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Southern Jews - Books & Links

Jewish History Sites

Southern Jewish Historical Society
Museum of the Southern Jewish Experince
Jews in the Civil War (Union & Confederate)
Righteous Remnant: The Survival of Jews in Appalachia
Review of The Provincials: A Personal History of Jews in the South

Louisiana Holocaust Survivors -- Interviews
Article: New Orleans Jews and George Lincoln Rockwell
Holocaust -- New Orleans based website/living history

American Jewish Heroes and Heroines

Jewish Geneology Society of Georgia
Dallas Jewish Historical Society
Jewish Stars in Texas: Courageous Rabbis in the Lone Star State- really cool site!
Texas Jewish Historical Society

Southern Jewish Archives- Tulane University, New Orleans

Everything Jewish In Florida Site (including History!)

Jewish World Review article: Southern Seder 2002


The Provincials : A Personal History of Jews in the South by Eli N Evans

Jews of the South: Selected Essays from the Southern Jewish Historical Society-- edited by Samuel Proctor

The Jews of Mobile, Alabama, 1763-1841 by Betram Wallace Korn

A Century of Jewish Life in Dixie: The Birmingham Experience by Mark H Elovitz

A History of the Jews of Birmingham by Mark H Elovitz The Jew Store by Stella Suberman

The Ladies Auxiliary: A Novel A Novel by Tova Mirvis (FICTION) set in Memphis

The Peddler's Grandson : Growing Up Jewish in Mississippi by Edward Cohen

In Jewish Texas : A Family Memoir by Stanely E Ely

This Happy Land : The Jews of Colonial and Antebellum Charleston by James Hagy

Hoopskirts and Huppas: A Chronicle of the Early Years of the Garfunkal-Trager Family in America, 1856-1920. S. Carolina

The Jews of South Carolina: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day by Barnett A Eliza

Slow Way Back by Judy Goldman (FICTION) set in Charlotte, NC

Strangers Within the City Gate: The Jews of Atlanta by Steven Hertzberg

The Temple Bombing by Melissa Fay Greene

Driving Miss Daisy: A Play by Alfred Uhry- Later a movie with Jessica Tandy

The Kidnapping of Aaron Greene by Terry Kay (FICTION) set in Atlanta

Jews and the American Slave Trade by Saul S. Friedman

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