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Country Bird House



This bird house was a gift to me for Christmas a couple years ago

from my husband.  He constructed the bird house himself and then I

added the decorations to match the content of our home.



Materials Needed:

   bird house (using a pre-made one is easier)

   a 2" round branch that is 2' in length

   paint (choose colors to accent home)


   ivy (at least 6')

   flowers (your choice of color)

   raffia (your choice of color)

   artificial moss

   mushroom bird   

   large piece of wood for base

   hot glue gun






     1.  First, nail your bird house to the top of the branch, and then nail the base to

          the opposite end.  This will give you an upstanding object to work with.


     2.  Next, paint your bird house in the colors of your choice.  Also paint the

          base that it stands on.  Let paint dry.


     3.  Now you are ready to start the decorations.  Begin with using hot glue gun

          to glue a piece of grapevine at the base of the branch.  After it dries well,

          carefully wind it up the branch and over the bird house.  Fasten it to the

          back of the bird house with the hot glue.


   4.   Next, do the same with the ivy.  Then put in the flowers where you would

          like to add some color. 


   5.   Tie a raffia bow and hot glue it onto the branch underneath the bird house.


   6.  Add artificial moss, "grapevine twigglies", berries, etc. to the birdhouse  

         look more like the outdoors.


  7.  Last, glue a mushroom bird onto the perch and put the artificial moss around

         it to resemble a nest.




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