet off another jagged cliff. There was a faint smell of old dirt wet with water dripping and a dank musty smell of rock and now wet clothes from the guys.
Shew we, that was fun, we’ll have to do that more often. Whispered Sam with his right eyebrow up and a half-cocked grin
Bill - ya. Got to say that doesn’t happen ever time you go into investigate an old house.
Sam - your right there buddy. That’s something for the books right there.
Bill - OK, now where were we? Oh yeah, you were about to hand me that compass.
Sam still clutching the compass like it was a football and the entire opposing team were after him shook his head and said,
Sam - Sure enough I was. Here ya are lets take a look at it and then we are going to have to check out how we are going to get ourselves out of this mess that you got us into.
Bill looking over at Sam - Me! I believe you were the one holding this compass looking thing and you are the one that got us in this mess to begin with I was wanting to hang out at the clearing and do some Tai Chi.
Sam - All right but you were trying to take this thing from me when it all happened, you have to admit that.
Bill - OK, Ok… I submit on that one but the rest is yours for the blame.
Sam - All right, deal.
Sam - Now check this thing out and I will check this perimeter out a lil bit.
Bill - Good deal.


Sam handed Bill the compass and then began to scout the area to see where they were. Sam could see right off that they were in a huge cave that wound around and around and as far as he could tell went on forever. There was no end to the cave spiraling downward unless it was past the darkness that waited for them if they decided to go down the encirclement of rocks and water.
As Bill and Sam climbed down and around the rock ledge each wondering where they were going and what they were about to get themselves into. They had already been attacked by dark ninja’s and stalked by some unknown being. Now knowing that they had made it to this gigantic cave and continued to be drawn on downward through the spiral of sharp as razor stalactites. As the final glimpse of light of the large gapping entrance disappeared, Sam began to speak to Bill.
Sam- hey get out the glow lights and break one of each. We don’t know what were about to get into. We better be prepared.
Bill- All right…(With Bill reaching into his pack and crinkles of wrappers, Bill cracked two lights to life and threw one to Sam.)
Sam- Thanks; now give me one more bother. I have something I’m going to try.
Bill- All right, let’s see what you have up your sleeve.
Sam- Check this out. Walk over to the ledge with me.
Bill- Ok, I see what you’re doing.
Sam- (With a crack of plastic and a quick toss over the ledge, the light went down and down, twirled and twirled, and finally out of site without a sound. Both guys looked at one another and with raised eyebrows and at the same time said, "Man, now that’s a long way down."
Bill- Well Sam, looks like this journey is going to take a little longer than we first thought.
Sam- Yup, we have already been gone for two full days and only supposed to be gone four.
Bill- Yeah, my moms going to beat me.
Sam- Well brother, God will work it out. We took this camping trip for God and God will protect us!
Bill- you’re right. I’ll have to just have faith and trust in God.



Sam- Bill if there is one person that will be protected from any danger it will be you because of your consistency with your faith.
Bill- Thanks

Sam- All right, lets get on the move. We may very well have plenty of ground to cover.
Bill- Ok, let me get everything fixed back on my pack.
Sam- Take what time you need.
Bill- All right, I’m ready, just needed to place things around a little and zip it back up.
Sam- so we ready to get on the way?
Bill- Oh yeah! Let’s get going.
Both guys attached their weapons to the ready positions and began the spiral down into the dark unknown.
As what seemed like hour and hours the boys saw wondrous things. There were waterfalls and stones that gave out light and as the spiral continued onward they saw what seemed to them as lakes and streams. As Sam thought to himself, all there needed to be was trees and some bass and a gorgeous sun and he would be throwing a line in to bring in some fish for dinner.
Bill- Hey Sam, what would you think if we take a break and get something to eat?
Sam- you know that sounds like a great plan to me. I’m getting a little hungry myself. Let’s break for camp then as well.
Bill- Ok, you want to make a fire the compressed heat we have and get some soup out, or do you want to get some Ramon Noodles out?
Sam- To be honest with you, I’d like to have some Ramen Noodles.
Bill- All right then, beef Ramen Noodles it is then. You got the pan and I have the rest.
Sam- here you are. While you are getting the food ready, I’m going to scout the area out a little.
Bill- Ok, sounds find to me. Hey, throw me that lighter before you take off. This stuff won’t light by itself you know.
Sam- here ya are. I won’t be long



Bill- Good, it won’t take but about 15 minutes.
Sam commented back saying; that’s plenty of time to do what I need to do.
Bill notices Sam messing around with his pack, and watching him as he goes off into the distance. Bill begin to get his stuff ready to cook and ahead of him Sam began to pull twine and old soup can from earlier in the trip from his pack. Sam had went out 50 feet into the darkness from the camp to begin to set small trap alarms for the night. While Bill was getting the food ready, Sam went on in both directions, both high and low, Sam knew 50 feet would give both boys plenty of time to prepare for battle if needed. Sam was thinking the ominous feeling of this unknowing being that was stocking them. Sam put the final touches on the last trap alarm line. As Bill was giving the secret whistle to get back to the camp there was no urgency in the whistle, so Sam knew not to be alarm and he was ready to get back to eat some Ramen Noodles. Just as Sam came back into few of camp, Bill was raking the last of the contents of noodles and soup into a bowl.
Bill- (With a quick glance up) I was beginning to wonder if you heard the call or not
Sam- Yeah, sorry it took me so long…I was caught up in my work
Bill- it’s all right. No biggie, so you hungry or not?
Sam- I sure am. I’m starved.
Bill- Well brother, grab your chopsticks, food is ready.
Sam- Man is sure does smell good.
(Bill hands Sam a bowl of steaming noodles.) Sam gives a nod and says thanks.
Bill- Let’s say the blessing.
Both boys lowered their heads and begin to ask the question. Within moments the blessing was over, and the guys began to dig in. Noodles after noodles quickly began to disappear. Smiles were on both guys faces as each thought that there could be any better company then what they had right there before them each other, and best friends. Soon both young men were finishing up the broth from the noodles and set their stuff down and begin some small talk.
Bill- As if I didn’t know, what did you get into while you were out and about?
Sam- Well I set some trap alarms out and check the perimeter of our camp on all sides to make sure nothing is going to sneak up on us while we are sleeping tonight.


Bill- Good thinking, besides neither one of us are heavy sleeping, nothing could get very close.
Sam- so you getting any strange feelings about this place yet?
Bill- To be honest with you, I have felt someone or something been watching us ever since we had left that cabin almost as if they had been calling us in to the cave.
Sam- I agree with you 100%. Only I’m not sure that this is just a cave.
Bill- with one eyebrow raised and one hand resting on his knife he said me either brother…. me either.
The guys rolled out their blanket rolls and fluffed up one end so that they could fix it later as a pillow. Then they told the couple of past adventure stories as they were laying out their swords and knives just in case they were to get attack through the night. Soon both were fast asleep, and were not interrupted at all through the night.
Chapter 2. "Finding that everything is not as it seems to be."
Sam was the first one to awake from asleep and with a quick movement of his back and hip Sam was up in a flash. As soon as Sam was on his feet, Bill was up with knife in hand and an addled but ready to fight look. Sam chuckles out loud and put his hand out towards Bill and says to Bill, "Go easy Bill it is just me." I was using a kip-up move.
Bill- Shew man, it’s to early for that!
Sam- Easy man easy lay back down. I need to check on the trap alarms and bring them back together just in case we are in a place where we might need them again.
Bill- just gets them ready to use again. This looks like it’s going to be a long journey this time.
Sam- All right, are you going to lie back down?
Bill- No, if you don’t mind, I think I’m just going to come along with you.
Sam- No problem brother I would enjoy the company

Bill- Help me get this camp picked up and we’ll be on our way for the trip.
Sam- Ok, let’s get to work then. (The guys never left a dirty campsite for one reason being that you never knew what you might need later on in the trip and for the other reason; it just was not good for the environment.


With a couple of short minutes, the boys were attending to trap alarms and disassembling them. Bill had taken the option of getting the one from the path that they had already taken and Sam the alarm to the path ahead of them. Each person checked the lines and the area around each position before moving any of them. As far as either boy could tell, neither of the trap alarms had been tampered with, or the area around them. The guys got back to the campsite and each began to tell that there was nothing that seemed to have been disturbed.
Bill- Well major I’m sure surprised that there was nothing bothered or that we hadn’t been messed with over night.
(Sometimes the boys called each other by their R.O.T.C. ranks instead of using their real names out of habit of many hours of R.O.T.C. training.)
Sam - me too Colonel Especially after both of us feeling as though we were being watch and followed the entire time.
Bill- me too I’ll be the first to admit it I thought for sure we would have some serious workout last night.
Sam- Colonel. I just noticed both of our lights are completely burned out.
Bill- you know what, your right. For it being so dark in here, when we went to sleep it sure isn’t now.
Sam- Let’s take a quick look around. There must be a reason here somewhere, other than our eyes being adjusted.
As the guys began to look around both came to the conclusion that it had to be the hundred if not thousands of tiny rock that gave off a luminescent green light.
Sam- Look like we’re going to have to agree. These little rocks are what is going to be our light source

Bill- Yeah, I’ll agree to that
Sam- you know we must have traveled farther down than what we thought. I didn’t think they ever found anything like this except in huge underground caves in Mexico.
Bill- well we walked for at least 5 hours last night. So I’m thinking that we had to at least get a mile down into this cave. Wouldn’t you think?
Sam- I would think so considering that we done all that work on all of this walking I know that I sure was tired last night.


Bill- me too I think I could have slept for two day.
Sam- I slept well but I don’t think that I was tired enough that I could have slept for two days.
Both guys check one another pack and blanket rolls to make sure everything was secure and began the next chapter of this journey. Sam slung is sword across his back and Bill gripped his bow staff that also doubles as he walking stick and both stepped out into the cave of wonders. As the green light and gems sparkle with light the guys begin to talk about what was going on in their church. Bill begins by telling Sam about the teens for Christ practice on Saturday night at 7 pm. Bill was excited about being there. (Sam smiling really big and said to Bill, "I bet you are, ain’t Brandy going to be there this weekend."
Bill- Yeah, but that is not why I am excited about it.
Sam- Sure buddy, if you say so. You know what ever you say buddy I’ll back you up on it.
Bill- I know and it’s not because she’s going to be there. It’s because I have this great feeling about what’s going to go on when we are all there I believe God’s really going to bless us.
Sam- I know what you’re saying is the truth Bill I’m just giving you a hard time. Now come on and let’s get on the way.
Bill- I know you are but you know sometimes I get that ol’ aggravation acting up.
Sam- it’s all right man no problem at all.
The guys work their way around the spiraled walkway and begin to make another decent.
Bill- looks like we are going to be on a long hike here. Not to mention looks like we are going to have to get in closer to the rock wall the way I see it, it looks like we’re going to get a straight up and down look at this place and soon the way this ledge looks.
Sam – Your right there. Hey what is this little soft spot here?
Bill - Let me see what your talking about there.
Sam – Here Can’t you see it? Wait get a lil bit closer.
Bill – yeah I see it what is it?


With that question Bill pointed and hit the spot and at that very second everything fell out from underneath them. Sam and Bill both screamed out as they tumbled rolled, and then just as they thought things were about to slow down there was nothing at all under them or around them. They had just entered into a black void that only seemed to have cold vapor that hit their skin and turned into water that creeps upward then off to the black void as if it was some rain drops that was falling upward instead of downward. Just as both guys thought they were about to lose consciousness the entire place lit up and just as soon as the light hit them they were blinded by it. Just as the eyes were about to readjust they slammed into a huge lake. The water splashed as high as ten feet tall as they parted the water.
Bill came back to the top first and with a gulp of air began to yell for Sam.
Bill- Sam! ! ! …. Sam! ! ! Sam! ! !
Just as Bill began to swim toward where Sam’s ripples were, Sam came up about ten feet from that spot and spit a mouth full of water at Bill.
Bill- Dang it, Sam! You scared the crap outta me.
Sam- Sorry about that I was trying to come up it was just something was trying to pull me under and keep me there. I didn’t think I was going to get to come back up.
Bill- well your up now so lets make it over to the land and get outta this water before something else try’s to get you and me both. I don’t like being in water over my head any ways.
Sam was in agreement with Bill on this one so both began to swim as fast as they could to get out of the water. There seemed to a strange since of presence here but neither of the boy’s had the time to think about it as they swam faster and faster to get out of the water. It was as if there was something looming just under the water about to grab each of them and pull them to their death. Sam was the better swimmer by far. Bill just got to the bank as Sam was shaking the water off his arms and skimming his hair back to knock off some of the water that was dripping from it.
Sam – Hey you all right?
Bill- Ya, I’m fine just a lil winded from the fall and from the lil incident here in the water. How about you?
Sam- I’m fine just like you a lil winded from the swim and what ever that thing was under the water pulling me down but other than that, just fine.




Bill looked at Sam in amazement. Where in the world are we he asked. As Sam looked around trying to get his barring he thought to himself and then out loud.
Sam- we ain’t in Kansas anymore.
Bill- you got that right. So where in the world are we then?
Sam – well just to be honest with you I don’t have a clue. But a lil looking around will let us have more clues than just stand here in wet clothes looking like a couple of goof balls.
Bill – OK, well let’s get on the move then.
Sam – Let’s check all the gear first and then we can get on the move.
Bill – You know it’s warm in here but there’s no sign of the sun or a warming anything.
Sam - Well before you get yourself all worked up, lets continue getting everything together here and … Wait! ! ! Oh man Bill, check your gear.
Bill – all right I’m doing what in the worlds got you all worked up all of a sudden?
Sam – Look and see if you have the food man. If you don’t have it you can kiss the anything being easy part of this trip is over.
Bill – Well…. Kiss it then Sam, its not here.
Sam and Bill both let out a sigh of disgust and sank back on their backsides with a thump.
Bill – what are we going to do now? With out a food source we are going to be in trouble in a hurry.
Sam – I know, I know. OK let’s calm ourselves down and we can think a second.
Sam and Bill both began to think on what was going on and what and how they were going to get this trip back on track. Three minutes then five minutes turned into ten and then it happened Sam spoke up.
Sam – Well one thing we can tell by the way things are here, we know there is water, we know there are trees even if they look as if they are palm trees. We know if there are trees and water there must be birds or some kind of transport of seeds to make these trees be so populated. So there’s hope. Maybe there are fish in that lake we just came out of. But right now we need to get some since of location where we are and then we can start trying to look for food.


Bill – yeah then we can start figuring a way to get back out to the cave entrance and get back home.
Both guys threw their packs over their backs and began to make way toward the unknown territory.
Bill – I have never seen such tall trees and as I’m standing here looking at this I don’t believe I have ever seen ferns this big either.
Sam - I have to agree with you there. I don’t think we are anywhere that I have ever been before.
Just as Sam began to tell Bill another something about the area he yells at Bill….
Sam – Bill! Look out! …
Sam slams into Bill and both guys hit the ground with a thud and a roll. Just as Bill rolls and looks up to where they were standing and notices the biggest dragonfly he’s ever seen. And now it was coming back right at them.
Bill – here it comes again. Get to the tree line so we can dodge in around the trees.
Sam – Got ya!
They take off toward the tree line as the largest dragonfly they had ever encountered came flying straight toward them. Sam glanced back to see that the dragonfly had lowered its back half and was just about to slam head long into him when with a jerk he slammed his back against the tree. Bill had grabbed him and flung him out of the way just in time. Sam had his breath slammed outta him but Sam was never more glad to see his self in pain and just the same never more glad to see his ol buddy who could run as fast as a deer hadn’t forgot to look out for his buddy. There now were even, Bill exclaimed. Sam smiled back at him in a crooked half smile as if he was still trying to get his air back. There had been a huge thud as Sam slammed to his back on the tree. It had been the dragonfly it’s self. Bill threw his staff into his opponent’s underside and it had not liked that at all it had been the soft spot he was looking for just in the thorax of the dragonfly. It was enough to stun it for a second and Bill was taking advantage of it. Bill grabbed the rope from his pack and threw it over the huge dragonfly that was twitching on the ground. As Sam regained his breath he looked at Bill and wondered what in the world he was doing.
Sam – Bill what in the world are you doing? If that thing gets loose we might not be as lucky as we were this time.



Bill - Luck didn’t have anything to do with it. I knew what I was doing the entire time.


Sam – Ok then how about you letting me in on this secret you got going on here.
Bill – All right but first help me get this thing tied down and we’ll work on the story of what I’m doing when I’m not trying to fight to stay alive.
Sam said with a smile, Ok deal.
Bill – Good grab that rope you have and lets get yours tied to that tree.
Sam did as his brother said and worked diligently in doing it. He knew it was worth it when Bill came up with a plan it was always a good one.
Bill- Agghhh…. There now it’s done. Now let’s take a break and let me tell you what my idea is.
Sam – Hey you get those wings tied down tight enough?
Bill – Sure did, there not coming undone anytime soon. At least not until we want them to.
Sam- all right then let’s hear about this lil secret you got that might be a good plan.
Bill - Ok, here’s the way I see this helping us out. Where this came from has to be huge. This dragonfly is bigger than you and I and just maybe if we can figure out how we can get to ride this thing it might not be as hard as we first thought in checking out this area.
Sam – Are you nuts? That’s going to take time to break this thing into doing what we want you should know that from breaking in your horse. Besides we may need to try and find where, what, and why we are here. Don’t you think?
Bill – Yeah… of course your right but this is the right direction. I think we should just keep it and work on it for later on. What do you say Sam?
Sam – All right, (raising one eye brow) as long as we are not going to end up having more of these things coming around wondering where their brother’s been.
Bill – Sounds good to me. I always wanted a giant bug as a pet.
Sam – You were never told that you were that bright either were ya? (Sam said as he looked at Bill and smiled.) Now let’s get going. We don’t know how long daylight is for this area if this is daylight.


Bill – Ok, let’s not be standing around any longer then.
Sam and Bill began to hike out of site of their newfound pet and both were thinking who was going to be the first one on that big bee. Each of the brothers at the same time was hoping it was their self. Neither one of the brothers thought the other one was going to let the other be the first one because each one had too much pride to let the other one beat them.
When it came to working out or working a problem through they both took the pride of Sir Arthur Conan’s character Sherlock Holmes in solving a crime in taking care of what they were working on. They hiked about quarter mile and found that there was something definitely strange about this new place they were in. Everything not just the trees or the bee’s but everything was gigantic. Tree’s seemed to be none the less than one hundred feet tall except for shrubs and they seemed anywhere from five feet to twenty feet tall. Ferns were lush and green and one leaf probably weighed in the range of ten to fifteen pounds.
Sam – You know I think I saw this on TV once.
Bill- what are you talking about?
Sam- this place we are in. I think it was called the incredible shrinking man.
Bill- (With a whistle) Shew we man you think that’s what we are in something like an alternate universe.
Sam answering saying, Kind of, but maybe not an alternate universe just somewhere that time and man has forgotten or might not have found. Something more like "The Lost world".
Bill- No way! That would be awesome.
Sam- it sure would. And guess who would be the first to ever have found it?
Bill- US!
Sam- you got it brother just you and me. Famous would be an understatement.
As both guys suddenly walked to the end of a ledge they both were smiling to themselves think of the famous celebrities they were going to be when in the distance they noticed there was some kind of temple or pyramid. It seemed to be rising straight out of the ground and nearly reaching the sky.
Bill- Most remarkable, Sam Can you see this?


Sam- how in the world could I miss it? I have never seen anything like it except in pictures in the National Geographic magazine we get in the library.
Bill- you’re right it looks like a Mayan temple of some sort. This keeps getting better and better by the minute.
Sam- sure does. I don’t know about you brother but here’s something I think we need to do. I think we should head back to camp and get some things in place then get a hunting party together get something to eat and then take a nice long rest and check into this some more later on. What do you say about that?
Bill- Sounds like a good plan to me. I’m getting hungry anyways. It sure would be nice to have some steak and some fries or maybe a huge cheeseburger.
Sam- I don’t think that’s an option today but you know where there is a will there is a way.
Bill- you were meaning where there is God there is a way?
Sam- yeah that’s exactly what I meant to say… (Sam and Bill both chuckle loudly.)
The guys both turn and look one more time at the temple and begin their hike back to the area where they came in from the lake. They knew it would take a little effort in getting their camp together and then camouflaging it and making sure that if there was any enemies or possible threats that were here they could be ready as well as have any traps set foe them outside of camp.
The trail that they had come through on wasn’t even cold yet so it was a much shorter trip back than it was going. Bill went over to check on their little pet that wasn’t so little and checked to see if he could pet it and keep it calm if needed. Sam in the mean time went to the waters edge and began to look for a couple of long poles and something in the packs to make a make shift fishing rod and reel. With in a minute or two Sam had the poles and the pulleys put together that he had found from the packs ready for fishing. Sam just had tossed in his line when Bill walked to his side.
Bill- I see you got everything ready to go for me. Thanks a lot.
Sam- Hey what are friends for buddy? Besides we can have better luck if we are both out here fishing.
Bill- I agree with you there. What are we using as bait?


Sam- here ya go! (Sam tossed a worm in the direction of Bill, but it wasn’t just any worm this thing was the size of your fist and half as long as his arm.)
Bill- Whoa! That’s got to be the biggest fishin’ worm I have ever seen. It reminds me of those crazy tales dad used to tell when he went fishin and how when he went next to the river to dig for worms he would come up with these huge worms that were as big as his fist. You know I always thought they were just fishin tales. Now I have to wonder?
Sam- (with a chuckle) so who in the world would have guessed that he would have been telling such a truth when he was telling those crazy stories? I know I would never have guessed it. Not once did I ever think he was telling it straight up the way he was always having those little grins.
Bill- Yeah me either, he always was telling one of those things and when he was telling them he was smiling from the side of his mouth, if you remember right? I don’t think I will tell this one to any one you know they will just be the same way as you and I were when dad told us. I have to say I don’t want any one thinking I’m lying about the story.
Sam- Awe, they would just say father like son. Bill, there’s no one going to believe this thing even if we do get out of this place. And who’s to say that God would want us to tell this story to anyone any way.
Bill- then why wouldn’t we, this would be one heck of a testimony. But who would believe it if I did tell it even in Church?
Sam- No one that’s who and not to mention they would probably throw you out.
Bill- well Sam that wouldn’t be the first time we were ever thrown out of Church.
Sam- yeah but that was because of the Church we were going to was going through a bad political change over with pastors and their families. That wasn’t really our faults we were supposed to be there.
Bill- yeah you know I miss going to that Church, even though I was the only one that did the cleaning there. But you know it was good to be the janitor because it always gave me a place to go when I needed to pray and practice my piano. I can’t believe that lady had the nerve to come down there and say all those things to us and she was the one going through the change of life. Maybe she was the one that should have been put in her place.
Sam- Bill, you know that there is a time and place for everything and you know that if she was going through that that’s going to be between her and God and she will have to deal with that but we need to just pray about it and let God handle it. Not us always hold that bad spirit about it…


Bill- O’ ok, this is coming from the guy who swore he would never go back to that Church because of that incident and as long as that person and her family was there.
Sam gives out a laugh and chuckles out the words, your right but I was trying to make a good impression of you though. Bill looks at Sam and gives him an odd look and say’s Shut up, and gives a little laugh. At that moment he yells at this friend, Sam you got something on your line. Pull! Pull! He shouted and jumping straight up in the air. Sam tugs the make shift pole and line hard and sets the hook. The surface goes from clam to a swirling bubbly mass to a sudden lurch into the air of a gigantic bass fish. Sam’s eyes were as wide as saucers and ever muscle in his arm convulsed and seemed to nearly pop right off.
Sam- this is it Bill, we’ve got one heck of a fish!
Bill- you got it, bring her in bro.
Sam- I’m working on it! With that there was another lurch into the air just like you would see on TV then there was another disappearance and then a huge geyser like splash and then one huge haul from Sam and the fish landed on the ground at Bill’s feet. Bill immediately jumped into action and began to try and subdue this huge fish all the while telling Sam that this fish must be at least 30 pounds. I have never seen a bass this big before. Sam snaps back panting the words to let Bill know he has seen pictures in hunting magazines but never in real life. Bill gets everything under control and then raises the fish high above his head.
Bill- Here’s your trophy bro!
Sam- trophy…? Heck that’s dinner!
Sam- oh and by the way did I mention you are cookin today?
Bill- No! But it sure does figure. Besides I’m the best cook around.
Sam- well not knowing where we are I think you might be able to get by with that statement today.
Bill- well not to brag or anything, I’m just telling the truth.
Bill let’s out a laugh and the guys begin to get things together to cook this new big dinner. While Bill is working on preparing the fish Sam slips off into the land for a quick look around. He not only wants to check to make sure everything is all right but he is also checking to see if he can come up with anything that might resemble some peppers, onions or anything like that which could add some flavoring to his fish and Bill’s frying. With in no time at all Sam came up on some huge onions. It seemed to be weird to him that they were so large.


One onion bulb was the size of his head and the others were not much smaller.
And not only were these huge they seemed to be cultivated. As if there was some type of modernized farming going on here. He thought once he would go back to the camp and let his friend know but then there was this issue of getting on back so that Bill could use the onions and now the carrots he had just stumbled into. There was no doubt now that there was some farming going on but who and how would have to wait until he and his buddy got their bellies full. Sam watched the traps they had set earlier and made sure not to tamper with any of them and made sure that he took his time crossing the hidden ones. Sam entered into camp and was watching bill fillet the massive fish.
Sam- Hey bro… Look what I found. These things have to be a big help in your cookin.
Bill- Big I reckon… these things are huge. Where in the world did you find those?
Sam began to tell him the story of the giant garden just a little way out into the bushes from them and that there were all kinds of things growing out there that might just make a great meal for the evening. Then Sam said something that made Bill rethink the idea about the giant garden.
Sam- but here is the deal Bill, I think this better be all we get right now. It’s all I felt to take and it might be that if for what ever reason I got that feeling is my gut telling me it might not be noticed if that’s all that’s missing from the garden or that if we over do ourselves and get greedy than we might find ourselves in a heap of trouble. There’s one thing needing this and then there’s another thing of taking just because we can and that my friend is stealing.
Bill- I agree with you there. Then here is the meal of the day, fillet of bass smothered in onions and a side of carrots.
Sam- Oh man that sounds so… good it makes my stomach growl just to think about it. So how long is it going to take to fix up?
Bill - probably another ten minutes or so and the carrots and onions will be good and ready. As you know it doesn’t take long for fish to fry over the fire or onions to help baste but it takes forever it seems to get the carrots to work into a nice soft chew. You know there would be one or two things that could actually make this meal a lil bit better don’t ya?
Sam – No, what’s that?
Bill - Butter and flower of course, butter for the carrots and flower to deep-fry the fish in.
Sam – Shew we Bill that does sound good but you know we aren’t in Long John Silvers.


Chapter 3

"Dinner and a new enemy"

Bill – Oh yeah I know that for sure because I would be having some deep-fried chicken with my order and some hush puppies with a side of coleslaw.
Sam and Bill both chuckled knowing how truthful that statement was and that it would have been for the both of them to have a couple of nice big helpings when they could get out with their parents and have a night out on the town. Sam kicking back in business mode with what was at hand remembered he had something to do as well and in doing so he began to let Bill in on the plan.
Sam - OK, let me know when it’s done I want to go back out and make some more traps and scout the area a little more. You never know what might be lurking out there just beyond our site.
Bill- All right sounds like you got it on you to do it then, don’t take to long. Like I said it’s probably only going to take somewhere around ten to fifteen minutes.
Sam – All right I will try my best to not over do this little adventure. Watch your back brother just in case there is something out there that I haven’t seen and it has seen us.
Bill – No problem Sam, go on everything will be all right here.
As Sam left the sight of Bill he could smell the wondrous smell of this fish frying over the little make shift fire pit Bill had worked up. Sam could hardly think of the task at hand for the great smell that was coming from the camp. With his stomach growling he entered into a section of woods he had not been in as of yet and began to look for all the signs of life or no life a tracker would now be looking for. Sam began to think to himself that he would have loved to of been able to let all of his friends see this place. Especially
Doug Evans he would have loved to have explored this land and no doubt would have began setting up some kind of make shift lab and started to analyze everything he could. I wonder Sam thought; I wonder just what his face would have looked like when I brought that giant vegetable back or when he saw that pyramid in the distance? Sam chuckled to himself thinking of how Bill and he would have had to carry him away and not let him go near it until they could have explored the area. Kicking and screaming Sam thought, kicking and screaming. Just then Sam looked to his feet and realized he was only inches from a walk path and it looked well worn just then there was a crack from a broken branch in the near distance. Sam’s hearing peaked, his legs crouched and then in a second he was out of sight buried in a small bush. There would be no human able to locate his presence. There again another faint break from a twig and then a sweeping flush of a branch then this time it was closer and then again and there were several this had to be something more than one, Sam thought. It wasn’t just some kind of movement that you would hear from an animal but it sounds as if it was five to six men all walking in unison.


Sam made a quick dart around some bushes and then slid under one of them to try and make out who or what it was that was on the way. As he lay there with his breathing so relaxed that not even a cat could hear him breathing he saw a group of men bearing several different weapons. As Sam laid there in observance he thought to himself, it’s a good thing I noticed them before they could notice me. Some of the men were carrying spears some had swords and some had shorthanded bows and as they passed he could see that the bowman had their arrows in a backside quiver. Sam knew they weren’t just a few guys out wondering around but they were on patrol. But patrol for what, for whom he thought. Could they be from the pyramid that they had seen earlier or maybe they were from another area all together heck maybe they were simply out checking the gardens he had seen earlier Maybe they had already realized his dinner savaging. As the men moved on around the bend just above our hiding tracker Sam moved slowly from his camouflaged location and began the slow process of keeping out of site while still lurking in the shadows of the new found mystery. Sam could see in the distance the men again had stopped. This time it looked as if they had stopped in the fork of the path. It looked as if one of the men had pointed toward three of the men and then he pointed again in the right direction and the men snapped with clanking armor and were off in the direction. The other men and the man that been doing to guiding had started in the left path and were soon close to being out of site. Sam eased on up from his hiding place and began to check the area where the men had stopped and gotten their directions. Sam surveyed the path and it’s immediate surroundings and found that there was nothing there out of the way but there had been something or someone that been through the right path some short time before the other men had come through and it looked as if it was a well worn boot of some kind and it looked as if it had been running. Maybe the armed men were looking for this person or maybe they were just simply on patrol but then why would they break up into parts and then go one with out one another, Sam questioned in his mind. Sam snapped back into reality and stayed off the well-worn path and headed back to the camp. Sam laid several small traps just large enough to make sure that if these men or anything else decided to make a small visit to the camp the boys would hear them long before they could even think about making a surprise visit.
Just as Sam was entering back from the woods Bill was deep into his work at hand and looked as if there was some small dribble coming from his mouth as he was putting the dinner and trimmings in a bowl for each of them. Where did you find a bowl in this area, asked Sam? Down by the shore, Bill replied. You are looking at the best-looking clamshell that you will ever see.
Sam, with one eyebrow raised Sam asked, really? Sam looked all around and bottom to top. Well this place sure has it all doesn’t it? I can’t remember when we have ever had the chance to see the things we have seen here, probably never Bill. If we ever get the chance to get back home we will probably never see these kinds of things again and if we do I bet it wouldn’t be nearly as big as these are. I have been all over the Ohio River just as you have Bill and I haven’t ever seen these clamshells this large have you?


No I sure haven’t, Bill replied. I would venture you would have to be some where in the tropics around an ocean or sea to be able to get even half as close. And not to mention these are actual clamshells and not muscle shells. And you are going to be able to see the difference here in just a minute old buddy!
By this time Sam was beginning to tell of his adventure and Bill was placing their food into their bowls and it wasn’t long they were both far into their bowls of food and chowing down was just to say the least. They both grew completely silent as they looked up at one another just long enough to smile as if to tell one another how good the food was and just how great it felt to be getting their belly’s full. As the last drops of carrots and onions were being dabbed up and the muscles slurped down the guys began to talk about what they were going to do and how they were going to go about it. We need to first and for most get out and finish up checking the area out before dark and then we can get into the camps for the night and then we can get out and do more about the checking the area thing tomorrow, Bill said.
Good thinking Bill, Sam said, except I think you have something you need to try and feed first don’t ya? Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I wonder what they eat, asked Bill.
I can’t help you out on that one but your going to have to figure it out soon, Sam replied. Sam asked Bill a question right back, I could imagine it was probably eating or about to eat when it found us, don’t you think?
Bill went off with his left eyebrow up like he always does when he is thinking or about to come off with something witty toward the area where they had tied the gigantic pet down and soon disappeared into the tree line. With in a minute or to Sam found himself slipping off to sleep as he was lying against a big root of the tree he had been setting on. Just as he had began into a deep sleep he heard Bill yelling for him. There was something defiantly not right with the way he was yelling. Sam came up out of his slumber and went straight in to a dead run. Sam yelled for Bill to let him know he was on his way. As Sam entered into the tree line he saw what Bill was having trouble with. Bill had loosened the ropes just enough so that he could work with the dragonfly. Bill was going round and round so fast that he could barely hold on. He had both arms completely rapped around the dragonfly and his legs were hugging tightly to the edges of the thorax. Bill’s face was beginning to turn green. Sam could see it wouldn’t be long until all of Bill’s dinner would be gone. Well not gone but he wouldn’t have any of it in his stomach. Sam broke a long pole off from one of the limbs of the trees and jabbed it into the lower thorax soft spot and both the dragonfly and Bill came crashing to the ground. As the sandy dust settled Bill was holding his stomach and complaining of being about to heave up his dinner and how much he thought this was different than breaking his horse in.
So you all right there Bill, asked Sam. Yeah, replied Bill, just as soon as I get over this motion sickness as he gave a little weak chuckle.
Both guys worked hard to get the dragonfly back tightly under wraps and walked back to the main campsite. They both agreed they should clean up their messes they had made with the cooking and Sam said while you work around the fire pit I will clean up the clam bowls.


This idea sounded great to Bill but he had to wonder what Sam was up to. Bill knew Sam never volunteered for dish duty. Sam worked diligently down by the water and Bill worked just as hard to pack and place everything in a place where it wouldn’t be noticed if they were out from the camp at any time that way if there was someone to come into their camping area they would hopefully think it was just someone passing through. Within a couple of minutes both boys were through with their choirs and were back setting along side of one another.
Have you noticed something about this place Bill, asked Sam. What do you mean, replied Bill. I mean, Sam began, this is the most odd of all places we have ever seen and it’s not like this place is just over the hill from Slate Hollow. I mean one minute we are crawling and checking this new cave out and then boom! We are here in the middle of the ancient past or something. I was going to wait and tell you this to get you tweaked up tonight about getting out and checking this place out but when I was telling you about those men I saw I never got the chance to continue the story about how they looked and what I saw at the end of the path. Well, asked Bill, what was it? It was brother, exclaimed Sam, it was as if they were searching for someone but they were not in a huge race to catch it but it was more like they were either toying with it or that they were afraid of it and were taking extra time to hunt it because if they did catch it they themselves might have been the ones that were in for the taking. I checked the marks on the path and there was nothing but one thing other than the foot prints of the men that were doing a patrol or hunt and it was of a well worn boot and to tell the truth it looked as if it were in a mighty big hurry. Ok, asked Bill, then was it or him or her what ever running from them or someone or something else and could you tell anything like that when you were checking the trail? No I couldn’t other than I could tell that it was a left boot print and by the depth it was dug into the ground it or she or he couldn’t have been very big. I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 to 110 pounds. But I really couldn’t be for sure because there wasn’t another print because the men had covered it up with theirs.
Gosh, you think those men were trying to actually hunt this thing down Sam, Bill asked. Could have been what was going on Bill. But you know what the track looked to have been several hours older than the soldiers footprints, so it could be they were trying to play a game of catch up or fox and the hound. Yeah, I remember when our martial arts teacher had us to play that game, Bill replied as he was smiling. Now that was a fun game but we also done a lot of learning from that game and maybe that’s what’s going on here too, replied Sam. I just wanted to let you know brother because when I checked it out I saw that boot print and I had this cold chill and a picture of someone running away but I couldn’t tell what they were running away from or why.
Bill started off again with another subject. You know something else weird about this place besides all the things we have talked about so far? Um? What’s that Bill? I haven’t seen one regular bird from Kentucky have you? Or I haven’t even heard a bird period, exclaimed Bill. You know what, asked Sam, you’re absolutely right I haven’t either. Weird aint it, asked Bill. Sure is, Sam said but maybe we’ll here one here after while or by the morning. Well it might not be anything but it is weird to say the least, Bill chimed in.



Sam looked at Bill with a perplexed look on his face and said well what ever the case may be we better finish getting all of our stuff fixed for the night and we’ll get back into the adventure first thing in the morning. Sounds like a good plan, Bill replied. And it will give me time to get over this motion sickness and chuckled. The guys got up and began to gather all their belongings and decided to make a lean to tent for the night closer to the water than the tree line because they weren’t still too knowledgeable of what was in the forest just outside of camp and if they were to have to build a fire it could be easier managed on the beach.
The guys were soon able to settle down into their camp with the lean to now camouflaged to look like the rest of the beach and it’s natural surroundings. As the guys began to sit back and think they began to wonder and talk about home and what was or might be going on there. They both thought of one another and how they were going to explain why they were so late in getting back to their homes when no one would believe such a huge tale to begin with. Not to mention the whippings both of them were going to get but Sam knew that Bill would be getting the worst out of this deal. No matter the truth or not his mom would beat him for sure and it would not be a pretty site. As they looked at one another and talked there began a cool breeze blowing in off the water. Just at the sand began to rustle outside and around the tented lean to there was a crashing of tree branches. The guys listened intently and then they heard the brush crashing become louder and closer. Bill and Sam both knew they needed to get out and make themselves scarce and find out what was coming toward their campsite in such a hurry. Both boys made a run in different directions and made the dive into a couple of sand dunes just in time to flip around and see a figure tumbling out of the woods. Neither could tell if it was a man or woman but it was definitely human and possible hurt. As the figure was about to regain itself to its feet four other much larger figures appeared from the tree line and with loud and boisterous voices yet just barely unable to understand them Sam thought, I am going to have to get in closer. Sam began to low crawl closer toward the now arguing shadowed figures and the smaller figure on the ground mumbled something back at the other figures but just as the figure made it to all fours and mumbling the larger figure flung the smaller figure to the ground with a crushing side and back kick. Sam could see the sand flush into the air as the small figure hit the ground with great force. Oh man what a hit, Sam thought. Sam was now close enough to the figures that he could begin to understand some of the large shadowed voices and he knew at that moment these voices were the same he had heard before in the forest on the path just out of camp. This would mean more than likely these men were going to be armed to the teeth, caution must be used here Sam thought on. Sam lay intently in the darkness where he could not be seen and continued to listen in to see if he could find out what was going on. He began to formulate a plan just in case he and his best friend were to be discovered. Sam noticed at that time his brother Bill must have been having the same ideas as he had, his friend was lying just off to the other side of the shadow figures.


The voices were becoming much clearer than before now and he could tell they were talking about the death of a king and how no one suspected there had been any wrong doing let alone suspecting them or the Prime Minister. "A simple accident," called one of the shadowed men to the other men standing in a circle now around the figure on the ground. And then from the larger shadowed man in a clear and confident voice, "And now my Queen the same plan for you, I think not the Prime Minister has other plans for you."
Whimpers came from the figure on the ground and it was in an inaudible voice. The large shadowed man responded in rage and with a huge arm flying into the air followed by a huge fist and then down it went toward the figure and then sinking into the figure with a thud a cry of pain yelp from the figure on the ground, Sam and Bill at the same time sprang from their hiding places and on to their feet and at the same time slammed into the unsuspecting warrior figures with double snap kicks. All four figures smashed into the sandy ground with crackling of metal and earth. The stunned men in turn sprang back to their feet were then met with round house kicks to the their heads the men struck the ground again and this time they were unmoving. The brothers reached out to one another and touched their fists together as in telling one another job well done.
With no words uttered to one another they now turned their attention to their now not so shadowed figure on the ground. There was no movement from the figure what so ever, there before them lay a beaten, scratched and bruised girl. She looked as if she was barely breathing. She was wearing only a pair of high-laced sandals and a short dress that hooked around the back at the neck and had no back in it until the waist and the length of the dress went to about the mid thigh. It looked as if it had been white at one time with a wide belt at the waist. Sam and Bill both looked at one another and then knelt down to check on the girl. Sam looked at her and then back to Bill, what have we gotten ourselves into this time? I don’t know replied Bill, but you know we had no choice but to get involved there was no way we could have stood by and let anyone get beaten with the odds they were, it just wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. No one deserves to be beaten like that. I am with ya brother, I know it was the right thing to do, but why I wonder were these big huge men treating and chasing this girl, Sam asked. We don’t even know who this is or what we have gotten into the middle of and we don’t even know where there is a safe place to get this girl to and not to mention we don’t even know where we are how are we going to help this girl? Well, I know we don’t have anything to go on just yet, Bill replied but we did the right thing and with that we can be comforted that we will be given the chance to be protected by angles from God if need be as long as we are doing what’s right, God will see us through this problem. I know I know your telling the truth brother just got a little excited is all. Ok I think I have a plan, I know you wanted to keep that giant dragonfly but we are going to need those ropes to tie these guys up and keep what ropes we have left in our packs just in case there is more than just these four soon to follow. Because I do know there were more of these men in the forest just off the path. They all split up when they were doing their search and they were probably looking for this person right here.


Chapter 4

"A New Friend"

Ok, Bill said, let’s get these guys taken care of then. Well we need to get them to where the rope is and we can use that area as a holding area for these guys. Grab the shoulders and let’s drag them on up there and we can get back and tend to our other guest, Sam said. And let’s hope there are no other guests tonight. Each boy grabbed the shoulders of the men and began dragging them up the shoreline. Once they got the warriors to the tree line the guys looked for something to muffle each of the guys and went to work on getting rid of the giant dragonfly. Bill was definitely doing this with some regret but knew it was something that had to be done. Once that was out of the way the guys quickly got their new captive guest under wraps and headed back to the camp. Bill had gotten a branch from one the bushes and was making the drag marks disappear by brushing away the tracks with a sweeping motion. Good thinking Sam told Bill, your right on the ball brother. Bill looked at Sam with a pleased that you noticed look and continued with what he was doing. You know, Bill began that seemed to be a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. What was, asked Sam. The fight, Bill returned with the answer. You know it did seem quick didn’t it Sam asked. Maybe it was because of our training and not to mention our surprise and it might have had something to do with our adrenaline pumping so hard that we may have been hitting like three men rolled into one. Humph, you might be right Sam, but it still seems odd. You got to have faith Bill aint that something you have always told me? Yeah, your right, I know it takes faith and God knew what we were going to do before we did. So he just simply put what we needed in us to get the job done. Your one hundred percent right Bill.
The guys had been talking and walking in a pretty fast pace and had arrived back to their newfound guest. She was still knocked out cold. Bill run down to the water and get some cool water and use something to get it back to the lean to. Sure no problem, Bill called back as he was already walking toward the water. I have just the thing to get it in Bill thought as he trudged down toward the lean to and then off to the water he went. Sam scooped up the lightweight girl in his arms and packed her to the camp. Bill was just behind Sam with the water and was placing it on the ground and helped Sam to make the new guest comfortable in the lean to. I hope she’s going to be all right Bill said. Time will tell us, Sam replied as he was getting his olive drab bandanna out of his pack and began to dip it into the water to help clean the wounds on the girl and to help keep the swelling down. Nice use of the gigantic turtle bowl again there, Bill. I thought it would make some good use but sure didn’t think we would be using it for this Bill told his brother. I can see that for sure Sam shot back with a chuckle. I’m in hopes this water will help revive her so that we can at least know her name and what’s going on that she is on the run. Bill started by telling Sam that he thought he had heard why she had been or might have been one of the reasons why she might have been on the run and asked Sam if he had over heard anything shadowed men were saying. Yeah I did and if it’s to anything like that in this reason she is on the run from these people than I am afraid we have stumbled into something far worse than we have ever gotten ourselves into before.


Then you heard the men calling her queen then, asked Bill. Yeah I did, Sam returned with his answer. And did you hear them talking that they had killed the king and were working with some kind of prime minister and he had plans for her? I sure did, Bill replied as he made a big gulping sound. I have to agree with what you said about this being one big mess, Bill said as he looked on at Sam dabbing the cool wet cloth on the face of the young queen. She looked like she is between thirteen and sixteen Sam thought as he ran the cool rag across her forehead.
You know Bill something major had to happen here between all these people for her to be queen so soon as to be at this age and then to have all these other things to happen to her like her husband being killed and now they have been chasing her for no one knows how long and beating her like this. She’s had to go through a lot just to be here alive with us right now, Bill said as he shook his head back and forth. Sam while your doing that I’m going to be praying for her. I think if anyone needs prayer right now Bill this girl needs it. Bill knelt by the girl and stretched out his arms over the girl and began to move his hands and arms over her and pray. He prayed both in a low tone and under his breath as if he was trying not to wake his guest. Sam continued to clean the face and arms of his guest until suddenly she began to twitch her fingers and toes. Then there was a mumble and her eyes opened to look directly into Sam’s face.
With a startled look on her face she jumped to her knees in an attempt to get up. It’s all right, Sam and Bill both said at the same time. Sam and Bill both held out their hands as if to show they had nothing in them not weapon nor fist. You are among friends, exclaimed Sam. She looked at both boys with fright and was at the same time scooting backwards and away on her hands and butt from the lean to. Bill remained kneeling and Sam again attempting to relay the message of peace and friendship to the now wakened girl. She had not said a word to either of them but when Sam let her know it was they who had helped her from getting beaten to death by her pursuers she stopped and looked again at both boys. Who are you and where am I, asked the girl? And why is it that you have helped me and where are the men who were after me the queen asked? Bill looked at Sam and point with his right hand as if to motion him to go on and let her know all the answers to her questions. Sam looked at Bill and in a smart-alack tone told him thanks. And then again looked back at the queen and began trying to let her know some of her answers.
My name is Sam and this is my brother and best friend Bill. And we are not sure where exactly we are so we can’t tell you where exactly you are. Other than that all we know is that you came crashing out of the woods with those men following right behind you. You fell to the beach the men were on top of you kicking, yelling and punching you. We over heard and saw this dilemma and decided kind of quickly to help you out. It all happened so quickly right up from our camping area we have the men tied up just on up the shoreline. They are muffled so if there is other’s in the area they would have to stumble right into their buddies laps to see or hear them. You are right now in our lean to and you are more than welcome to stay until morning if you like?




We can’t stay here for long the others won’t be to far behind, the girl told both Bill and Sam. You have asked your questions Bill said now it’s time for us to ask you the same. What is your name and why are these men trying to hurt you Bill asked? Sam and Bill listened intently as their newfound guest began to tell her side of who she was and why the men were out to hurt her. It started sometime back she began, nearly two years ago. I and my husband were speaking with Ay he is our prime minister which if you over heard us talking you had to have already heard of him, she began to stand and she turned her back toward the guys and made some kind of circled motion with her arms and hands as if she was warding of an evil spirit and then continued with her story as turned back toward the guys. There was a look of hurt and disgust on her face as she continued the story of her and her young king and husband had been lured apart as she had a long day with her servants preparing for a banquet she had looked from her window in a tower where she had often snuck off to meet with her young king in private only to see this time the chief of all the kings armies, Horemheb guiding back her husbands chariot she knew then in her heart there was something terribly wrong and that it could have only been a trap and this entire banquet she had been preparing for had been a blanket of disguise who at the time was only fourteen. And I she continued, Queen Ankhesanamum was in a world of deceit with out knowing who I could trust or if there was anyone out there at all that I could ever trust, because she continued I knew at that moment I had lost my only friend and that feeling of being left totally alone. Sam and Bill both at that time watched a single tear trickle down Ankhesanamum cheak.
To be continued...

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