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             This wreath was made for the family room.

              It contains hunter green and burgundy to accent

           the homes contents.




                      Materials Needed:

                                grapevine wreath (this one purchased at Wal-Mart)

                                large flowers in choice of color

                                2" ribbon in color of choice

                                baby's breath in color of choice



                       With my wreaths I usually begin with a bow at the bottom center

                        of my wreath.  I then work in the large flowers evenly up both

                        sides.  Next, I work in the accessories (baby's breath and

                        eucalyptus) to accent the flowers.  These wreaths are easy to

                        make.  It just takes some practice.  Even though I have been

                        making them for several years I end up taking them apart and

                        redoing them until I get them the way I want.








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