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"The Other Side of Working Dogs"
A letter received from Susan Perlman describes a surprising use for the "rough and tumble" coondog.

The Danger of Bloat
What is bloat? Don't find out the hard way. Read this article to learn more about this deadly killer.

Two Little Blueticks
After the loss of a wonderful dog and family companion, Laurie and Jim find new hope in the breed they love.

Thunder in the Woods
The American Blue Gascon Hound is big. He's LOUD! He means business. Take a peek to find out more about the "other" purely American Coonhound.
CC Reader Polls
Visit this new interactive section to participate in the first CC Visitor Poll. Additional poll questions coming soon!
Too High Tech?
Matt Cline shares his views of modern technology and it's use in the sport of coonhunting.

Big Cats
Ole Babcock shares a few of his favorite pictures of big cats in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

New U.K.C. Contest!
The Nation's Leading Coonhound Magazine announces a new contest. Subscribe to WIN a 20-Volt hunting light from Western Rivers!

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