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Horses For Sale

Thistle Ridge Ranch, Smiths Grove, Kentucky

The place to buy your reconditioned (off-the-track) Thoroughbred!

Becky and her rescued racehorse
Lover's Canyon,
Mayfest, Kentucky Horse Park, 1999

Becky and Forest at the farm. Forest now lives in Alabama and has started a new job as an eventer.

Becky and Deana at our friend Mikes training track. Deana wanted to gallop a horse so we went to Mikes and helped him gallop the 2 year olds.

Horse shows are no big deal since our horses school over our colorful jumps everyday.

Nick's not scared of our infamous "cows" here at Thistle Ridge!

Here at Thistle Ridge we specialize in off-the-track thoroughbreds for all disciplines, and most importantly, at reasonable prices. Our main focus is selling event horses, but we sometimes get horses that are better suited for other disciplines.

With a large outdoor arena, a cross country course set on rolling hills, and lots of grass turnout, Thistle Ridge offers an excellent place for horses to start their new job, and start it right.

We also offer training and sales prep for your off the track (or otherwise green) horses. Have a horse you'd rather let someone else get started for you? Thistle Ridge is the place to send it. Well known for our honest jumpers and safe hackers, we can get your horse started at a reasonable price, whether your planning on showing or selling. Becky is in vet school in Alabama, so the selection dwindles during the school year. We had some gorgeous 2 year olds this summer that sold very quickly. Becky took one prospect with her, so check out Goose on the for sale page. Email us or give us a call for more information.

If you're looking for that perfect stock dog we can help you there too. We breed Australian Cattle Dogs (red and blue heelers) here at Thistle Ridge. Our puppies sell with complete vaccinations and deworming. There is one puppy left from the May 11th litter and another litter due around July 15th.

This is Oakley, one of our pups, who now belongs to Carrie Lush.

More pictures of puppies

If you're planning to buy a pair of custom schooling chaps in the future you should check out this site: Mad Cow Custom Chaps

They did a great job on our chaps and were quick as can be. Email us if you'd like to see some pictures. If you order a pair tell them we sent you!

Horses Sold By Thistle Ridge

Horses For Sale At Thistle Ridge

Give Becky a call at 334-703-5593(Kentucky)
or send an e-mail message to

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